The BANNED Edition–or, In Defense of the “Ideal Man”

joy wavesHello Chick-as!
Like how I did that, updating the ole Spanish version with some fresh ChickSwagger? I’m new here, so I’m still working on my ‘tude. The gals have promised me lessons, so I’ll  be saucy, swingy, and swaggerific in no time.

I’m rolling out my files of BANNED Facebook promotional pictures today for your viewing pleasure. [Note: I have a viewing FB limit of 18+ years old!] So, turn your screen away from the kiddos, and find a quiet spot to enjoy!

Check out exhibit #1 above. *Le sigh, and le drool* I totally understood when I got the disapproved message from FB, “…your image shows excessive amounts of skin…” Yeah, I know. But, isn’t it the most gorgeous, wet skin you’ve ever seen? And those shoulders… Sometimes, I get it when I get the FB Stop Sign and cyber finger-wagging. Mea culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

Other times I’m like, what? Take exhibit #2, on the right–> water shower hotCome on. It is SEXY, very sexy, but the models have MOST of their clothes on. Still, admittedly it’s a little–or a lot–of something. So, okay. Bad Susannah.

But then, the wizard-of-FB Oz approved the posting of beheadings–AND–the same week, shut a user account for the following picture. [Warning: Do not open this link if you have pumpkin and/or baby bottom sensitivities–I’m serious!].  Come on, that is just idiocy at it’s best, and hypocrisy at it’s worst. Bare baby butts vs. beheadings, and the beheadings win?

But the kicker, the thing that started my internal dialogue going, this is so crazy it deserves a blog post, chest cross armwas exhibit #3, on the left here. Go ahead, have a nice stare. See if you can figure out what is offensive about this beautiful, slightly underexposed image. I’ll wait.

Got something yet? No? Read on.

“Your ad wasn’t approved because it violates Facebook’s Guidelines by promoting an idealized physical image.” WHAT? You’ve got to be kidding me? Isn’t that was all ads do, promote “ideal” images? Don’t tell me you walk past a Victoria Secret Angel or David Beckman in underwear everyday? Of course they’re ideal. They get paid beaucoup bucks to be IDEAL!  What is the dirty, sexy world of advertising coming to anyway?

In protest of this awful discrimination against all the ideal men of the world, I looked through my image files for three of the hottest, IDEAL dude pictures I could find. I thought I’d air them out, give them a chance to be appreciated again, here in the non-judgmental world of ChickSwagger.

Which one gets your vote? Let’s show them some appreciation and love!


All my best,

Susannah Scott
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  1. Number 3. Definitely. LOL

  2. Do I have to pick only one fave?? Let me get back to you on that, I don’t want to rush 🙂

  3. Well, none of these really fit my personal ideal of a man so heck with that! How weird. I can respect not wanting to hurt anyone’s self image but I think it’s silly of Facebook of all places to be the one policing it.

  4. Susannah, welcome, welcome, welcome. I just loved this post. Yummy! I have to agree that advertisers continue to promote physical standards that are hard to live up too. *Looks down at small breasts and curses Victoria’s Secret models* But if Victoria secret can do a whole show with these women parading around in their underwear, then I can’t understand what’s wrong with these pics. Does Victoria’s Secret have a Facebook page? Are the models wearing turtlenecks? I doubt that very much. Seems like a double standard. Oh, and now that I’m done ranting, I choose number three!

  5. All of them are awesome, sexy hunks! But I would have to go with # 3. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. WELCOME, SUSANNAH!! Yay, we are *so* happy you’re here! Great opening post! Our Entangled Ignite page has run into this same problem taking down posts because of yummy ab pictures. Booo! These guys are gorgeous. Out of the three I’d probably pick #3, though I like #1 a lot, too. Out of all of these pictures though, I think I like the guy in the ocean the best of all…. *swoon*

    • Thank you Misty and Renee for the warm welcome! So glad to “be” here. I didn’t vote either, I do love the water guy and the jeans guy. Of the three choices though, I’ll go with #1, the boxer.

  7. Hiya, Susannah!

    You got the cyber finger wagging from FB? Never happened to me. I never post pictures of that nature though – what with family watching my every move – but I do check out pics others post. 😉

    I’ll say definitely number 3!!!

  8. It’s like asking me to pick out pastry in a bakery…I can’t…Glad to have you as a “chick,” Susannah! Welcome!

  9. Wow – censorship at its best (or actually its most idiotic!) I could see if there was nudity, but to police what someone thinks is ideal? I guess I just have to give in to the fact that I really don’t know what’s best for me or what I should be striving for. Wow – next thing you know they’ll outlaw super-sized soft drinks…oh wait, they already did (at least in NY)!

    One other complaint – not happy that while leaving this comment I can’t also be gazing at those potentially idealistic pictures…damn that screen scrolling!

    Toss up between #1 & #3 – of course if I could see #2’s idealistic abs then perhaps he would be my choice!

  10. #3!! He looks like my cover!!

  11. Do I really have to pick just one! Number 1 & 3 are good, but I guess if I have to (sigh) I choose # 2. There’s something about a man all wet. Though if he could just lose the shirt. 😉

  12. That’s a tough choice… but I’m going with guy #1…
    I thought it was totally insane of Facebook to ground Jill Shalvis for posting that pumpkin-themed pic with painted baby bottoms. I had received that same pic multiple times from different people. Why did Facebook suddenly decide to ban her for posting it? I prefer to do my own censoring… IF someone sends me something that offends me, I hide it… IF they keep doing so, I re-think our friendship. But… it should be my decision and not Facebook’s. AND… I’ve never been offended by any pictures that my authors have posted. I really wish Facebook would get out of the censorship business.

    • Oh so glad to have more the details on Jill Shalvis. I got the story in an author loop without many details except the picture. Thank you! S

    • Morgan K Wyatt says:

      One of Jill’s viewers complained about it. Said it offended her. All those shots of almost nude hot men didn’t offend her at all.

    • Josie Matthews says:

      You guys are so spot on! Why does facebook get to decide what’s ideal? What if I were offended by the ‘ideal’ pedigree poooch and their owners? Do they then have to police all pics of pedigree dogs? Or what about the perfect hair cut? Or perfect outfit? SNORT! How fu$#ing pompus (sp? MISTY!!??) of them. So if we threw a little body hair or a few less rips into the pic they would be okay with the post? Sometimes I get sooooooooo exhausted trying to remember what is politically correct and not. Thank GOD for chickswagger where we can all be ourselves! Unconditional Love Baby!

  13. Holy schikes!! Really, Facebook? Other “people” may use social media to bully, harass and depict violence toward animals, children and women, but shirtless men violate Facebook’s guidelines by “promoting an idealized physical image?” I just love it when the tin foil hat brigade sets community standards. And they wonder why Tumblr’s become so popular recently? Asshats.

    I prefer chest hair, but I wouldn’t kick any of those gorgeous men out of bed, for not having it. So, all of the above for me. Although the girl is way to thin for my taste. Give me hips that don’t lie (like mine)….well, like J.Lo’s, any day. 🙂

    Suck it, Facebook!!

  14. Morgan K Wyatt says:

    I enjoy a wet t-shirt on a man because it reveal and conceals.
    C’mon facebook have you see the pictures some of these people use for profile photos. Talk about not realistic. Almost every day I get a ton of almost naked photos from other romance writers. What makes one more acceptable than the other? I don’t get it. I passed around the pumpkin butt picture too, but didn’t get banned for it.

    • Their censor brigade has got to be random, that’s for sure because I’ve posted a few extremely racy pictures and I haven’t had my wrist slapped. I’m just waiting though…

  15. I love a guy with a set of big guns, so I’m going for number 2. As for censorship, it tends to creep me out, because who has the right to decide what I can and cannot see or read or hear? Someone of a different gender? Social-economic status? Educational level? Someone steeped in religion? If so, why? Am I too stupid, too low class, too uneducated, too vile to make this decision for myself? Are my standards the same as the lady three blocks over? The same as a woman raised in another culture in another country? It all seems silly to me. We all have the ability to close our eyes, to walk away, to simply say no. I don’t need someone else to make up my mind for me, thank you very much. I am a woman and have my own chick swagger, thank you very much.

    Susannah, welcome with your own brand of delightful swagger, darlin’. Great post!! Simply great.

    • “We all have the ability to close our eyes, to walk away, to simply say no. I don’t need someone else to make up my mind for me, thank you very much. I am a woman and have my own chick swagger, thank you very much.”

      Yes, yes, and yes, V!

  16. #3 but I wouldn’t complain if #1 or #2 showed up…

  17. I thought it was fitting that my “wedding night” image I posted today on my FB Author page got a finger wag: “Your Post wasn’t promoted because it violates Facebook’s ad guidelines by including a sexual image that shows excessive amounts of skin or focuses unnecessarily on body parts.” I think it is a lovely image/message.

    Thanks so much for all warm welcome and great comments ladies!

  18. Cathy Brockman says:

    I love all three but 2 just makes me swooooon… i see no reason any of yours was abnned odd. great blog by the way!

  19. Welcome Susannah! What a way to start with a bang! Any Chick who wants to post pics of hot guys on our blog is most definitely welcome….. *ogling pics*…….. Um, where was I? Oh yeah, great post! 🙂 I’m voting for #2. Hot and brawny and wet. Doesn’t get any better 😉

  20. Josie Matthews says:

    Oh Susannah! (Josie shifting in the chair…wriggle wriggle…) So….not being a complete facebook eficienado…IF YOU DONT LIKE IT….WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING! I dont think I’ve ever been FORCED to look at something. Unfriend them for God’s sake! Personally, I love being exposed to everything and anything, even if I dont agree! I consider it a growth experience, but I guess people just like living in their little shells. Sad…
    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! Make me GROW! (NOT my ass though!)
    Im voting for #2…its the eyes…and did you notice that strong firm hand? My, what he could do with that!
    So glad you’re with us!

  21. One! One! One! I would like to know what he is looking at…LOL!


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