The Chicks’ Yummy Book Cover Contest

Recently, while perusing Amazon for a good book to read, I was amazed at all the hot, sexy covers. Like many other book buyers, it’s the cover that initially draws my attention, and lately, there’s been a lot of male skin!

Perhaps it’s the age of erotica, or it’s just marketing genius, but whatever’s causing it, I’m not complaining. In fact, this shift to hot models with rock-hard pecs, six-pack abs, and low riding pants had me thinking that the Chicks might be interested in having a book cover contest.It really didn’t take much arm-twisting on my part to convince the other Chicks that we should do this. In fact, they unanimously said that we should make this a regular feature.

So, I’m proud to announce Chick Swagger’s 1st Book Cover Contest. The theme might not always be hot covers with male models sporting bulging…um… forearms, but to kick it off, I’m going that route. Go figure.

Below are my nominations. Six hot covers! Yummy, right? So vote for your favorite cover and let’s see who wins this drool-fest! Okay, maybe that’s not a real word, but you get my meaning. Also, we’d love to read some suggestions for our next cover contest in the comments section. It doesn’t have to be a cover featuring a hot male model. It can be any cover that made you do a double take, be it sexy, creative, or funny. Whatever you like!

Contest ends October 21st.

Happy perusing!



  1. Arm-twisting? Ha! Try pillow fights over who gets to do the next Yummy Book Cover post! Seriously, it’s like someone tossed a rooster into the hen house! LOL

    That being said, I have no idea how I’m going to pick just ONE to vote for…. *sighs* Such hard work! Thanks Renee!

  2. Emily Allen says:

    It was hard, but I choose just one.

  3. vampyandracey says:

    So hard to choose, was between 1 and 6

  4. I voted, and can’t wait for the results.

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination!!!! I’m thrilled to be a part of this contest and I know Dibs is too! Whoot! Love it! You guys, ROCK!

  6. Thank you so much! ❤

  7. susannahcurtis says:

    These are all great! I liked Tangled the best but really they all stopped me eyes from wandering to the next one.

  8. Thank you for including George in the competition!

  9. Josie Matthews says:

    Personally girls…I was looking at the fine choices in text and background lighting…………………………….snort, snort, snort….

  10. yum Had to go with Take Me but they are all hot !!!

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