The ONE (and only) Male Advantage

Here at Chick Swagger, we’re all about embracing our identities as women, and all of the little things that make our relationships with each other, including the male counterpart of our species, truly spectacular.

That being said, I have to admit. There is, in my opinion, ONE (and ONLY one), aspect where the males of our species have achieved superiority over the females…

Is it brains? Is it brawn? Hell, no.

But before I do tell you what it is, let’s take a gander at those two.

male_vs_femalebrainsBrains. Are men smarter than women? Women smarter than men? The answer is… Yes, to both of those. I think that in some ways, men are smarter than women, and vice versa. Meaning, we excel at different kinds of intelligence. Men often have cooler, more level-headed views of the world, whereas women connect emotionally better. I know I always appreciate seeing a situation through my husband’s eyes. Often I’m amazed by just how differently we can view the same problem. We can be opposites, and we can help each other see the other side of things.

When working in harmony, both viewpoints are beautiful. It’s what makes a relationship between a man and a woman blossom 🙂

What about brawn? It’s a generally accepted fact that men are stronger than women. But that doesn’t mean that ALL men are stronger than ALL women. Take a gander at this photo heremalevsfemalebrawn and see if you can tell what ticks me off. Yep, the GIRL (who is clearly buff) has the teeny tiny weight, while the GUY gets the bigger one. Even the media plays to that stereotype. Let me tell you. It’s just not true. I’ve beaten plenty of big strong guys in the marathons and other races I’ve run 😉 (GO GIRL POWER!)

The point is, there are many women out there doing physically tough jobs that we “think” only men can do. Firefighters, soldiers, and construction workers come to mind. But what exactly is a test of bodily strength? I mean, come on, we women are responsible for pregnancy and childbirth, and anyone who’s undergone (or witnessed a woman in) labor knows just a what a physical test that is. So, for me, this is a draw, too.

Which brings me to the actual advantage I truly do believe men have over women. And no matter what we do, unfortunately women will always be a disadvantage here.

Of course, I’m taking about urinating while standing up.

Yep. It’s the one thing about male bodies I envy. The one thing Mother Nature didn’t gift us ladies. The ability to pee while standing up might not sound like such a big deal, but ever since I’ve potty-trained my son, I’ve been thinking about it a lot more.

With my daughter, the actual potty-training was a breeze. She learned in a matter of hours, what it took my son MUCH longer. However, with my daughter, we’d have to keep a portable potty in our car because public washrooms can be insanely elusive. With my son? Nope. I know he can go anywhere, anytime.

WhatWhereEvery time you walk into a dirty bathroom stall, don’t you wish you could just whip it out? What about every time you’ve had to wait for hours in a lineup, while the men’s line is practically non-existent? And yeah, I’m an outdoorsy girl, so I can tell you, when I’m camping or hiking or running through the woods, there’s nothing I loathe more than trying to find some privacy in the midst of a thicket, which I pray doesn’t contain poison ivy, while I strip down, squat, and keep my fingers crossed that I don’t pee on my shoes.

Because, no matter how great it is for my thighs, squatting sucks. Thank you very much, Mother Nature.

Alas, what’s a girl to do? Other than become a pro at squatting, of course.

Because I know I’m not alone in this, I did my research. As it turns out, women in Europe have been ahead of the game here. In fact, help has been around since the early 1900s. Take a gander at this baby:

The Female Urination Device, or FUD (seriously, this is a horrible acronym)shewee

There are actually quite a few designs out there, with clever names like the WhizBiz, the Shewee, and the GoGirl.

So, how does it work? First off, let me say, we’re NOT inserting anything here. Don’t worry. It’s as simple as pushing aside your panties, placing the FUD (*giggles at FUD*) against your body, and aiming it away from your feet (gravity!). For more information, take a gander at this helpful video:

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Ew, gross. You pee on it, wash it, and then stick it back in your purse? While there are disposable versions out there, remember, urine is sterile. Isn’t it more gross to squat over some questionably sanitary toilet seat, or risk exposing your lady parts to all manner of poisonous plants?

And hey, just imagine this: urinals in female washrooms. Man, we could cut down that wait time in half. It’s a revolution. I found this little tidbit on the Shewee website: Shewee is NATO approved and supplied to armed forces worldwide –> How cool is that!

Oh, and if you’re in the mood for another laugh, check out the video on WhizBiz‘s website. Too funny!

Mother Nature, you might not have given us the equipment, but you gave us the brilliance to figure out a solution, so on behalf of all sick-of-squatting women out there, thanks.

What do you think? If your first reaction was like mine (WTF?), did watching the video change your tune? Would you give the FUD a try?



  1. In my Power Pump class, when we do the weighted squats, we were always reminded it was for the public restrooms. 🙂

    I think women are better at handling stress, but that might be just some women.

  2. Out-STANDING!! 😉

    Yes, at first I definitely thought WTF, but the more I think about having one of those while on a hiking trail where you have to worry about snakes the more I think it’s freakin’ brilliant! And all those disgusting bathrooms… Yeah, I think I’m gonna buy one! Ha!

    Thanks for enlightening us, Rach!! 🙂

  3. SheWee–LMAO!!

  4. “Out-STANDING”? Very clever, Misty.

  5. Hmm, this little gizmo is interesting. I can see the benefits of this, especially when out camping or hiking. Poison ivy is horrible on the arms and legs, but on one’s lady bits. Yikes! Thanks for the education!

  6. Josie Matthews says:

    Okay Chickees…I may be late to the party, but Im here!!! LOVE this idea…especially after the past few months with a back injury! Have you ever tried to ‘hover’ in a public restroom/bathroom(why the hell they call it a BATh or REST room is beyond me…) with an injury?? Talk about peeing down your leg…all over the seat…on your feet, all over the purse that is hanging around my neck and a stray stream or two (since for some reason my pee decides to go on the ‘spray’ cycle if I dont keep that petunia pruned!) on the side wall? GOD, how mortifying….I spend more time cleaning up my mess than I do peeing!!!
    Im buying one…if it doesnt work Im going to redisign it an get it patented and call it the Petunia Pistol! (I still can’t get over Mist calling the vajajay a petunia!!!!)
    Now as far as equality and man vs woman….it still amazes me that I can watch a whole movie with my husband and ask him after..
    .”So what’d ya think ?”
    “About what?”
    “The movie? The ending? The plot?”
    “It was good.”
    “Just good?”
    “Yeah…I didnt really get it…”
    And THAT was in regards to “Christmas Vacation”! Imagine if I threw him into something like “Harry Met Sally”. He’d be confused for months.
    Yeah…they don’t get the emotion…Thank God they have us…
    Love U!!!!

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