Naughty Bedroom Games to Heat up the Cold Winter Nights

Baby, it’s cold outside. Well, at least it is here in the Northeast. I’ve been going to bed with socks on. Yeah, I know hubby doesn’t think it’s sexy either. So what can a woman do to crank up her libido during the cold winter months? If you’re like me, first ditch those socks, then try some fun and flirty games to warm-up not only your toes but your sweetheart.

Naked Twister
Yep, pull out the kid’s old twister game. Strip down naked and spin the wheel. Wherever you land, and whatever body parts get tangled, it’s great fun.

Sexy Dice
You can buy specially marked dice for this game, or you can make up your own. Simply write a list numbered 2-12, then give each number an act, position, or even a location. Sitting down with your partner to make up this list can be great foreplay for the mind. Then roll the dice and enjoy.

Paper notes with wishes on table on wooden background

Grab Jar

Take an empty glass jar and fill it with a bunch of new sex positions. Then each night when you’re feeling adventurous and tired of the missionary position or whatever position you always fall back on, pick a slip of paper out of the jar. If you’re more of a visual person, you can always print out some pictures from the web.  *wink*

 Strip Poker

One of my favorites. Why? Because I wear a lot more layers of clothing than my hubby. So, I love the odds. If you want to make it a bit sexier put on some lingerie—a G-string, a lacy bra, and a garter belt with sheer stockings, and surprise you partner with each layer you remove. You can play this one right in bed after you tuck the kiddies in. If you want to UP the ante, let the winner choose what they’d like to do after the cards are put away.

woman holding playing cards

Location, Location, Location

Yep, we hear realtors natter on about this all the time. How important location is. Yet, most sex acts take place in the bedroom. So why not be adventurous and mix it up. The shower, the tub, under the dining room table, back seat of the car. Who gets to decide? Get the Monopoly Game out and make each set of properties a different location. The first set collected is your location.

Blind Man in the Buff Big pink feather on white background
This is a twist on the old parlor game Blind Man’s Bluff, except you don’t play it with a room full of people. Well, you could if you are into that kind of thing. Get naked, blindfold your partner, then try to touch any part of his or her body with a feather. If you don’t dash away quick enough and your partner catches you, he or she wins and you have to do the act of his or her choosing.

So, is it cold in your neck of the woods? Have these ideas sparked your libido to crank up the heat? I hope so. And if you have a game you want to add to the list, I’d love you to post it. Have fun and stay warm!



  1. Socks in bed–I’m so guilty of this! But honestly, hubby, if you want them to come off, then turn on the heat, or find another way to warm me up 😉

    Fun games, Renee! Never played strip poker, because I don’t know how to play poker, and somehow I think it just wouldn’t work as well with Go Fish. LOL But it would be fun to try!

    We don’t have a grab jar (great idea, by the way) but we do have a stack of cards with pictures of different positions on them. Want to tease your man? Pick one you’d like to try that night and stick it in his lunch box. Or somewhere else no one at work will spot them. LOL. Guaranteed he won’t be thinking about anything else all day!

  2. Those are awesome, Renee! You could also get artistic, the finger paint art that is framed on my wall–wasn’t from fingers, and they certainly weren’t done by any kids. People love my ‘kids’ art, and its a great secret between my hubby and me. Get creative people–even if it’s not cold outside! (Now I’ll have to take down my art if you ever come to visit!)

  3. definite socks in bed here 🙂 S

  4. Yay, Renee!! I love all the very hot, creative ideas! We normally have a weekly family game night with the kiddos, where we let them take turns picking the game. I’m thinking hubby and I should choose our own night and do the same.

  5. love strip poker

  6. Well, hell, I love this, Renee and it totally reminded me that I purchased a set of cards a couple of months ago… Now…where did I put those?! LOL. Having children in the house definitely makes things more challenging. Thanks for the reminder…and like Rachael, I may have to learn how to play poker… 😉

  7. Renee Ann, you are extremely creative! Thanks for the post!!

  8. Wearing socks to bed: probably a better form of birth control than the Pill!

  9. Josie Matthews says:

    Renee!! Great ideas…you naughty little gal! Ive def been in a slump lately with these winter du
    ldrums…woe is is me…Looks like Ill have to learn to play POKER!!! We do have a really cool picture Kama Sutra book but Ill tell you…my bod aint gettin in some of THOSE positions!
    Love you girl! J

  10. Oh, tell me ain’t so, Josie. Another Chick who doesn’t know how to play poker. Instructions on the way. Yep, I also know what you mean about being limber. But sometimes just trying them out, even if you don’t succeed, can be fun! Hugs!

  11. Emily Allen says:

    Oh Renee…. Thank you for giving me some great idea’s and a great laugh. Know I just need to find me a man to try all these things with. 😉

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