Romance Sports Cover Contest

Hi all, it’s time for our another Book Cover Contest! And we’ve decided to nominate romance books with a sports theme.

Why sports covers? Perhaps we picked sports covers because the Super Bowl is this weekend or maybe it’s because the Olympics start in a few days. Or maybe it was simply because the Chicks have a thing for perusing covers with hard biceps and firm glutes. Yep, I think it might be that one!

Whatever the reasons, we think we have picked six great covers. So we’d love everyone to vote for their favorite! All the covers are winners in our opinion, but the one that receives the most votes will be announced Monday, February 3rd and crowned our Sports Cover Contest winner!

We have a winner!!! Please click here to see which fantastic cover won.



  1. Oh these are yummy! I love cover contests!! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I need to get my *hands* on several of these. Love it! S

  3. It looks like the Chicks have a thing for bare skin and red shoes.

  4. Where the hell was the “all of the above” option?! LOL

    I appreciate the sacrifices the chicks make to bring us the latest, greatest and most riveting information on a regular basis. It is a public service I depend on to ensure my laughter quota each week.

    I’ll be talking about breaking up with friends on my blog tomorrow and would love to hear y’all’s thoughts, ladies. (

  5. It’s really hard to choose just one!

  6. I love all of them!

  7. A me non me ne piace nessuna in particolare perché ritengo assurdo che ci siano i corpi seminudi ma non i volti , che assurdità!! Quindi quella meno peggio è quella della Anderson . Milena

  8. Love these “sports” covers! YUM

  9. Men and shoes…what else does a girl need? 😉

  10. Polls closed. Thanks to everyone who voted!

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