It’s Time to Get Fit, Get Healthy & Get Real

Hey Swagger Girls, this post comes to you from Jodi, our fitness guru. Be sure to ask her any questions! She’d love to hear from you.


“I need to get in shape.”

“I want my old body back.”

“I’m sick of being tired.”

Sound familiar? We’ve all said those things at one point. So, why not finally just do it?! Let’s commit to getting back in shape and being healthy!

I have some tips to get you going, and if you follow them, I promise good things will happen.

1.  Make. The. Time. 

It may seem like you don’t have enough time in your day for exercise, but you probably do – you just have to make it a priority.

  • Set an appointment. Pick out the times that you want to exercise and schedule ahead.  Keep your appointment with yourself ironclad, and don’t let other engagements interfere.
  • Replace an old habit. Most of us have some unnecessary and not particularly good-for-us habit, such as eating while watching TV that could be exchanged with exercising or with organic face oils care procedures. Maybe you tell yourself that you can only watch TV as you exercise.
  • Use exercise as social time. Have a standing appointment with a friend or family member to spend time together and incorporate exercise, such as playing tennis, walking, or dancing.
  • Routine is key. Give it at least 2 weeks, and you’ll find it a lot less of a chore.

2. Find an activity you enjoy. 

If you like exercising, you’re more likely stick to it.  Not all workouts are at the gym: try biking, inline skating, rowing or even dancing in your bedroom with your iPod (find more here). Enjoyment is the key to sticking with it.

3. Stay accountable. 

Keep track of when you exercise and for how long. Make notes in your calendar or keep an exercise journal. Writing down what you do and how you feel is important. Looking back and seeing how much you’ve done creates a sense of accomplishment.

4. Start with a reasonable goal. 

Don’t set out to start a rigorous regimen right from the beginning. Instead start by exercising at a reasonable pace and increase as soon as you stop feeling challenged. Try 30 minutes, three times a week and see how you feel. Try to avoid burnout. Working yourself too hard at first can lead to muscle strain and fatigue, and relating exercise with pain can make you less apt to workout next time.

5. Track your measurements.

Instead of keeping track of how much weight you lose, keep a soft tape measure handy and measure your waist and hip size. You might build muscle and gain weight, but you’ll lose inches. Write down measurements from day one. Watching progress is very rewarding!

6. Become a student in the healthy eating school.

If you are shooting to lose weight, you must learn to eat healthy. Don’t “fall into” a diet because you will “fall out” eventually. I recommend developing a lifestyle you will want to keep. Use your good old common sense, supplemented with information from the internet to keep your diet healthy.

7. Drink Water.

This is the absolutely best thing you can do for your body. Always bring water to your workout session.

8. Stay Motivated.  

As you keep working out and building strength, your workouts will probably become easier. Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. As soon as your current regimen feels easy, change it up and try something different.


  • Take a walk during your lunch hour, do crunches and jumping jacks while watching TV or pace while talking on the phone.
  • Normally it takes 8 weeks for results to really kick in VISUALLY. Regular effort with enthusiasm is key.
  • Go to bed early and have plenty of rest on days you exercise. Muscles grow and repair themselves during the deep sleep phase.
  • Play upbeat music and keep with the pace and motivate yourself.
  • Make it a goal to eat fruits and veggies daily!
  • Every day, make note of all the benefits you perceive: improved energy levels, increased happiness, better sleep, and overall feeling well!!

So let’s all set a goal and get started!! I wanna hear from you all……tell me your goals…..obstacles…whatever, and I will do my best to help you meet those challenges and overcome!!

I don’t find the time to exercise, I MAKE the time to exercise. Who’s with me?




  1. Josie Matthews says:

    Yay Jodi! I am the QUEEN of coming up with excuses to skip my exercise for the day…the dishwasher needs emptying, its too hot, its too rainy, Rachel Ray is on….I’m ridiculous. But when I do exercise I feel sooooo much better all day long! Love your insight that it’ll take two weeks to make it routine. A theory of physics? A body in motion stays in motion! I’m going to try to make a commitment to stick to my routine for at least 14 day and see if I can’t make it a routine!
    Eating? Ughhh…I’m always looking for that shortcut. But there isnt one is there? I’ve found that most Americans eat way too much. What we think is a normal serving size is way over board. I’ve acutally been using a cool little app – – that will search ANY food for you and give you the cals and nutritional breakdown.(it even scans bar codes and gives you the info) I was SHOCKED at the amount of calories I was consuming once I started paying attention and researching. I recommend that our chickswagger gals who would like to get a handle on healthy eating count calories for at least one day. Its eye opening! Eating lots of small ‘snacks’ (not big meals) a day helps me stay within a good cal range for me (1200-1300) and keeps me from getting too hungry. Cause when Im hungry I gorge!!!!
    Heres my question for you: How do I get out of the mindset when Im stressed (which is often lately) of telling myself ‘oh…the hell with it! I DESERVE this!’ This is my biggest healthy eating obstacle I think….
    Thanks Jodi!!!! (God, could I get any wordier?)

    •, huh? I should check that out! Nothing like being more obsessed with what you’re eating, right? Haha, just kidding! Or maybe not? 🙂

  2. Great post. I keep one of those manual step things (had it so long long don’t know what it’s called) in the closet. Every morning I spend 10 minutes in the first 1/2 hour of my day on that thing – just to rev up my engine for the rest of the day. It always motivates for more later in the day.

  3. When the kids were small, after they went to bed, the stereo came on and I boogied my bottom off for at least 45 minutes, just because. Then they got older, stayed up later, embarrassed easier. And my bottom got bigger. Go figure.
    I still shake it in the living room–the cats don’t seem to mind–but need to make it a regular thing. So much more fun than the elliptical!

    • LOL! I love it that you shake it! A girl after my own heart! 😀

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Sherry…Doesnt dancing seem like the ultimate exercise? I get more winded and have more sore muscles after a night of dancing than I do after a 4 mile run…Go figure! My nieces an and I went line dancing the other night….HILARIOUS! Had no idea what we were doing but were dripping with sweat by the end of the 3 HOURS!!! PHEW….no THAT was a fun workout!
      Not to mention the mechanical bull!!! Yup…just sayin’ Hitting ZUMBA on Monday nights now with my girls…Im gonna figure out how to swivel those parts that aint been swivelin’ much…

  4. The getting going is the worst part for me…..getting to that 2 week point where its becoming a habit or part of my daily routine…..I have the desire but my follow through stinks….I want to be healthier for my daughters and a good role model–because I can see them following my bad habits…there is an athletic person within me….I don’t sit around, but my first reaction for anything is to eat….sad, but true. How do I shake a food obsession–because that is what I think I’m dealing with.

    • Jen, I’m totally a grazer! I eat pretty much off and on all day long. I’ve found that Jodi’s tip really works–drink LOTS of water. It will keep you full, so that when you do eat, you just don’t eat as much. Try not to beat yourself up – just keep moving forward and replace some of the “unhealthies” with more healthy choices. I keep a lot of baby carrots in the fridge. 🙂

      • Josie Matthews says:

        Jen, Hook up with a support buddy (…ME????…) Someone who gets you and someone who can help keep you motivated. Get support from that hubby of yours so you can have even 30 mins a day to go for a walk ALONE (no kids…you need YOU time) around your neighborhood with your Ipod in. Start with small goals…1. switch from your soda addiction to water or flavored water or seltzer. 2. 30 min walk a day plus whatever other fun stuff pops up (line dancing next thurs with me and kelder at the steel house? Youll love it and nobody there knows us!! Fritz went with us!!!!! We had a blast!) Thats it…2 small changes to start…after you these become routine we can look at little food changes. YOU CAN DO THIS! Once you feel better physically and emotionally the momentum will be set and you’ll be on your way to a healthier you and healthy daughters. Im there for you sweetie if you need me!
        I love you!!! J

  5. I’m a writer. I sit too much. Sounds like the opening of a 12-step list. Great tips, Jodi. Now to follow them…!

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Hey Willa (love your name by the way!) No 12 steps needed lovey. Just one will be a good thing to start with! Pick one….any one…: Drink more h2o, cut down on sugar and artificial sweeteners, try to eat at least one veggie with lunch and dinner, try to take a 30 min walk at least 3 times a week, put your ipod in and walk up and down your cellar stairs for 20 mins, browse through a healthy cooking magazine or a womens health magazine for refreshing ideas about getting healthier, visit a farmers market for inspiration, BREATHE, buy a fun dance exercise video and try to do it 3 times a week, buy a pretty fruit bowl for your kitchen counter and keep it filled, try a healthy protien shake for one meal a day (prot powder, h20, and any yummy frozen fruit!), Just get started and they way a positive change makes you feel will keep you trying more healthy things! Go Willa, go Willa….and keep writing girlfriend!!!

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