Hotdogs and Nuggets and Fries…Oh My!


A month ago, my doctor put me on a diet.  Of all the freakin’ nerve!  So what if my cholesterol went up 100 points in one year!  I eat…’healthy,’ I excercise…WTF!


I went on a God-damned diet. A low carb, low cholesterol, 1100 calorie-a-day meal-replacement DIE…t. UGHH!  But I was determined to commit and succeed.  And I have to say, I did.  I lost 16 lbs in 3 weeks, which is absolutely absurd when you think about it. And truth be told…I felt like shit!


Because I denied myself so many natural, healthy foods, and stuffed myself with processed crap!

I just LOVE food.  I love everything about it.  I love it when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I celebrate, and when when I’m bored.  I’ve even been known to sneak out in the middle of the night for a Reeses Pieces Sundae at Friendly’s because I just needed to … to … feel good? 

God…that sounds weird, but it’s so true isn’t it?  Food has such power over us.

When I was young, my grandmother taught me to use food for anything that ails ya’.  Ice cream made me  happy…Macaroni soothed my soul…Strawberry Rhubarb pie was for celebrating…And Lipton Noodle soup (with extra noodles added!) was great when I was feeling blue.  Sundays were spent on her back porch where we spent family time together and enjoyed my grandfather’s homegrown corn, beans, tomatoes, strawberries…anything he could fit in his 3 acre garden.  I’d spent many summers with my BB gun chasing away the birds so the harvest was always good.  Food takes me back to my carefree childhood…

But I as I grew…and grew…and grew….and became ‘the fat girl’ in elementary school, food started to become the enemy.  H.A.T.E.D school ‘weigh in’ day when the nurse would scream (it seemed like she screamed, cause the kids always snickered) out your weight in front of the whole class, and when it was emergency bus drill day… kids never wanted to be the one to help me off the back of the bus.  Being the fat kid sucked.  Therefore…food and dieting became my life for many years.

And much to my dismay, when I focused so much on food, or lack thereof, I missed out on a lot of living.

I’m in a much better place now, thanks to age and maturity.  I’m no longer enemies with food.  I like it again…A LOT!  And I think…after this last diet fiasco, I’ve found some basic things that work for me….Shit I actually learned in kindergarten!

1.  I learned to eat many small snacks (not meals!) a day to keep my metabolism humming.

2.  I learned I was satisfied on these small snacks because I never got hungry (so I never over-ate!).

3.   I learned that my body Reeeeeally craves healthy food.


What the hell constitutes healthy food?  Should we trust the government to tell us what is healthy? The USDA? The FDA?

I’m thinking….NFW!(NOT!) (MISTY!…get the acronym dictionary!!)

These governmental agencies are governed by ecomic$$$$…not what’s best for you or your family.   They stand on a delicate wire, balancing what barely (and sometimes doesn’t) passes safety ‘standards’ and what makes money for the large food growers in America. (Mainly the Dairy and Meat Industries…)

Corners are cut all the time, exceptions are made, labeling is misleading, even a certain amount of feces is allowed in your food according to the USDA! WTF!

Now, I’m not an expert in this field.  I’m not even a novice.  I’m just learning and I want to pass what I’m learning on to you.

We are slowly being poisoned for the sake of making food last longer on the shelves, and for the sake of producing more meat, dairy, and eggs faster so we can sell more and make more money.  Our fruits and vegetables are full of pesticides and waxes to make them look appetizing.  Remember my earlier rant about ‘The Media Thinks You’re Fat, Ugly and Stupid’?  Well, the food industry thinks you’re just plain stupid.

Take control people!  This is the only body you’ve got…and it’s not gonna work for long if you keep abusing it. Injury and disease can set in quickly and put a major damper on your lifestyle.  Start now!

Make little concessions. Here are a few of mine.

1. Start by eating the way your ancestors ate.  Real food! Not processed and put in boxes and packages.  Shop in the outside aisles of the stores. ‘Convenience’ crap isn’t healthy. (It’d be nice if we could all afford to buy organic (and make sure it’s CERTIFIED ORGANIC or your not getting completly organic food).)

GOOD                                                                          BAD

2. READ LABELS.  If there are more than five ingredients, it’s probably full of shit that is not healthy for your body.  When your body is not healthy, it doesn’t work efficiently.  When it doesn’t work efficiently, it gets tired, fat, achey and diseased! Whole foods are foods that are exactly what they are without chemical processing…dairy (natural cheeses!), fruits, meat, fish veggies, whole grains(white flours are PROCESSED).

Cheez Whiz and Rice-A-Roni and Doritos are processed:

3. Try to eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible.  Sugar creates and acidic environment in your body which isn’t healthy and it makes your body store fat.  Some is okay, but sugar is hidden everywhere!  It’s in all types of foods you would never imagine.  You are eating WAAAYYY more than you realize. (Artificial Sweeteners are…ARTIFICIAL!!! They are chemical compounds…)

3. Eat small healthy snacks every 2 hours to keep that metabolism running and to keep from getting hungry.  If you don’t feed it, your metabolism says, “Shit, she is starving…shut everything down and start storing for the fast!”

4.  Dieting is for dummies.  Feeding your body to keep it healthy and working efficiently is brilliant.

5.  Sorry to say… healthy weight really does come down to calories in vs. calories out!

Since losing weight, my knees don’t hurt anymore, I’m not sucking wind when I carry laundry upstairs, and I just feel plain old good about myself.  Not because I’ve lost weight, but because I’ve committed to something, made myself proud because I exercised self-discipline, and my body and brain just feel great when they are fed good stuff.

So…What’s all this have to do with having Chickswagger?  It’s your body, baby!  If you want it to be healthy, to last, to perform, to be a healthy example to your children….TAKE CONTROL!

Chicks with swagger know we not only need to keep our minds healthy, but our bodies, too. So…here’s a sneak peek at our newest addition to the CS runway… (OMG, we’re so excited!!!)

Meet Jodi Roper. Director of Group Fitness, Personal Trainer, and Instructor at Courts Plus (and Misty’s boss where she teaches Zumba!). Jodi is not only a fabulous motivator, passing along words of wisdom like, “Never let success go to your head, and never let failure go to your heart!!” But she is also bucket loads of fun, smart, sassy, and a total inspiration.

This is one chick who practices what she preaches.

Have you ever met someone who’s run an “ultra marathon”? On a hilly trail? That would be a 50K, or 31.07 miles, people. Yeah, meet Jodi, y’all. She’s signed on as our resident fitness expert here at Chick Swagger. (Okay, so we had to beg, but we did it for you. We’re awesome like that.)

Jodi will post once a month on topics related to health, fitness and motivation. Be ready to be amazed and inspired to become your best physical self yet!

So!  How are you feeling about the amazing body you are living in?  Is it healthy? Do you take good care of it and fuel it to the best of your ability?  What does your ‘health future’ look like right now?

Do you buy into the government’s propaganda which markets big industry producers regardless if their practices are unsafe for us?  What are some questions you might have?  Recipes?  Ideas to share?

There is TONS of research out there regarding how unhealthy our food is in America.  I suggest you take a peek.

Get healthy and live well! (Then go to the adult ‘toy’ store and celebrate!)

Love, Josie



  1. My husband and I went vegan (only plant-based foods) back in November, and my kids voluntarily followed in March (something I never expected). I thought I’d never be able to give up cheese and eggs (I was seriously addicted!), but after a few weeks I didn’t miss them nearly as much as I thought. Turns out they are literally addictive (like sugar) and once you’re free of them, well, you’re free. It’s like getting off drugs.

    We were already eating organic, cage-free, humanely-raised, grass-fed foods, but the move to a plant-based diet started as a health thing after watching lots of documentaries like Forks Over Knives, and losing my mother to cancer at age 58. Now, the more I learn about how animals are treated–even the so-called humanely-raised ones–the easier it is not to go back. The compassion element keeps me from cheating.

    And bonus: my good cholesterol was so high (and overall number so good) at my last doctor’s visit that she asked for my secret. Plants, baby. 😉

    For a great, low-pressure resource on moving away from animal products, try Kathy Freston’s Veganist. Good luck with your own health journey! I’m looking forward to Jodi’s posts.

    • Wow, Gwen! Good for you! I’m so inspired by all this today!

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Oh Gwen! You excite me!! I could easily go vegan and would love to but I love my cheese!!!
      I’d love for you to share a recipe or two with us…get our chef-ly imaginations humming! I just finished reading the book Skinny Bitch which is older but seems to have all its facts referenced and its frightening to look at our food industry and the corruption in the government. Wish I could grow my own garden and raise my own cows!!
      Thanks for sharing…your story is so inspirational!
      Love, Josie

  2. Okay, Josie. I think you’ve definitely lit a match under me today!! For a while now I’ve been feeling guilty for all the packaged food I buy…mostly boxed rice or noodle mixes. The convenience is great…but I’m beginning to think it’s not worth it. Overall I think we eat healthy, but we could do *so* much better. I think I’m going to start cutting out pork. We’ve signed on with a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm to get fresh, organic vegetables all summer, so that’s another great start. Do you recommend any good books on this whole food program??

    I love your suggestion to shop the perimeter of the grocery store and to try to keep it to 5 ingredients or fewer.

    PS. I totally had to look up NFW. LOL Can you believe that? Net Lingo to the rescue! I won’t be forgetting that one any time soon. 😀

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Hey M! My whole foods guru here swears by CLEAN EATING magazine. She is the most amazing cook…does all her own homemade whole grain breads, pastas(ravioli!!), stocks…she has great ideas for cooking healthy for your whole family(and in bulk for freezing so it save time!). I’ll pass them along. We could post them on a CS Page?
      The book Skinny Bitch is older, but it has alot of interesting health-related and politically-related issues about the food we eat. I’d LOVE to have a CSA by me but there are none. We do have a nice farmers market though that I frequent. Would kill to get a Whole Foods or Trader Joes in this area too. Organic is a FORTUNE here. ($8.99 – 12.99 per pound for organic poultry!)

      • Clean Eating, huh? I’ll have to check that out. I’m not so sure I’ll go balls deep with this lifestyle, but I’m definitely committed to eating (and getting my family to eat) a more plant-based diet. Thanks for shedding light on this, J.

  3. Everybody…You’re gonna LOVE Jodi. She’s the bomb! 😀

  4. I’m excited to read some tips from Jodi!
    I’m all about healthy eating. I’m dairy-and-gluten-free right now. I take my coffee black, and I don’t add sugar to ANYTHING! (I even make sure it’s not on the ingredients!)
    My meals consist of one protein (meat or fish) with loads of green veggies and fruit after every meal!

    I do have one question for Jodi, though.
    Is dried fruit “bad”? I only buy dried fruit if the only ingredient on the list is “raisins” or “apricots” or whatever other dried fruit I buy but I still question myself every now and then.

    Thanks!! 🙂

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Hey Anna! You go girl! Your diet sounds sooo healthy. Now, I am a registered nurse and have my personal trainers certification but by no means am I a nutritionist…But I have dieted my whole life and I did sleep withe MR. M last night…almost as good as a Holiday Inn Express…

      Dried fruit is fine. The problem is the pieces are small and PACKED with sugar and calories. The only difference between eating a raisin and a grape is the water was removed from the grape! A prune is a dehydrated plum. I dont know about you but I love prunes and could do in about 10 in a sitting…But could I eat 10 plums? Doubt it! So watch the sugar content and calorie count on those little boogers.

      Alot of controversy out there about dairy…Many think it’s real bad for us being we are drinking milk intended for a bovines digestive tract. So many dairy issues for people…I could give it up…but I love my cheese!!!! 😦

      • I’m Sicilian. Of course I love cheese. I especially love the cheese my Nonno brings home from Sicily every year. But I have to abstain. Maybe one day, I can incorporate dairy into my diet again, but for now- I’m not missing it.
        I really want to drink Almond Milk as a replacement but as fate would have it, I have a Tree Nut Allergy.

        You win some! You lose some!

        What do you girls do about motivation for working out? I have NONE. I mean, I’ll go out for a bike ride every now and then but other than that- I don’t normally workout because I dislike the gym.
        I was taking bootcamp classes but now that they’re over, I don’t have the motivation to do anything! lol

        • Anna, too bad you don’t live in Fargo…we’d have you coming to classes all week long! I teach Zumba while Jodi teaches Body Pump, Cycling, Body Flow, Body Attack, CXWorks, and Step. You can’t NOT have fun in her classes! I like to “hobby” jog, but I find I can only do it with my iPod blasting. 🙂 Honestly, my motivation is different now that I’m knocking on 40s door. I want to look good, sure, but I want to stay healthy to enjoy my family, and exercise always helps me sleep better. Stretching is also now more important than ever.

          • Of course, I can’t not plug Zumba here….Do you like to dance? If yes, I guarantee you’ll like Zumba, it’s just a matter of finding the instructor’s style you like. Every instructor has different music, different choreography, so if you try it once and don’t like it, don’t assume all classes are like that. 🙂

            • Josie Matthews says:

              I LOVE Zumba….Our classes here in NY are so crowded you have to sign up and reserve a spot!!! I go whenever I can with my neice…Its a total body workout and so much fun the time flies!!! Now if I could just shake my ass like they do I’d have it down pat!!!!

          • Zumba intimidates me. I’ll try anything but I steer clear of Zumba! Maybe because I’m a TERRIBLE dancer. lol

            • 🙂 I twisted Jodi’s arm (it was remarkably easy!) to buy Disco strip lights for the aerobics studio, so when I teach, I dim the lights and turn those babies on. My Zumba chicks love it! And it definitely cuts down on the intimidation factor because it’s darker and more of a party atmosphere. The most important thing I always tell new people, though, is there is no right or wrong in Zumba. …if you’re still not sure, have yourself a cocktail before class! 😀

        • Josie Matthews says:

          Learning to like exercise is hard for alot of people. I’m a bit of an addict… I played softball in high school and college and have been certified in aerobics, personal training and kickboxing for years. My teaching days are over, but currently I am working out in a down and dirty martial arts studio working on my kickboxing skills. REAL kickboxing with gloves and bags, not the dancy kind. I love it! It’s hard core and I love getting my frustrations out. I’m not really a ‘community gym’ workout person either, so I also run everyother day which is my ‘book plotting’ time. I have great music on my ipod and before I know it m,y run is over!
          Moral of the story? Find something you love to do! And focus on how good you feel when you are done. Many days I dread hitting the road or the gym, but once Im done, Im so happy I did it.
          You are young…but as you get older you’ll really notice the importance of keeping that body in tip-top shape. I’m gonna be fifty in March, but my body feels like its still 20.(I’m still playing thhird base in a softball league…slid the other night and got a nice big strawberry up my leg!) I pray I can still do all the things I love to do when I’m 80, but that aint gonna happen unless I keep this body strong and flexible.
          It doesn’t take much … You don’t need to spend hours a day…A brisk walk or a bike ride (40 mins ) then 20 modified pushups for upper body strength and a few crunches and planks to keep that core strong. And dont forget a little stretching! As you get in the habit, you can always add more things.
          I trained for a triatholon last year with a group of women from our local YMCA. That was a blast and I met some great friends. It didnt matter what age or what fitness level. We all fell in love with each other and had so much fun!
          Stay active! Hike with your man, work in the yard…anything! Keep that body moving!!!!
          Okay, I’m off my soap box! Love you!
          Can’t wait for Jodi!!!!!!! She’ll inspire us all!!!

  5. Ladies,
    I am a carnivore who used to work at at organic dairy with healthy, grass fed cows. They also had healthy chickens, and whey-fed pigs that frolicked in the fields. Each cow had their own name tag too, and some wore bells–so Swiss. If you know where your food comes from is your best bet for eating healthy. I like to grow my own vegetables, and go to the farmer’s market. I count myself lucky to get my hands on local honey. I do wish we had body pump here, but maybe when I move.

    • Ha! I have such an interesting picture of this farm in my head, Morgan! LOL

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Hey Morgan! Where are you moving to? I want to head south someday…Maybe North Carolina! Anyone with me? Beach? Charleston?
      Farmers markets are great…but the winters suck…dont they? God only knows where our food comes from then. Ive always wanted to ‘buy a cow’ from an organic meat farm here in New York where they raise organic beef cows and butcher them for you. But Im afraid they might be gamey tasting! Anyone out there have any info on this?
      Stay Healthy! Love J

  6. Hey ladies! Great post. Hi Jodi. These two are pretty wild and crazy so as much as I know you will fit in, I will offer up a prayer of strength and stamina. What they don’t accomplish in activity, they make up for in attitude. No stopping ’em. Lol. Love you guys.

    Well, I was raised on a farm and we grew everything we put on our table. My body likes the healthy diet it grew up on and demands it still. I can’t get away with the crap but I do admit to giving in now and then. My body gets really upset so I pick my battles. Have you all heard of the meat glue? Makes me want to throw up as that is one that completely slipped by me. And we wonder why we have all these incurable diseases around. Yuk! Can’t even trust a steak in a restaurant. Yep…I don’t have access to my own garden and livestock anymore and I can truly tell the difference.

    • Meat glue?! WTF? I just ordered two whole foods cookbooks…can’t wait until they arrive. I’ll definitely be passing on any great recipes I find. 😀

      As far as Jodi needing a prayer of strength and stamina…just wait, Karen. Josie and I might be needing that more! LOL

      Love you back, girlfriend! 😀

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Oh Karen! Thanks for the prayer! I love that you grew up on a self supporting farm. Think of how wonderful our environment would be if we went back two hundred years and all lived that way. A simple life where we supplied our own. I think thats why I love historicals so much. I wasnt cut our for all the technological and mechanical interference in a simple life. I could sooooo be a farm girl! But I’d need to find me a rich man cause aint no farm out there gonna pay the bills!!!
      Love You! J

  7. Hi Jodi, I’m looking forward to your posts. Without health nothing else really matters. I workout in some fashion every day, and every other day I do Ashtanga Yoga for strength and flexibility. Can’t wait to hear your secrets. Great to hear that you girls are exercise enthusiasts.

  8. Totally relate to this. Life is never easy, ever around things so basic as food. And we aren’t even talking how we get healthy food into kids, but that’s a whole other blog. Going for some ice cream.

    • I know, Sabrina, it can be overwhelming, right? I’m not going crazy with this lifestyle change, but even small changes we make for the better can make a big impact. “You can’t eat an elephant in one bite.” –This is totally one of my favorite sayings, and how I’m going to approach this cleaner eating process! 🙂

    • Josie Matthews says:

      AACKKKK! I LOOOOVE ice cream, It has to be my favorite food right next to pizza! I did make some awesome Quesadilla’s last night with the old George Foreman. Took boneless chicken breast and marinated in balsamic and spices, BAKED them in a covered baking dish(keeps them moist and tender as opposed to grilling…and vineager is a natural tenderizer) threw some peppers and onions on a cookie sheet and baked them too. Cedars makes a great low-carb high-fiber multi-grain wrap.(80 cals!) Put that on the GF… slathered it with REAL cheese (just a tad-bit on mine) shredded chicken, onions, peppers then cheese again(the cheese glues it all together) then topped in with another wrap and grilled for a few minutes…Waalaa! Top with salsa (and sour cream if you dare!) I figured it to be about 420 cals!
      Oh! and try ‘spelt’ products instead of whole wheat…much healthier from what Im reading. Got a spelt pizza crust and threw my own marinara, lots of grilled veggies and a little fresh mozz on it and YUMMMY!

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