Qualification: Pain

Chicks, Misty here. If you’ve been around our blog for long, you know we’re all about fun, sexy and sassy. But sometimes we run across something that makes us go, *whoa.* And not always in a fun way.

I ran across this post today and it was one of those arresting moments where you realize something needs to be broadcast because of the depth of honesty from the originator…and because there are probably a whole lotta people out there who would benefit from reading it also.

None of us are exempt from pain and suffering. This post by Vanessa is poignant and sad and brutal and empowering…if you chose to make it so. It’s a long post, but so worth the read. May we all find the courage to share our shadows and our compassion. Only then can we heal ourselves and the world.

Chick Swagger love and hugs to you all. xoxo, misty

Her file is heavy, thick and pregnant with the details of over a decade of brokenness, pain, confusion and hopelessness.
I have been watching her for four days while she wanders though the hallways and the courtyard like a ghost without a plan. She breathes and moves and sees and knows to pause for the food cart and to step aside for a busy nurse, yet there is no one home. She is alive yet not alive. Not living, just existing.
In the hope I might be able to understand what would cause a woman so young to be so burdened, I pull her file and begin to read. I open up the transcript of her most recent admission interview. It makes no sense, her words are strung against words which were never meant to be partnered, it is nonsense and it is tragic. A woman admitted so mentally ill…

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  1. Sarah Okins says:

    Wow! That was so grippingly honest, but so enlightening! Amazing how she was overwhelmed by the shadow side of her disease, bringing her to the brink of destruction, but battled through and is now empowered by the light side to tell her story, offering help, compassion, and empathy!

    Thank you for sharing this Mist! Hugs!

  2. What a powerful blog post and not one I soon forget. It wasn’t what I’d expected.

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