Bonny Vonnie Makes Six, Sexy Swagger Chicks!

Haha! Say that as fast as you can six times.  🙂

welcome vonnieGang, we are sooo thrilled to announce we scored a big-time coup in strong-arming persuading yet another new voice to join Chick Swagger!

Her name is VONNIE DAVIS, and she’s a hell of a gal! A multi-published author in several sub-genres of romance, she brings experience, humor, sass and whole lotta heart to our round-up.

She started penning stories in her pre-teen years with the dream of becoming an author. Then life happened – marriage, kiddos, job, college as a grandma, and, after twelve years of being alone, a new love whom she met online. WHOOP! It’s a match made in heaven.

She’s now retired, having traded “the tailored clothes of a technical writer for the feathered boa of a romance author.” – Her words. LOL!

We all get to hear from her tomorrow. Hope you’ll all join us in welcoming her to the Swagger Party!



  1. Vonnie, so pleased to have you joining the hen house! A big welcome!

  2. Yay, welcome Vonnie! *pops champagne and passes around chocolates*

  3. Love that Vonnie. I’ll definitely pop by tomorrow.

  4. LOVE Vonnie Davis and her books. I’ll be dropping in regularly.

  5. Josie Matthews says:

    Gimme a V…..
    “Oh….am I online? Honey! Im online right now…yes…take your V and Ill be right up!!! Yes…I’m wearing your favorite merkin…”
    Sorry Von…gotta run….my merkin sticky tapes are just about dry…and my chocolate pasties are melting…Love You!

  6. Congrats Vonnie!

  7. Here’s Rolynn, a sometimes muse for Vonnie, checking in. Hell, this group will be throwing heavier weaponry than love darts, Von. Have your shield ready for the repartee! Can’t wait to join the fun. Glad you’re here, Vonnie! Rolynn

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