Caption Couture – Win an Amazon Gift Card!

Hey Swagger fans,  Josie here with the second week of our Holiday Celebration Chick Swagger Style!

This week it’s your turn to tickle our fancies enlighten us.  We want to see you pull out all the stops and come up with a caption for our photo of the week!

So get those brilliant minds working and think outside the box.

Us Chick Swagger gals will vote on the winner, and he/she will be awarded a $10 gift card!

We are so freakin’ excited! So get ready and tell us what these little Santas might have written on their…banner.

Post your entry to join in the fun!  Entries will be accepted until Monday, December 17th. Good Luck!

promotion de noël....   



  1. Nobody better say “Do not open ’til Christmas.” You have been warned!!!

  2. Eenie, Meenie, Mighty . . . Whoa!

  3. Oh,yeah, and dibs on the one with tatts!!!

  4. jerriealexander says:

    This proves the Grinch did not steal Christmas!

  5. They can hold the sign up without their hands

  6. “Santa’s hot, hunky elves”

  7. Just hear those “sleigh bells” jingling, ring ting tingling, too…

  8. On the fourth day of Christmas, four lords a leaping for little oh me. Tee hee!

  9. The Boys Are Back in Town!

  10. Introducing the Jolly Nut Bar. Quadruple the Fun, & No Calories.

  11. Holly, Jolly, Jingle Balls- LOL

  12. Deck the halls with balls of jolly. 🙂
    sorry….I had to.

  13. OMG how are we EVER GONNA PICK?!?! LOLOLOLOL!! 😀

  14. We’re just “hanging out” for the holidays!

  15. We’re bringing the right “package” to you for your holiday cheer!

  16. Ho! Ho! Ho! You just keep us hanging!!!!!

  17. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

  18. marywithrow says:

    “Be Merry, Not Hairy”

  19. marywithrow says:

    “Its cold outside”

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