My, That’s a Pretty Papaya in Your Pants

Okay everyone, it’s time to get down and REAL. A few posts ago, I may have *ahem* initiated a discussion about unrealistic expectations concerning a certain male organ we Chicks dubbed the “banana”. But now, ladies, it’s our turn.

Yep, we’re talking papayas.papaya



Okay, since we’re all big girls (and boys) here, let’s use its real name. Vulva. I have to admit I was hugely inspired to write this post after watching a video a friend of mine posted on Facebook. Yep, folks, I am actually trying to use social media!!! Whoo! *pats self on back*.

The story behind this video is a British artist Jamie McCartney, who set out to tackle a very real social issue… Which is:

Women don’t know what we *really* look like down there.

I really recommend every woman (and man!) to watch this. At first, I expected it to be a female artist. And yep, prude that I am, I was a little shocked a man had done this. But then I listened to his reasoning, and oh man, I loved it. Here is a guy, telling us ladies that we are all beautiful. Now, I think that makes it even more powerful. Don’t you?

Okay, back from the video. It was great, right? Gents? Seriously, you can turn off the video now… And never let it be said that we only play Chick stuff in the Hen House 😉

My favorite quote is: “It’s not vulgar, it’s vulva!” LOL. So let’s talk about the issue, which is: We’re uncertain what we’re supposed to look like. And as a consequence, many women are seeking “cosmetic labial surgery”, or “labiaplasty procedure”. What the heck is that, you ask? Well, it’s plastic surgery to alter the appearance of the labia minora and labia majoraVulva—which are the folds of skin surrounding the vulva (the outside of our lady bits).

Why would a woman seek surgery down there? Well, there are medical reasons, such as discomfort after childbirth. Tell me about it! (Kegels, ladies. They’re a lifesaver!). According to one study, 32% of women undergo surgery to correct a functional impairment, 31% for function AND aesthetics, but a whopping 37% go under the knife for aesthetics alone.


Which bring me back to the Great Wall of Vagina. Part of what Mr. McCartney wanted to address was the fact that so many women are seeking surgery because they don’t think they look “normal”. But the truth is, that IS normal.

Take, for example, Josie’s experiences with waxing. What was it your waxologist called us ladies? Some of us are coin-purses, flowers, or, um, flounders? And yep, we are all beautiful. So why can’t we see that?

Think of it this way. Women are cutting off parts of their genitals to “conform” to what they think is a societal standard. Whoa, right? I mean, where did we get this idea of a “perfect” vulva from? Pornography is certainly one culprit. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s toss a dart at textbooks. Pictures like the diagram above make it seem like we’re supposed to be totally symmetrical and “even”. Yeah right. Compare that to the Great Wall of Vagina, and you’ll see that it’s simply not true.

For the record, I’m not against doing what you want with your body, but the point here is that we need to make an informed choice. Women shouldn’t be messing around with a scalpel down there (and cutting off precious pleasure-nerve endings) just because they’ve been told they aren’t beautiful. Really look at that wall. We come in all shapes and sizes. We aren’t made from cookie cutters or molds like these 😉

VaginaCandyMoldTo take it from the male perspective, if you’re bare enough to be showing off your lady parts… Well, you’re naked. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and just to clarify, the title of this post ranks amongst the Worst Pickup Lines Ever. Use at your own risk!

After watching the Great Wall of Vagina video once, or twice, or six times, what’s your take? Psst. Guys, feel free to chime in here too!

Did you realize women come in such different packages? How do you feel about surgery to alter a woman’s down there appearance?  If you could send one message to the young women of today about their bodies, what would you say?



  1. Great post! I think the brit accent really classes the video up. I’ll lay two to one odds the “flag” sculpture is lovely Jamie’s banana tip! Takers?

  2. Hmmm, did he do each one of those molds himself, or send the ladies home with a kit? Ha! I must admit I cringed when I saw the one with all the piercings. Ouch. Interesting to see how different they all are. I would never have thought that. Very informative posts.

    • I believe he did them himself! Four hundred over five years, I think. Wonder how he convinced the first few to come and “model” for him, eh? 🙂

      And yes! Who knew we were all so different. Amazing.

  3. I love your post, thanks so much for addressing this issue! ❤

    • Thanks, Vine Vampire! I hope it helps shed some light 🙂

      • Absolutely! I love the idea behind the project, it touched me how deeply the artist cares about bedy image issues. I hope we´ll get to see something similar done with male genitalia, after all there is more than one shape and size, and maybe even intersex genitalia, that woul be very informative I think, and brek a huge taboo ❤

        • Yes! In fact, above we were discussing the American flag sculpture he made (seen toward the end of the video). I’m sure he’s made plenty of others since, too. It would certainly be informative, and I like your idea of intersex genitalia.

          Taken from his website, this is a description of what you can find on McCartney’s Wall of Vagina: “The age range of the women is from 18 to 76. Included are mothers and daughters, identical twins, transgendered men and women as well as a woman pre and post natal and another one pre and post labiaplasty.”

        • Josie Matthews says:

          The demographics are so intersting! I did notice a few papayas that could be mistaken for male genitalia in his display! That directly coincides with my research that the clitoris and the penis at conception are the same organ!!!! Then based on hormone ratios they develop into male or female genitalia! So amazing…

  4. Great post! As if women don’t have enough to be self conscious about without adding our vaginas into the mix!

  5. Great post, Rachael! Not only informative, but quite interesting, indeed. By the way, if there’s a field trip to be had, I’ll be the first one on the bus. I *may* have a thing for guys with accents. 😉

  6. In the sculptor’s own words, it’s “a visual spectacular” about “what real women look like.” LOVED your post, Rachael. Thanks for tackling a tough subject that way too many people are afraid to talk about. My new mantra – Papayas are pretty!

  7. Aw, thanks Jo! *chants with you* Papayas are pretty! 🙂

  8. Josie Matthews says:

    God! I loved this post!!! I was mesmerized by all the different vajajays!!! An Im a NURSE!!! I guess I never saw them all together like that. We are all SO different. I really want to check that out in person. ROAD TRIP! After my next brazillian (havent had one since the first…too lazy to sit there for an hour) Im thinking of sculptin’ myself..maybe Ill use buttercream icing…yeah…Mr. M. would like that!
    Papaya Perfection in all shapes and sizes!
    (pssssst…..Im a flounder! snort!)

    • Thanks Josie! Isn’t it neat? I loved that there were 400 and not a single one looked the same. Hey, we’re just like snowflakes! LOL

      Buttercream icing? Hmmm, have you heard of sugaring?

  9. Love this man! I for one don’t want to look like every other woman, I mean what if your hubby saw his ex while looking at your parts? No, no, no. I want him concentrating on me, me, me 😉 Great post!

  10. Very, very interesting, Rachael – I love how you’re helping spread the word that we’re all different and there’s no “right” or “normal” vulva. Like someone said earlier, there’s enough to make us self-conscious that we shouldn’t have to be thinking that we’re not good enough looking down there.

    On the same note, did you hear about vaginal bleaching? There was even a commercial for it in India. I don’t know if they still have it live, but here’s the link to the youtube video.

    We live in interesting times. My hope is that we can preserve women’s choice to alter their bodies if they want but *not* because they feel inferior or they’re unacceptable “as is.” Thanks for shedding light on a topic that stays in the dark all too often. 🙂

    • Wow, Misty! I wonder what they put in that? Not sure about combining the words “vagina” and “bleaching”, but hey, if that’s your thing, go for it! And yep, it’s all about an *informed* choice 🙂 Go girl power!

  11. As a happily married man and a flaming heterosexual let me just say that I am very grateful that my wife still does her Kegel exercise every day! They make both of us very happy!


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