Ten Movies to Get You in the Mood!

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I thought I’d list my top ten movies to get your libido going. Now for you guys out there, don’t scoff and stop reading because you’re thinking damn she’s going to list a bunch of chick flicks. I haven’t listed all chick flicks, and remember ninety minutes of watching a so-called chick flick might get you ninety minutes of mind-blowing sex! No pun intended. And that’s a pretty good pay-off!

These movies aren’t in any particular order. And like books, it’s really all subjective, but if you can’t get away to some fancy restaurantcouplewatchingtv or a cozy bed and breakfast for Valentine’s Day try one of these movies or one of your own lust inducing flicks to get the sparks going. Read past my ten suggestions to find a tip to heighten your viewing pleasure.

  1. Wild Orchid – I found the story a bit disjointed and the sex scenes sometimes more choreographed than natural. So you’re probably saying then why did you put it on the list? Simple—this movie turns up the heat! Both you and your partner might rush to the bedroom or perhaps just do it on the sofa or the floor if you have no kiddies at home.
  2. Dirty Dancing I think dancing is great foreplay and this movie shows it at its best!
  3. Dirty Dancing videoSweet Home Alabama – If you need skin and graphic sex to get you in the mood, you won’t find it here. But this is a fun comedy/romance!
  4. Nine and a Half Weeks – Now if you’re familiar with the first movie, Wild Orchid, you might think I have a thing for Mickey Rourke. I definitely think he’s hot looking in this movie—much hotter than in Wild Orchids. However, this isn’t a chick flick. I think the scene where Kim Basinger pleasures herself will get most men’s blood going. Interesting note about this story—Rourke plays a wealthy man named Gray who ask Basinger’s character, Elizabeth, to broaden her sexual boundaries. When I read Fifty Shades of Grey, I couldn’t help thinking of this movie, though there are definite differences in the relationship and the outcome.
  5. The Notebook  – This is one of those slow cookers for me. It’s a true love story.nine and a half weeks
  6. The Piano  I’m not sure how to explain the piano. It’s so unique. I’d also rate it as one of the best movies on this list or any other list.
  7. Pride and Prejudice (2005)  I just had to add this one to the list. I think Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen have wonderful on screen chemistry. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s based on my favorite book.
  8. Casablanca – What can I say, it’s a true classic.
  9. Pretty Woman – This is the ultimate Happily Ever After. Come-on it’s about a prostitute who hooks up with a millionaire that falls in love with her.Pretty woman
  10. Deep Throat   This movie is for those that need a little more pornographic content to rev up their engines. I won’t go into details because the title tells it all!

Now, for the full erotic or sensual effect, don’t watch these movies with the kids running around the house, and don’t keep the lights on. Cuddle up – partially disrobed, and put a fuzzy warm blanket over the two of you. I know some of you are saying, whoa, if I get  partially naked, my significant other might not watch one of the tamer movies. Here’s where whoever picks the movie gets to set one very important rule—only that person can initiate sex. It will build anticipation, and when you finally give in to your hot and horny self … watch out, your partner will love it!

So do you have any favorite romantic movies to add to my list? Or any hot ones? Maybe you want to tell us what actor (yes this includes females) turns you on. Love for you to share!



  1. Great picks with something for everyone, Renee! I have to add that the scenes in Savages were pretty darn hot, tsssssss! Not all that happy with the ending, though, so maybe something to save for another day. I’d also like to note that, believe it or not, The Notebook is a big hit with men. I was one of the peeps running our SITE tv during deployment on the ship (we could play movies from 8mm tapes sent by the studios), and that was a top request on the mostly male ship 🙂 Can’t go wrong with that one!

  2. I haven’t seen Savages. Thanks, I’ll have to put that on my list. My husband liked The Notebook as well. Another movie with hot scenes is Unfaithful! Though the second half of the film might extinguish the mood that the first half does a great job building.

  3. Ooo, Renee, I love the game-factor you inject into this little movie date!! Good idea!! You could even add some strip poker flavor…one extra piece of clothing comes off every 15 minutes or something… Very fun! I love any movie with Hugh Jackman. He’s HAWT! 🙂

  4. My wife would agree with nine out of the ten titles on this list. But Casablanca? Really? Maybe that is why my grandparents liked the movie so well. Ugh! There is an image I’ll never get out of my mind!

  5. Hmmm, my parents used to watch Casablanca quite a bit too. Now you’ve got me thinking. LOL In fact I think they still do! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great list. Since you mentioned The Notebook, I was reminded of another good romance by Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One. The DVD is sitting on top of my TV as I type this.

    • Hi Angela, I’ve never seen the movie The Lucky One. I’ll have to add it to my list of “To be watched”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the success Nicholas Sparks has? It seems nearly every novel he writes gets turned into a movie. Thanks for stopping by.

    • I’ve watched two Nick Spark’s movies and wanted to chuck my drink at the TV after both of them. The endings SUCK…IMHO, of course… Thanks for letting me rant. 🙂

      • All rants are welcome. LOL Yes, most of his movies don’t have a Happily Ever After.

      • Josie Matthews says:

        OHHH I SOOO agree with you Misty! Sparks has some good underlying issues in his books but they usually bore me and end badly…And I truly HATED the ‘heroine’ in Dear John. She was a disgrace….The Notebook, and believe it or not, The Last Song with Miley Sirus were the only two I’ve liked. The rest I usually put away before I even hit chapter five!

      • Nick doesn’t understand the need for a happy ending. Anyone else get mad about the ending of Nights at Rodanthe ( spelled wrong I am sure.) Finally, the woman has a chance at romance and happiness after having a fairly sucky life. Oh yeah, her sweetie died doing a noble thing.

        About an Officer and a Gentleman–I know it is an oldie.American Giggolo was fun too. Magic Mike might not put him in the mood. I so love Dirty Dancing too.

        • Morgan, YES, fucking Nights in Rodanthe!! That was one of the ones that pissed me off.

          And oh, I’d already forgotten about Magic Mike…still gotta go see that one!! Wait, we’re supposed to be talking about his/hers movies not chick flicks. LOL 🙂

        • I didn’t like Nights at Rodanthe either. It made me think of Nicolas Spark’s other story Message in a Bottle. Both do not deliver the HEA. I recently mentioned Magic Mike to my hubby and he looked disinterested, but I definitely want to watch it! Might have to make some concessions.

  7. Mary Roya says:

    Way,way, way back when I was young and very curious I got a male friend to rent that movie for me Deep Throat. I remember not being impressed. But if it helps my guy…done deal. Casablanca, really? Not sure about that one. Oh yeah Nine and Half Weeks would get his motor running. Tee Hee

  8. If you like adrenaline with your sexiness, a History of Violence with Vigo Mortennsen is a good flick (believe I read somewhere it’s the first mainstream US film to feature a 69, don’t know if that’s accurate though)… and you simply cannot go wrong with Diane Lane in Unfaithful *dreamy sigh*…she does it for me in any movie she’s in though

    • I watched Unfaithful this past weekend when I was trying to decide what movies to list. The bathroom scene in the restaurant is hot! I’ve had a few people tell me it should be on the list. I’ll admit it was until I remembered what happened to the hot Frenchman. I probably should have kept it on because everything before that is steamy. Thanks for the suggestions! They’re good ones!

    • Josie Matthews says:

      I do love Diane Lane…she is so down to earth and a wonderful actess…Unfaithful was hot…that is until the little slip with the snow globe….

    • Okay, you guys have totally piqued my interest with both of those movies. And Lordy, Vigo is a God. 🙂

  9. Dark and twisted as they may be: Blue Velvet and Eyes Wide Shut

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Ray, Ray, Ray…Tom Cruise does play evil and sexy well in Eyes Wide Shut…I totally forgot about that one! Who is in Blue Velvet? Ill have to check that one out…I just LOVE edgy dark and twisted!!!
      Nice Picks!

  10. Hmm, I’ve never seen Blue Velvet. I’ll add that to my list. Eyes Wide Shut is a good one too. Maybe Tom Cruise’s movie Risky Business, as well.

  11. Josie Matthews says:

    Fun fun Fun!!!! Okay….27 dresses(bbbbenny and the jets!), Sweet Home Alabama, Say Anything, PS,I love you(even though I cry through the whole thing cause Gerard Butler is dead in it…) (Did I tell you how much I want Gerard Butler for my birthday?) Bed of Roses, Bull Durham, Titanic (yes…I said it…), King Kong, not a movie but The Thorn Birds, Cold Mountain, Under the Tuscan Sun (okay..not so much romance between man and woman, but definitely a romance between woman-Tuscany-and herself….LOVE it.) A Walk in the Clouds..(Vicotria!!!) Dr. Zhivago and you can’t miscount Brokeback Mountain. And my new favorite Silver Linings Playbook – definitely a must see – great, great great characters.
    Phew! Too bad my hubby HATES to watch movies…but he goes with me anyway, cause he loves me!

    • Wow, great additions! I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Silver Linings Playbook, but it’s another one I haven’t seen. Your hubby hates to watch movies? Well, you’ll just have to change his mind about that. Wink wink. Love to give you Gerard Butler for your birthday, but it will have to be on DVD.

  12. Oh yeah Under the Tuscan Sun is one of my faves! And I had almost forgotten about a Walk in the Clouds. I also really liked Letters to Juliette(think that was the name of it). Gret idea for a post Misty. Love LOve, LOVE Chick Swagger!!

    • Under the Tuscan Sun is a good one! It seems Diane Lane has played in quite a few of the movies on our growing list. Must Love Dogs was another one she was in. Thanks for stopping by and joining in on the discussion and for adding to the list! Great choices!

    • Hey Liberty, thanks for scoping out the site and all your fabulous comments! I wrote the Realistic Kinks posts, but this one was all Renee’s! So glad to have you with us, and hope to have you back soon!! xoxo

  13. Gosh, this reminds me that I’ve alway wanted to watch Deep Throat and just never have. I think if I could order it through cable secretly I’d do it – maybe I’ll have to have my DH rent it. He’d probably speed to the video store. Which now I’m wondering – are there still video stores? Where do you rent these things now?

  14. movie lover says:

    I recently watched 50 shades of grey. my wife and I made it half way thru the movie, when I reached out to her her painties were soaking and her nipples so hard. this.movie should get you some brilliant sex!

  15. Devoted Husband says:

    the following are a few movies that made my wife wet fairly quick:

    -Lie with me
    – 9 songs
    – 9 1/2 weeks
    -Delta of Venus
    – Love (2015)
    – Unfaithful

    Of course 50 shades of grey. The trilogy was a major hit, she would read around noon, I always took a brake from work around that time, I just got there and started kissing her and her nipples were all hard and she was all wet, so we are having sex every day around noon hour while the kids are at school.

    I already have the following lined up for this “coming” days lol:
    -Red Shoe diaries (the movie)

    I would love some suggestions!!

    • LOL! I absolutely love how invested you are in this “project,” Devoted Husband. 😉 I also really like the idea of mid-afternoon delights because as my own children are getting older and therefore staying up later, it’s getting more complicated to fit in sexy-times. I will definitely check into some of the titles you’ve suggested, and if I “come” (snicker) across other awesome titles I’ll have to consider a sequel to this post! Thanks for dropping by. I wish you many libido-inspiring movie hours! 😀

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