Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

Chicks and Roosters, we have two guests in ONE WEEK! Are we blowing your mind or what? (Don’t answer that, k?)

Today’s Chick Crasher is a cutie-patootie, sassy, southern belle who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know quite well over the last several months because we’re publishing sisters for the same imprint at Entangled. Jodi Linton’s Texas mystery series will release with Ignite in the Spring of 2014, but I wanted to bring her on over to get your juices fired up over a quick lil’ something we haven’t spent much time talking about around here.

So what might that be? (hint: check out the title of this post)

COWBOYS!! (Sorry, not sorry, roosters. One of these days we’ll post something just for you.)

Can I get a YEEHAW?! Here’s Jodi, y’all!


DSC_1321Howdy, Chicks!

Okay, I’m a first timer on Chick Swagger, and yeah, I do know about all y’alls potty mouths. Hell, why do you think I jumped on board to blog when Misty asked me? I mean, it couldn’t be that we both share the AMAZING date of December 9th as our birthday?

Nah! I want to use the word pussy and not get my mouth washed out with a bar of soap. Good grief, I want to call a man a twat twister. I know. Pass the bar of soap. This could go downhill real quick.

For the most part, y’all have no clue who I am. You’re probably asking, why should I give a shit what this woman has to say? No biggie. Hell, I don’t even know why most the time, but I’d love to chat your ass off. So that we’re on the same page, I’m here to give you an earful about all things cowboys.

Oh! You perked up. Cowboys, huh? How about some sexy, tight ass jeans wearing good ‘ol boys who know a thing or two about how to tickle you pink? Look at that! I got your attention again. Now, ain’t that neat.

cowboy yumMaybe I’m fascinated by the Stetsons. Or it could be that smooth as butter talking voice that causes my knees to go weak. Give a girl a cowboy, and  um…, well she can do about just anything with those ass molding jeans. BAAM! Just like that your mind goes down the gutter.

At any rate, there are a few rules of thumb upon encountering a tall, dark, and handsome cowboy inside a honky tonk. First, girls I don’t care if his blue jeans scream ‘why don’t we just dance’ under the dim lights of the dive bar, never approach the Cowboy Casanova unless you plan on going home with him. If you’ve read enough romance novels like me, you’ve probably figured out by now the heroine always buckles with a tip of the hat and a sly wink.

Second, he’ll snub his nose up to a craft beer. So always, always pick up two Bud Lights. Lastly, if you get a “Hey Girl” make sure to give that cowboy the best damn smile you’ve got.

Personally you never know which way the night might lead, but still, if you’re lucky like me…you might just find the love of your life.

I wanted to say thank you to Misty and all the chicks for having me on today. I had a blast writing such a fun post.

So tell me. Who’s your all-time favorite cowboy?

Can’t wait to chat,


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  1. I love this sassy Texas girl, who happens to hail from the same hometown as my hubby. I lived there too, for fifteen years, but as they say in Texas, you pretty much have to be born their to be a Texan. Still, I loved the big bravado, and sporting clay charity shoots, Chicken Fried Steak, Cielito Lindo and drive through beer joints… So fun. And, I should add, I’ve had the privilege to read some of Jodi’s up coming book. HAWT. Her banter is so great between her H/H. Rock on–erh–ride on girl!

    • Oops forgot my fav Cowboy. Until this season I would have said Cullen from Hell on Wheels, but they killed of the heroine and my interest went with her. Now, it’s gotta be Raylan Givens from Justified, with Boyd Crowder a close second.

  2. Thanks so much for hanging out with the chicks today, Jodi! One of my favorite (actor) cowboys will always be John Wayne. He so much epitomized the rugged, whiskey voiced alpha male. Of course, we can’t forget Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall — YUMMY!

    I’ve started a movie list of movies I want to see and on that list I have two movies that have hunky cowboys: Australia (starring Hugh Jackman) and Cowboys and Aliens (starting Daniel Craig).

    I grew up in Western North Dakota not too far from Teddy Roosevelt National Park and we have LOADS of cowboys out there. The real kind: hard working and tough. Some close family friends of ours ran cattle on several thousand acres for decades. The stories they told of going in search of calves during storms and in caverns in the snow… True Grit right there.

    Love me some real cowboys. 🙂

    • Jeni Moore says:

      I loved growing up on a ranch in North Dakota!! All my brothers and their friends were cowboys (terrible childhood memory I know) I remember every weekend was spent at a rodeo cowboy butts everywhere, ahh those were the days!!! Favorite cowboy of all time? That’s a hard one!! I love em’ all!

      I also share the wonderful date of December 9th for my bday!! Misty I believe in high school when we were both working in the library we did blizzards one day. Why and how I remember that I have no idea since I can’t remember what I did last week!

      • LMAO, Jeni! I can totally relate to the long vs short term memory thing! If I don’t write shit down, I forget. And yes, do you know Ned Clooten shares our birthday, too?! December 9th ROCKS, baby!

        >>>cowboy butts everywhere<<< Now if that isn't a happy phrase I don't know what is! Seems to me you strutted those Wranglers pretty fine yourself, woman! 😉

      • *raises hand* Wranglers fan over here! And yep, I think December 9th is AWESOME, y’all.

  3. We’ll make you an honorary Texan, Susannah. I mean, you did marry one. Aren’t the drive thru beer joints the boom!!! Well, since Susannah stole my Raylan…and yep, we’ll be having a chat about that, I have to pick Bud from Urban Cowboy. I guess when it boils down to it…no one-not even a mechanical bull- can get between Bud and “his” Sissy.

  4. Welcome Jodi! It’s so great to have you here in the hen house 🙂 I wish I could say I knew more about cowboys, but *sighs* I do not. Although we have a few “cowboy regions” in Canada, they’re not as popular Eye Candy as say, hockey players *swoons*

    So I will have to rely on you lovely ladies to educate me! *takes out notebook and waits expectantly* Research is such hard work! 🙂

  5. I’m glad to be here, Rachael! Never been to Canada…but would loved to one day. Now I could go for a hockey player *bats eyes*

  6. Hi Jodi! Thanks for stopping by. Great post. Love the title. When I think of cowboys I think of actors like Jimmy Stewart. I had a thing for watching old movies when I was a kid. Also, Woody from Toy Story comes to mind, but that might be ’cause I liked his name. I know that’s terrible, but he did wear tight jeans and he sounded like Tom Hanks. I had forgotten about Urban Cowboy. Loved it! Also, Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. Misty, if you like John Wayne, I suggest The Quite Man. He doesn’t play a cowboy, but he’s a great alpha male who has to tame a shrew. His best movie! Yum!!!

  7. Emily Allen says:

    I have to say I’m not up on all things cowboys, but it sounds like I need to learn. I will say I love Jon Wayne in McClintock!

  8. Josie Matthews says:

    Welcome Jodi! Cowboys…soooo sexy. I think its the voice and the fact that they are so physical. Not a fan of fancy suit-wearin’, sports car-drivin sissy boys. Love a rough and tumble workin’ man. Sadly…New York is slim on cowboys as well…except for, of course, the naked cowboy in Times Square, but, shhhhhh, (looks around for spys…) I dont think he’s a real cowboy….he wears tighty whiteys!!!
    Went to Texas once in my life and LOVED it….didnt want to come home! Bought kick-ass boots and a cowgirl hat complete with feathers and came home expecting to start a trend….Sadly, no one wanted to play with me. But I still have an awesome collection of western boots. They are my sick obsession!
    Fav Cowboy? I CAN”T TAKE THE PRESSURE!!! I CANT THINK OF ANYONE! (melt down…) Maybe V needs to post some inspirational photos for me? (she is soooo good at research)
    Thanks for being with us…you are ADORABLE!!! Cant wait to read your work!

    • Hi Josie! And thanks for having me on. I saw the naked cowboy in Times Square…he was a hoot! My trip to NY was AMAZING…and it cracked me up how much New Yorkers wanted to hear my mother and me talk. It must be the drawl.

      You can’t go wrong with a pair of kick-ass boots-I own two pair. I’m all in for some inspirational pic swapping. Have a great day!


  1. […] chickadee, Jodi Linton, already guest-blogged about cowboys back in December (you can read her post here!), but I wanted to add to her fabulous insight and infinite wisdom.  Because you know what they […]

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