Let’s Celebrate and Spill Our Guts. TMI?

Hi Chicks!

This is gonna be a two-way spill our guts session, so only proceed if you’ve got enough swagger to carry it off!!

Still here then?

Hell yes, we knew you had it in ya!

So, clearly I’ve been listening to teeny-bop radio a little too much lately because “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction (my 7-year-old son’s current favorite song) was the first thing I thought of when I found out Sandra de Helen had given us The Beautiful Blogger Award.

Sandra writes about writing (mostly) at her intelligent – but never high-brow – blog, Red Crested Chatter.  Definitely one to check out if you’re into smart, honest blogs! Sandra recent found out her title The Hounding has been selected for Mystery Book Club at a Public Library for July during which time she’ll Skype with the group to discuss the book. How cool is that?

Thank you, Sandra! And thank you Swagger family – our fellow chicks who walk the walk with us when your schedule allows. We love all y’all!

Okay, so we’re supposed to share seven things about us (Misty’s wondering if she can actually think of 7 more things that are interesting enough to include here), and then pass the award to more bloggers (spoiler: we’re only giving it to *one* other blogger because we’re bitches busy).

MISTY’S 7 THINGS (warning: I degenerate into sap so skip to Josie’s list if you’re gagging just thinking of it)…

1. I love meat. Take that however you want – it’s true all ways. LOL
2. I’ve danced in the rain in a white dress before. It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.
3. I’ve been the peacemaker in my family ever since I could speak intelligibly.
4. My mother is one of the most playful women I’ve ever known.
5. When my father dies, a big piece of me will die with him.
6. If I need balance all I need to do is watch and listen to birds in nature. I love them so much. To me, birds are like God’s visible angels.
7. My children are 7 and nearly 10, and I still go into their rooms every single night to check on them before I go to sleep. Knowing they’re safe, resting, and in my care brings me peace I struggle to articulate.

JOSIE’S 7 THINGS (wow…Misty’s seven things are so heartfelt and poignant… Do I go there or do I go ‘bare’?)…

1. My husband just bought me those silly ‘metal balls’ from the book 50 shades…Now, if only I could figure out how to use them and hopefully they won’t get lost up there! (He thinks he’s funny…)
2. One of my 19-year-old son’s friends named his fantasy football team ‘Mrs. Matthews Is Hot.’ I guess I should take that as a compliment, but my poor kid! (And his friend? He’s obviously very sheltered I’m thinkin’…or sight impaired!)
3. I’m very sensitive – I tend to take things personally. A therapist once told me, “Who the hell do you think you are? You think you’re so special that everybody’s bad mood is because of you?” He also told me to “…grow the fu#& up!” This was some of the BEST advice I’ve ever received. Now THAT’S what I call a good therapist…
4. I’m a nurse in ‘real’ life…Sometimes I’m petrified I have lost all sense of emotion and compassion because of the tragedy I’ve witnessed in life.  Sometimes I’m way too clinical. ChickSwagger keeps me grounded and connected.
5. I have horrendous ADD.
6. I do
my best thinking and problem solving (especially for my writing) in those few minutes just before I fall asleep. My bedside notepad looks like a 5 year old is writing in it because I don’t even lift my head from the pillow to jot my thoughts.
7. I’m addicted to ice cream.

And who are we passing this earth shattering award to?

Rachel in the OC 

We received the award from a hot redhead, so it’s awesome karma to pass it on to another smokin’ redhead. I have a sneaking (read: strong) suspicion she scoffs at blogger awards, but I’m thumbin’ my nose at that and giving it to her anyway! I’m also using lots of exclamation marks because I know how much she loves them!!!!! (Not. She’s gonna flay me alive if she actually deigns to visit our humble swagger home. Wait, can I use “humble” and “swagger” together? WTF? Whatevs.)  

Rachel’s slogan: Come for the ManCode. Stay for the Snark. I love that. I met her on Twitter, and this chick is super well-rounded in that she’s not only funny as hell, but she’s also got marketing brains galore which she quite selflessly shares across all her media. Her two books, A Walk In The Snark and The Mancode: Exposed are both #1 Kindle bestsellers! You gotta check her out.

Thanks again to Sandra at Red Crested Chatter, and all you lovelies who read and respond to our swag with swagger of your own!

Now it’s YOUR TURN!! 

If you’ve read this whole post and fail to share 7 things about yourself with us…We. Will. Find You. Then we’ll toilet paper not only your car, but your whole damn house/apartment/flat/studio/boyfriend’s/lover’s AND your place of business. Scared yet? Good.

SPILL IT! We’re listening…

(FYI, we’re taking a holiday from blogging next week for America’s birthday, so Happy 4th! Have a wonderful week!)



  1. Wow, I love that you picked only moi. My head couldn’t get any bigger if you were shoving Nutella into it (wait, that’s me). I accept, and may answer back after I consider the whole TPing scenario. xo

    • Love your list, woman! Thanks for playing along, and of course, for always sharing your social media smarts (and snark) with us! 🙂

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Rach, you are so deserving of this award…You’re snark and intelligence almost scare me sometimes! (well not really…more like impress the hell out of me!) You are one multi-dimensional chick and I love that in a gal!!!!!
      Save some nutella for me!

  2. Jo-Ann Carson says:

    There’s nothing nicer than sharing your intimate secrets with another. Sayin it on a blog, thought…that takes mega guts. An interesting blog:)
    Happy Writing

    • So…where’s your list (I say, twirling a roll of TP on my index finger…)

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Jo-Ann, You are so right…it does take guts to share…or is that a complete lack of decorum?
      Either way it’s scary and risky to say the least, but rather cathartic, I must say.(As long as you guys still love me…see, theres that insecurity monster!!) And a great way to get to know people better in this world of social communication…
      (People must think Im really crazy?)
      Thanks for being with us!!! And Deitz!!!! Put that TP down…you might hurt yourself!

  3. I was one of the first women trained for combat. The fact that no women currently serve in combat I blamed on grenade and slow pitch softball. No one appreciates a high arc with a grenade.As a country girl, I was very good with the machine gun.

    My second bizarre secret is that I was kidnapped once, apparently I was the wrong person so I was released, shaken, but unharmed. I was in Italy at the time.

    I talk to my plants, and talk for my dog.

    I am breaking a huge Diet Coke addiction. Last week in Meijers, I had one.

    I think about other men ( my heroes) when I wake up before my husband.

    My husband edits all my sex scenes. He is so much kinder than real editors who tell me that can’t happen. He knows better.

    I have been starting an online jewelry business for about a year. This year September I will make it happen.

    • Holy crap, girl, you are one bad-ass chick! MACHINE GUNS to jewelry & belly dancing? Now that’s what I call a fascinating study in contrasts. Love it!! Make sure you tell us when your jewelry business is live. 🙂

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Morgan…WOW!!! I can’t believe it! Im friends with one super bad-ass chick!!! I love that! I can’t imagine what it is like to be a soldier. Im absolutely awed by all of our courageous military people and thankful for them. You have some great secrets there girlfriend…I feel like I know you better already! I have a beautiful Morgan original necklace (sometimes I wear it as a bracelet!) that I wear all the time…its absolutely beautiful!!!
      Love you girl and thanks for sharing your swagger!!!!!!

  4. Oh you Swaggering Chicks! I love you. And your choice for the Beautiful Blogger Award — makes me so happy. I adore Rachel in the OC too. We liked each other’s FB pages yesterday. It was hot. 😉 Hey, how about you ALL come like my FB page? if you have a sec. It’s at https://www.facebook.com/drmarywatson

  5. Nice to get to know you girls! Misty, your kids are so lucky, and Josie -wow! I have a 19 year old son too but unfortunately the only role i have when his friends are here is to make coffee….sigh…. I’m away to my blog now to fulfil the requirements for my new blog award. Drop by for a chat!

    • Haha ~ I’m sure the boys would miss you if you weren’t around. 😉 I’m glad to hook up with you too, Edith. You recently received the Liebster Blog Award, right? We’ll have to check it out!

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Hi Edith!!! Can’t wait to check out your blog!! And congrats on your latest award! Trust me…19 year old boys brains dont seem to work right these days…When I was 19 … a fifty year old was and old lady!!!!

  6. jerridrennen says:

    Okay, I’m going to try this.
    1. My kids think I’m a hermit.
    2. I met my husband in a ditch.
    3. Said husband is 15 years older than me.
    4. I’m a vegetarian.
    5. I can’t stand anyone hovering over my shoulder.
    6. I’m very political but refuse to talk about it on-line.
    7. I have a crush on a TV star right now, even though I am happily married. No, I won’t tell you who he is, but if you check out my pinterest pages, you might be able to guess.

    • 1. Wouldn’t they be shocked. LOL
      2. Um…what were you 2 doing in said ditch?? You gotta share!
      3. Love is timeless
      4. Gurp. You probably hate my #1.
      5. I hate that too.
      6. Smart.
      7. Dammit, I knew there was a reason I shouldn’t have left Pinterest.

      Thanks for sharing, Jerri!! xo

    • Josie Matthews says:

      OHHHH Jerri…you little stinker!! Lots of secrets without the explanations!!!! I love it. Hmmm…pinterest…havent been there yet afraid that Ill get sucked in and never make it out alive. Now you are going to make me go there, arent you??? Im scared to death of politics…I have strong opinions about certain political issues but have no idea if they are valid…too much grey area and too many ‘unknowns’ for me to decipher. But you’re smart…a good rule when socializing is never discuss politics, religion or child rearing…unless of course you like to argue!!!
      Youre the best for sharing with us!!!

  7. Larissa Reinhart says:

    Loved learning more about you both!
    1. I bought those metal balls once because they came in a Chinese looking box and I thought they were pretty and maybe used for hand exercises.
    2. My dh laughed his *** off when he saw them. I later gave them to a charity sale because I was embarrassed.
    3. I won’t swim in the ocean because I’m scared of sharks. But I’ll still go to the beach.
    4. When I rode the bus as a kid, I spent my 30 minute trip coming up with ways to save all the children if the bus crashed. But not the bus driver.
    5. I put myself to sleep by making up my own romance stories.
    6. We bought my 7 year old a drum set and don’t mind her drumming.
    7. I was almost bitten by a monkey and I have set myself against them ever since.

    • 1 & 2. LMAO!
      3. ME TOO!
      4 & 5. You’re in the right profession, alright! 😉
      6. Awww! What a fun mom!
      7. LOL – I read about that on your blog. Damn monkeys… 😀

      These were great! Thanks for sharing, Larissa!

    • Mary Roya says:

      I haven’t read the 50 Shades of Grey yet. I have some Chinese balls, but according to the directions that came with them they are fingers. They make music and by using them everyday….you will preserve intelligence, memory, relieve fatigue and dispel depression. I’m not giving up my balls. (snicker, snicker)

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Larissa!! These are some GREAT secrets!!! We are offiically ‘ball’ sista’s!!! So in all honesty…Im not so afraid of losing them up there…more like there gonna keep fallin’ out and drop out my pantleg!!! (hey…I aint 21 no mo’)(okay…how do I get that littly winky smiley face, Misty?)
      I’m petrified of sharks too! Ever since I saw Jaws as a teen…probably one of the most influential movies of my life. I even used to freak myself out in a pool at night thinking somebody could have air lifted a shark there!! Love the bus driver story…was he mean? My dh manages a school bus company…the kids love him on the few occassion he has to fill in. Its a difficult job.
      This is so much fun!!! I love sharing!

      • Jos: semi-colon + right sided parenthesis will give you a winking smiley face
        colon + RS parenthesis will give you a regular smiley face
        colon + a capital D will give you a shit eating grin like this 😀

  8. Mary Roya says:

    Ok, here I go….guts are spilling:
    1. I hate that my hubby can’t make decision. ‘What movie would like to go see?” His reply “Oh I don’t care.” “What would you like for dinner tonight?” His reply, “Food.”
    2) I love that my hubby, lets me get away with murder….well not real murder. But I do get away with a lot crazy stuff. I spent $440 for online classes and he didn’t blink an eye.
    3) I have been going to weight watchers for years; I’ve lost around 60 pounds. I’m proud of that accomplishment. But inside me is a voice yelling chocolate, eat more chocolate! I love and hate that voice.
    4) My body is going through changes, one minute I’m freezing and then the next I’m blazing hot. Hubby calls me the ‘Flash’. I touch his arm and he start blowing on the spot I touched.
    5) I want to go to a BDSM play function. I know that I won’t and I’m ok with that. I have read all the stories. I have taken all the online classes by Dr. Charley Ferrer. I don’t want to do anything. I just want to observe. Then go home and tie up hubby and make him my b… Sorry I got carried away.
    6) I couldn’t believe how hard it is to write. And I find it amazing satisfying to write and when I’m in zone…it is the most incredible feeling. I entered my first contest and I placed as a finalist. My hubby bragged about me. I didn’t win. But placing in the finals was mind blowing. It was only 500 words for a Flash Fiction contest.
    7) I talk to my dogs….and I understand when they talk back. Oooh! Scary.

    • 1. On one hand, this is great as it gives you carte blanche to make all the decisions…but I guess I can see how that could get old (maybe after about a year!). 😉
      2. He’s what’s called a “peaceful phlegmatic” personality!
      3. Congrats, woman!! That’s quite an achievement! A little bit of chocolate every day won’t hurt you. It’s moderation that’s key, but I’m sure you already know that.
      4. Stupid menopause.
      5. I love this about you! Seriously I LOL’d!
      6. Yeah, writing sucks. And rocks. And makes me wanna bang my head against the desk. I wouldn’t rather do anything else.
      7. I don’t think you’re alone in this, Mary…

      Great getting to know more about you! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    • Josie Matthews says:

      OHHHH Mary….good stuff…
      Love the common theme in your secrets: you love that hubby of yours…he’s one lucky man!
      I am INNNNNNNN on the trip to the BDSM play function!!!! Ive always wanted to chekc one out!!!! Tell me when and where and we’ll go together. Can we find a nice upscale one like in the books we read? I hope so…I can just see the two of us walking into some dirty hole in the wall getting all grossed out. Maybe Europe????
      I’m a lifetime memeber of WW many times over….still fightin’ the good fight. Trying a new health program now…Isagenix…nutritional supplements and cleansing…all organic…lots of great research online for cleaning out the toxins from the envioronment in your body and getting your organs functioning better. Ill keep you posted on how well it works…
      Had to changes my ‘night sweat’ sheets AGAIN last night!!! – feelin’ your heat on that one! They say this meno-crazyiness can last up to 10 years!!!!
      Writing is the bane of my existance right now. Been looking at the same 110,000 words for so long now that I dont like them anymore. Thats a bad place to be…
      Even placing in a contest is such an honor…Im so proud of you. I’ve entered many and have never had the honor so Iknow how difficult it is, so CELEBRATE!
      Thanks for spillin’ and let me know when our field trip is happening!

      • Mary Roya says:

        Joise, I am game for if you are. Dr Ferrer office is in the States, Chicago I think. She told me of a club there that has a public night once or twice a year. But too far away for me. Plus I have nothing acceptable to wear. My old lady clothes would freak everyone out. I have never made it to be a lifetime member. But I keep trying. I like checking out new weight or health programs. Joise, keep writing. Thank you I was floored when I saw that.


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