All Feed Back Is Welcomed

Yep, this Texas Chick is back!

It has been awhile since I last stomped my boots all over Chick Swagger, and I’ve gotta say I missed y’all. Well, first off a little shameless shout-out for myself. A selfie with words, if you will. I’m finally a published author (and the screaming ensues). If only, right? But seriously, I really am published and I couldn’t be happier with the oohs and awes and gasps toward my debut release. I mean, I was even lucky enough to get the “Omigod she didn’t” reaction. Simply priceless.

But releasing my first book, amidst all the excitement, also had some unexpected moments as well. There was the initial exhilaration of seeing my baby moving up the charts, which meant people were buying the book. Oh praise heaven! People are buying my book! But then the realization hit home that they are going to read my book. Then afterwards, holy hell, the reviews are going to start to trickle in. And then the heart palpitations began to set in from the waiting for, the anticipating and dreading of that one single review that was inevitably going to come and literally send me to the most dreaded place an author can fathom. That’s right. I’m referring to the bottom of the Amazon rankings. The place where books go to die.

Most of the time reviews can be the bread and butter of a writer’s life. I’ll be honest here and say there is nothing better than reading about how a complete stranger fell head-over-heels in love with my book. But what to do when that not so flattering review comes in? There are a few options at hand for an author to consider:

1)You can kick and scream so much that your husband has to hustle the kids out of the house for an impromptu “Mommy Hour.”

2) You can ball your eyes out on the couch until you’ve surrounded yourself with a sizable accumulation of soggy tissues and fun-size Snickers wrappers.

3) You can drown your sorrows in a beer or two, or three, or four…..

4) You can do a combination of choices 1-3.

And then….. 5) You bitch slap that nagging little thought in the back of your mind telling you that you aren’t a good writer straight to the curb and go on about your day.

Most the time I go with number 5. I’ve never been the type of girl that likes to waste a good beer.


When life throws you a lemon how do you shuck it up and press on?


Well… I say kiss a chick, and then write the next bestseller.




Until next time, adios you lovely Chicks!



  1. Books are subjective. What one person loves isn’t always the next person’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t make you or any other author a bad writer. It just means that the person who gave the poor review didn’t connect with your book in the way you hoped a reader would. It happens all the time…even to bestselling authors. It’s a humbling experience, I’m sure. But don’t let one person’s opinion ever make you think you aren’t a terrific writer. Because I’ve read your book and loved it! Can’t wait for the next one in the series!

  2. Oh yes, kiss that chick! Great post and great book! If anyone is interested! I’ll post Jodi’s link –>

  3. So true, Jodi! Subjectivity is the key word here, and rejection/bad reviews are part of being any kind of artist. I think it’s important to try to detach yourself from your emotions (hard, I know!) and see if there is any merit in why they didn’t like it. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but every ounce of feedback can be used to help make us that much better 🙂

    I’ll be looking for your name on those bestseller lists! 🙂

  4. Yay, Jodi, welcome to Chick Swagger and mega congratulations on your debut! I’m reading right now and I’m LOVIN IT!

    When life throws me lemons, I try to keep my eyes on my blessings and draw comfort from that. I also try to get more rest and spend quality time with my loved ones. 🙂

    Super happy you’re here with us, girlfriend! xo

  5. Josie Matthews says:

    Jodi! I’m a big Wuss when it comes to conflict and rejection….childhood thing I suppose…,First I stomp my feet and get all panicy, then I eat my blues away or have a good stiff drink, then I get a good nights sleep. After that I usually step into what most people call reality and realize it aint worth it to sweat the small stuff. Writing is SOOOO personal. And there are so many different ‘personals’ out there that we couldn’t all possible love the same stuff…I find I really dont care for alot of the BIG names out there. Just not my style but that doesnt mean they arent mega-talented….
    So have a drink and focus on the author YOU want to be!
    Yay for first posts!!!

  6. Y’all rock! Thanks for letting me join the Chicks. I’m packing and cleaning up Play-doh, so I just wanted to tell y’all that I’m so happy to be here and I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for all of us. 🙂

  7. Welcome bawk, bawk, baawwk to Chick Swagger, Jodi! Loved Pretty Reckless and Laney is a kick-ass leading lady 😉
    In Missouri, if a particularly bad case was bothering me, I’d come home from work and my hubby and I would put one our running shoes and run around the lake. So I literally ran away from my problems all the time. 😉 After retirement a back injury stopped all that running away and I was lost for a while. Now I carve, paint, turn wood on my lathe or get on the elliptical (pretty damn boring staying in one spot) or write a bad guy scene. Seriously bad moods create great bad guys 🙂

  8. Welcome, Jodi!

  9. Jodi, first let me say welcome to Chick Swagger! I like your list of options to consider when feeling out of sorts over a not-so-favorable review. Especially, the fun-sized snickers. I’d probably throw in some pastries for good measure. As so many have said taste is subjective.You can’t please everyone. And though it’s easy to say let it go and move on, it’s not always so easy to do. Just remember all the other great reviews you’ve received.

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