Exercise for Better Sex? Hell, yeah!

Happy HUMP Day, Chicks! I’m thrilled to have Jodi Roper with us today getting specific on exercises that promote enhanced sensations. Director of Group Fitness, Personal Trainer, and Instructor at a popular fitness club, Jodi is our newest addition to the Swagger team. She’ll be posting once a month on topics related to health, fitness, and motivation. She’s like our own personal trainer, so be sure to ask her whatever questions you have!

Take it away, Jodi! 🙂


I am so excited to be part of the Chic Swagger clan!!  So, let me start by asking you…Wouldn’t it be nice if it were easy to improve your sex life for free? I would have to say YES!!

You can get more sizzle in your sex, and all you have to do is get a little sweaty – with exercise!

How easy it that? Get your partner to do the exercises and double your satisfaction. So, which exercises will put the vroom back in your bedroom? Here are the top five exercises to keep your sex life awesome!!

1. Pushups. If you choose only one exercise to do, this is the one for obvious reasons! You can start these by knees on the floor, keeping your back straight and slowly lower until your nose touches the ground. Do 3 sets of 15. When you are ready to kick it up a notch, progress to the tradition hand and toe pushup! Pushups are a fabulous full-body workout.

2. Abdominals.  After pushups, your abs are the next critical, sex-boosting area. After all, you use your abdominal muscles during sex. One of the best ones is the reverse crunch. Lie on your back, knees bent, heels into your glutes. Just lift your tail bone off the floor and squeeze  your lower abs as you lift and lower you butt off the floor.

Women also greatly benefit from doing Kegel exercises (contracting your pelvic muscles). Squeeze for 3 seconds and then relax for 3 seconds. Repeat 10-15 times.

3. Deadlifts. This will keep your back strong as can be and give your legs and torso a workout too!! This one is a bit tricky and one to be careful on form.

Hold 2 weighted dumbells in your hands, put a slight bend in your knees and bend from the hip, lower weights to your knees and then back up. Do 3 sets of 15.

4. Pushing or Pulling Exercises. While at the gym or home, do some rows, flyes and lateral raises. Strengthening these muscles will improve your performance in the bedroom.

5. Cardio. Get your heart pumping with a brisk walk, run, or a crosstrainer. Aim for 30 minutes 5-6 times a week. Good cardiovascular shape is critical for overall health and great bedroom endurance. And who doesn’t love endurance?!

If these exercises don’t tickle your fancy, pick your own pleasure: swimming, yoga, biking or even skiing. Just aim to move and be active 5 times a week for 30 minutes.

We all want to be fit, healthy, and have great sex. Studies have proven that fit and active people have more sex than sedentary people. Bottom line: Being strong and flexible with lots of endurance will put spunk into your sex life for you and your partner!!

But, don’t forget the most important muscle of all to develop…YOUR BRAIN!! Sex begins with the muscle between your ears. If you have a positive body image and positive thoughts you will have a better sex life. And of course, regular exercise helps cultivate these positive feelings.

So start exercising – start thinking positive – be confident and carry it into all areas of your life…..including the bedroom.

What’s your experience with exercise and sex? Have you noticed a correlation between your fitness level and your pleasure?



  1. Hey Jodi, I have a question – can you elaborate on why pushups are so great for sex? Is it because they isolate your core?

    Let me also add to this discussion that ZUMBA is PHENOMENAL for better sex because it helps you feel more in touch with your body (how it feels when it moves – ex. rolling hips, etc), increases endorphins, and just all around makes you feel more sexy! 🙂

    Thanks for joining us, Jodi! 🙂

  2. So, so funny that you posted this today as this very topic occurred to me this morning. I work out with hubby every morning and because my workout takes longer (cause hubby’s time on the treadmill is less as he can do 5 miles quicker than I can) I get to watch him get ready for work. I admit to an added rush in adrenaline to watch him walk from his dressing room to the shower (passes right by our workout room so I have a great view). It’s quite something to see him hot and sweaty cooling down to enjoy snapshots of removal of clothes, his periodic dancing to my music as he passes by (I call it his peacock moments),then – wet-messed up hair from his shower to eventually pants…shirt…then tie (essentially groomed but he usually hangs his jacket up in his car so as not to wrinkle) Yes…every morning is a mini show and I can personally attest to the strong relationship between sex and exercise. Is this what you meant? hehehe – thank you for sharing. I really did learn much from the post despite my humor.

  3. I too beleive that when you feel good, toned, and in shape -everything is better. You feel stronger, more confident, and capable. I remember when I first decided to tackle push-ups – I couldn’t even do one. Not one – for days. Then finally, I think i managed one. Now, I do three sets of 16 and hope to increase. I’m only sharing this because it’s easy to get discouraged and you want confidence – it’ll come.

  4. Hey Misty!! Great Question. Push-ups are great for abdominal strength, shoulder strength, and leg strength, all in which we use for great sex. It is one exercise that gets many different parts at one time!!

  5. Jodi Roper says:

    Karen–Nice work!! You have the number one muscle working well–the BRAIN!! Keep up the exercise and sex!!

  6. I started a new workout program in April after about a year of virtual inactivity. Once I got through the first couple weeks of sheer exhaustion, I started to notice a very pleasant side effect: I was *ahem* hungry, almost ALL the time. My sweetie benefited in all sorts of ways and I noticed seemed to smile a whole bunch more. LOL!

  7. Hi Misty & Jodi,
    I think when you feel better about yourself…you feel better about everything. I noticed you didn’t mention bellydancing, which is amazing. Most women do not view themselves as sexy. Bellydacing strengthens the core and gives the sexy attitude back. Believe it or not, belly dancers do pushups and use weights to strengthn their back and shoulders. ( You think those coin bras are light?) You probably thought it was just a whole lot of shaking. My friend, Denise Bader, teaches a BD class in the convalescent center which helps improve balance and core strength to prevent breaking a hip. It’s fun too.

    All the little old men seemed to be really interested in the class, and the attendees.

    • Awesome point, Morgan! I have a belly dancer who regularly comes to my Zumba classes. She’s so fun and sexy to watch. I’ve warned her that I’m gonna bring her up front one of these times to teach us all a few things! 🙂

  8. Josie Matthews says:

    Im so excited to have you with us!!! What a great topic…You are so right on!!!
    I’ve always battled my weight…since I was a child. I’ve never gone a day without thinkin about my weight, how I look, what I’ve eaten and did I exercise enough. It was exhausting! And this is all just to keep 150-160 lbs weight range on a 5’4″ frame! For years I felt horrible about my body….therefore…hated sex. It was a chore, physically AND mentally. I hid, turned off the lights, wouldnt let hubby EVER touch my belly. It became psychological warfare worrying about what he saw!!! Well, I took control and got serious (not to say without a little surgical help to get rid of the ‘fupa’ that was never going away even if I weighed 100lbs. Now that Im in control… exercising daily, keeping my weight in check and my body healthy….I CANT GET ENOUGH SEX!!! WOOOHOOOO!!! God when I think of all I missed those years!!!
    Do you have any tips for the multitude of women out their that have never experience and orgasm? You dont realize how many there are! It’s a very physical thing….lots of abs and keigles if you ask me….
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  9. Hey Josie!!! I’m stoked to be part of this chick swagger group!!! You sound like you are on the same wave as me!! 😉 love it!
    My advice for those who can’t orgasm is just what you said…..kegals…an
    Abdominal work and also the right frame of mind!! The mind is so powerful and you really have to let yourself feel, enjoy, and “get into” sex! Once you can do that magic happens!!! 😉

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