Five Aphrodisiacs to Heat Up the Bedroom!

We’ve all heard that certain foods will heighten sexual desire. So I wanted to know—Are aphrodisiacs myth or miracle? Do they set one’s libido into overdrive or are they just folklore?

intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

Since I wasn’t sure, I decided to do my own experiment. Over the last several weeks, I asked a few people to eat some of the most common foods touted as aphrodisiacs. Of course, this was not some scientific experiment, since it wasn’t a random study of thousands or even a blind study. It was a handful of women…well, with the help of our hubbies, but they really didn’t mind. In fact, my husband offered to run to the store to pick up all the foods on my list.

We tried bananas, walnuts, almonds, avocados, honey, chocolates, asparagus, oysters, black licorice, strawberries, and watermelon. I didn’t eat any oysters. I’m allergic to seafood, so an evening in an emergency room being attended to by a physician would not heighten my libido, well unless the physician was male, had Jason Statham’s abs, and attended me without a shirt. After our experiment, we came to several conclusions. Aphrodisiacs don’t have to be consumed in large quantities or even necessarily eaten. And sometimes just the suggestion that a food can cause you to feel lusty might do the trick, while incorporating aphrodisiacs into the bedroom might be more fun than just eating them!

Here are our top five aphrodisiacs and suggestions for how to use them to increase sexual pleasure.

Bananas: This fruit, rich in potassium, ended up high on the list. It’s one of those aphrodisiacs that we concluded didn’t necessarily need to be ingested to increase sexual desire. Just eating it provocatively in front of a male partner may do the trick. Peel it slowly, lick the tip, swirl your tongue about it, and draw your lips slowly, very slowly, down the shaft while your partner watches. Kiss, nibble, but don’t bite, or you might just deflate your partner’s, shall we say, expectations. Then toss that phallic shaped fruit aside and have at your partner. Young woman eating banana

Honey: The nectar of Aphrodite. What’s not to like, it’s sweet with a nice texture and a wonderful scent. It’s rumored to have an affect on testosterone levels. It’s also a wonderful addition to the bedroom. Drizzle it on yourself and your partner. If you’ve got a tub that accommodates two, try it in there. One participant said it worked best when she dipped her finger in it and applied it to… well, I’ll just let you guess what she said, while her partner watched. Another said she and her partner applied it to each other, then they removed it with their tongues. The consensus was honey is a sweet aphrodisiac to incorporate into sex.woman eating honey

Walnuts: Rich in protein, high in potassium, iron, and zinc, are noted for getting the blood flowing, and we all know that’s important during sex. We really didn’t notice any heightened need to dash to the bed and tear our partner’s clothes off. Nevertheless, we put it on the list because they taste great and the shape of an unshelled walnut might lead one to whisper sweet nothings into a male partner’s ear that might get both his and your imagination revved up. Something like—I love walnuts. I like to lick them. Put them in my mouth. You get the idea, right?

Avocado: High in vitamin C, K, and potassium. Several of the women put avocado on their list of top five. Personally, I’m not too fond of avocado, so I had a different idea. Strip naked, lie in bed, and place several slices of avocado provocatively on your body. While waiting for your partner to enter the room I’m telling you, you will feel heightened anticipation, and when your partner sees you, they’ll get a rush too. And if they enjoy avocado, they’ll get the nutritional benefits as well. Temptation chocolate aphrodisiac

Chocolate: None of us had any trouble indulging in chocolate. I don’t know many people who aren’t admirers of this rich, creamy delight. This item, easily, was the group’s favorite to eat. We wouldn’t say we had an increased lust for sex, but it just made us happy to indulge freely in something that we might normally eat in smaller quantities. It might also be we were on a sugar high, but we did find we were anxious to engage in sex. One participant said it was because they needed to work off the extra calories.

Our conclusion: We really didn’t notice that any of these foods were akin to Spanish Fly. But as far as experiments go, this was a lot of fun!

So what do you think? Do you believe in the power of aphrodisiacs? Or do you have some aphrodisiacs to add to the list? How about oysters? Our limited group of women didn’t rate oysters high on our list. However, I read that for men, it’s the shape of an oyster in the half shell that really turns men on? Any of you men willing to let us in on the male take on this? And if you have some suggestions for adding food to your bedroom repertoire, please share!



  1. ana morgan says:

    I think ze individual body chemistry affects how foods affect ze body, but sensuality is just as much a brain thing. Ne c’est pas? Anything that excites the mind, excites the body. Oui, oui!
    No oysters for moi, (blech) but whipped cream, strawberries and champagne.

  2. I was seriously laughing out loud throughout this entire thing.

  3. Love that you staged your own little experiment and pulled your friends in on the fun, Renee! We have 4 of the 5 items currently in our home. 🙂 Bananas never fail to make me smile – even in the grocery store. I can’t help it! #mindinthegutter

    Really, like you hypothesized, just *thinking* about *why* you’re experimenting with certain foods probably increases libido. The mind is certainly powerful. Great post, Renee! 🙂

    • Yeah, I should have read the other comments first, then I wouldn’t have repeated what Ana said. LOL

    • Well, Misty, you’re all set! Give it a try. It’s quite interesting to try them and have your partner looking at you like….well, are you hot yet? And whether they work or not, it puts the idea in your mind, and that’s a great start!

  4. I’m home today with an awful allergy headache. This post gave a me a laugh, and I feel so much better. Thanks.

    • Oh, Angela, sorry to hear about the allergies. Some of these food have the added benefit of being nutritious.Take care and hope you’re back to feeling more like yourself soon.

      • Thanks for all the suggestions on getting rid of my allergy headache. But, all I really needed was a day without being around trees. But, loved this post. Thanks for all the laughs. Have a great weekend!

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Ang! Sex is a GREAT vasodilator! Great for headaches. Mix in a little honey laced with cinnamon powder which is an old-fashioned cure all for so many maladys and you’ll be singing
      “SWEET mystery of life at last I’ve found you!” in no time! (Madelin Kahn in Young Frankenstein after she sexes up old Frankie!)

      • Wow, i didn’t know that Josie. Good advice. I haven’t seen Young Frankenstein in ages. You mentioning it makes me want to rent it. Like the chicks, Mel Brooks movies have just the right amount of wrong.

  5. Love the post, Renee! My husband has a serious addiction to honey and now I know why! 🙂

    Hmmm, Misty, most of those foods are staples in my house too… So, um, yeah *blushes*

    Thanks for the laughs, Renee. And the education. Oh, and what’s with the Spanish Fly?

  6. Well, like Misty you’re all set to start the experiment. Have fun! Oh, and do share if you are so inclined. Spanish Fly is a beetle that is used as an aphrodisiac.

  7. Emily Allen says:

    Love the post, Renee! You gave me a lot to think about! Plus a had a good laugh too. 🙂

  8. Josie Matthews says:

    Great Post Renee! I always find that alcohol shakes my inhibitions but I can never seem to …ahem…(whisper – ‘climax’- whisper) if I imbibe! Shame…I can really losen up. That’s my whole prob! SOOOO much on the mind that it gets in the way! I really need to take a chill pill!
    Im liking the honey and the chocolate…oooh and the banana!!!! And like I told Ang…mix in cinnamon for an added health benefit! and speaking of … banana exercises in the bedroom…did you ever keep bubbly champagne in your mouth and treat your husband to a little oral celebration? tee hee…
    Great ideas!!!

    • Josie, read one of those hot books you like right before bed. They can get your engine revved. Champagne with an oral celebration. Now that sounds interesting. Try some Altoids before… minty ones. Then ask Mr. M if he enjoys the oral celebration even more.


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