Versatile Blogger Award

Chick Swagger has been given the Versatile Blogger Award! Our grateful thanks goes to Larissa Reinhart, blogger at The ExPat Returneth – A Place To Express What You Miss About Living Abroad. The Japanese recipes she shares are awesome! Make some time to check it out!

As part of the rules, we’re supposed to list 7 things about ourselves and nominate other bloggers.

3 Things About Misty:

I cry easily. Even watching commercials. It can be humiliating.

On my bucket list: Kayaking with sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands.

I had a root canal in the 3rd grade because of a bully-girl incident at the swimming pool. Mean people suck.

4 Things About Josie:

I was in a Pepsi commercial when I was in eleventh grade.

I play the guitar….sort of…

Got in a fight in high school with a boy wrestler, two years my senior.  I saw him punch his girlfriend so I went all Kill-Bill on his butt.  He had 50 lbs and 8 inches on me, but his parents pressed charges against me for assault….didn’t stick once the girlfriend showed up with her bruises.

I reeeeeaaallly want to act in a movie…

On to our Nominees!

Okay, so we’re only nominating 5 other blogs because, well, just because we don’t expect you to visit 15 other blogs. You’re busy. We get it. 5 is more realistic. Come on, we’re being versatile!

So here are 5 awesome blogs to check out:

Jo-Ann Carson – Writing dangerous love stories filled with mystery and suspense. Jo-Ann is a Canadian romantic suspense writer who has a little bit of everything on her blog including: writing life, character building, and travel musing.

Dating After Forty-eight by Morgan K. Wyatt. Morgan was very recently married, but prior to finding her Mr. Right, this woman dated A LOT. So she has stories. And advice. So whether you’re looking for your first love – or your second, third or fourth, this is a great site to check out for some candid girl-to-girl chit-chat.

I Heart Makeup Art by Anna. Anna created this blog to embrace her make-up addiction and in turn, maybe kick-start this same addiction in her readers. The blog is all about Make-Up Product Reviews & Tutorials. So, no matter what your level of expertise in cosmetics, this blog is for you.

Karen Cote TV Okay, since we’re talking versatile here, this list wouldn’t be complete with a mention of Karen’s talking – yes, I said talking – website. Once you hit Karen’s landing page, you’re given options for 4 different websites – or lounges, as she calls them. The 4 lounges are: “My Bungalow” (she’s a Cali girl); “Karen’s Chaise Lounge”; “The Reader’s Choice Lounge”; and “Writers Pen for Charity Lounge.” So much to explore there!

Angelyn’s Crimes of Passion What we love about Angelyn’s site is that it’s a serial fiction site. Serial fiction is written and published one chapter at a time, so it’s like a TV drama where you have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens next in the story. Angelyn also tackles the craft of writing and shares what she’s reading.

Thanks again to Larissa as well as all of our fellow Chicks! Y’all make it fun!



  1. Congrats to all of you on the awards…Always nice to find out more about you..

  2. Jo-Ann Carson says:

    Congratulations. Your site rocks.

  3. Congratulations Ladies! Good job. And thanks for sharing the other sites – I’m going to pop on over and visit a couple.

  4. marsharwest says:

    I haven’t been to the other’s yet, but Jo-Ann’s is delightful. Another one I really enjoy, which also covers a wealth of territory is GEM State. Congrats on your award, ladies. Josie, if you’re in the Weatherford, Texas area, Randall Maxwell is holding auditions for a couple of movies he’s doing, filmed in the DFW area. May 31 and June 1 next week. Good luck.

  5. Too sweet! Thank you so much ladies ❤


  1. P Andrew Fleming

    Versatile Blogger Award – Chick Swagger

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