I’m in Paris and I’m Naked–by Vonnie Davis

BeforeParis-day 1 016_scarves1 you reach for the Clorox bottle to rinse that obscene visual from your eyes, let me explain. I meant to pack a scarf, really, I did. After all, Parisian women wear them often and with such flair, and I wanted to blend in—another oddity, I know.

But swagger being swagger, I gave the thought strong consideration. I fingered scarves in stores, wondering if or what I should buy. Fringed or straight hemmed? Plain or print? Since it was ninety-two in southern Virginia that day, I knew it would never get worn.

When we arrived in Paris, it was fifty-five degrees.

??????????????????????????????? Some Parisian women were wearing winter coats and leather gloves—and scarves, artfully wrapped aro???????????????????????????????und their necks. So were many of the men. Oh, and if they’re wearing a suit with a scarf, fashion dictates a broach — I kid you not — be worn on the jacket lapel. Parisians do love their fashion. And scarves were everywhere.
Me? I was scarf naked.

But, guess what? I was also in Paris, smack dab in the middle of café culture, where for the price of an espresso or a cappuccino or café au lait, one is welcome to sit at a tiny table for hours. Traffic rolls by like a never-ending tide and motorbikes rumble past like bumblebees on steroids.
Paris-day 1 001_cafe
I love the energy of the city. Where I live, I’m too far removed from it. I use a car to go everywhere, missing the up-close-and-personal sounds of traffic and conversations, the staccato beat of high heels on the sidewalks, the hiss of espresso machines or the pop of champagne corks, and the aromas of freshly baked croissants perfuming the early morning air. I love watching two women, dressed in office attire, hurrying home from work, exchanging girl-talk—like we do here on Chick Swagger. They’re each holding a three-foot skinny loaf of French bread in their hands, tearing off morsels to stuff into their mouths as they exchange news and snarky remarks.

What provokes me are their narrow hips. Were I to eat a complete loaf of bread the way they do, hell, I’d have to make two trips to “haul ass.” Know what I mean? All I can figure is the French female motto must be walk fasFrench loavest and eat carbs.

Looks to me like our French sistahs have their own brand of Chick Swagger goin’ on.



  1. I saw the email headline and was almost afraid to click on the link (smile!). Enjoy your vacation!!

    • It’s what’s known as an attention getter. We shopped at Gallery Lafayette today. The building is an old opera house. The place is gorgeous and the prices are beyond obscene, but I’ve got scarves now…and a new Sonia Rykiel wallet and handbag. I’ll have to mortgage the home place…lol.

  2. I love scarves, too, Vonnie. In fact I wore one all day since it was a cool, rainy fall day. How I wish I could sit with you at one of those little cafes. What a blast! So happy that you’re enjoying yourself and keep us posted on other little Parisian tidbits! xo

  3. Yikes! Scarves at 55 degrees! I’m a Canuck, so I had to “translate” that to 12.8 Celsius. During which temperatures, I have to tell you, we wear shorts and t-shirts. LOL. Gloves and scarves aren’t even seen until below zero (that would be around 33F). And forget winter jackets on the West Coast. We don’t wear those babies unless we’re in the mountains 🙂

    Oh, but I’m so envious of the breads and other baked deliciousness in Paris, Vonnie! Can’t wait to hear more of your tales. Have a fabulous time! 🙂

  4. Oh, I love the idea of wearing scarves, especially now that my neck is starting to look like a turkey’s. And the baguettes. Yum, give me some fresh butter, cheese, and it’s a meal. Glad you’re having a wonderful time. Send more pics! Hugs, Renee.

  5. Josie Matthews says:

    Pour écharpe ou pas de foulard…That is the question! Isnt it fun, Von, when you go away from home and get into the local fashions??? I love it. I remember heading to Texas as a kid back in the 80’s. I had to have snake skin cowboy boots and a hat!! my hat even had feathers in it! Got back to my little town in NY and I looked like a dork. Boots are in now but the hats haven’t caught on yet…I was way before my time!
    Thank the dear sweet Lord fashions change…i get so bored sometimes! Im laughing at my nieces right now…MOM jeans are back in style!! no more muffin top specials…all the teens are wearing high waisted jeans again!
    I say we go to the Carribean or Rio and rock some coconut bras with our MOM jeans!
    So glad you are having a wonderful time in Paris’
    Love J

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