My Inner Femme Fatale: Susannah Scott

LaFemmeNikita-MEA I seem to have a femme fatale fetish. I know exactly where it started: La Femme Nikita, the uber *high-tech* USA production from the 90s about the street urchin turned secret operative. My husband was banned from watching it with me, because he would zealfully point out all the recycled action sequences.

What EV-s, when your that bad ass you don’t have to fight fresh scenes every time. Can I get a hell yeah! I loved that show. And I just knew from the first episode that Nikita’s not so nice handler, Michael, was going to be her one and only love–after she kicked his butt around the spy block a bit. And so it was.

I have to tell you, my fixation with femme fatales it’s damn ironic, because I’m a totally pansy in real life.  I can’t even watch horror movie commercial trailers. I hide behind the cushions until they’re over. That “Mama” one they have going now is the worst! And the Hobbit was ruined for me after the spiders in the forest. OMG. Just awful.

*Shudder* back to my I’ll-squash-you-bug-with-my-stiletto-boots-that-I-can-run-a-6-minute-mile-in heroines.

I write about strong gutsy heroines too. They wouldn’t walk into a zombie infested house–cause they’re not dumb–but if granny was in there getting ready to be eaten. Watch out, here they’d come to save the day. I bet I’m not the only writer out there who lives Walter Mitty-ish through their charming, daring, and fabulously interesting characters. [LOL link to the Dos Equis most interesting guy 🙂 ]

I recently discovered two AMAZING new femme fatale shows.

The first is HUNTED, with Elizabeth George. high_res-hunted_storeIt ran for one season, but it is awesome and has the best ending. *No Spoilers if you’ve seen it!* And no femme is complete without her equally tough and misunderstood hero. Elizabeth has hers, and he is juicylicious. There  he is on the right –>

The other, is ORPHAN BLACK. OMG.

Even if you don’t like la femme flicks, the story and acting in this one is amazing. Tatiana Maslany won a golden globe and critics choice and several other awards for this show–and she deserves it. I don’t want to give too much away but, there is a mystery and suspense and but-kicking and ROMANCE. Here she is with her main guy. Orphan-Black-Sarah-Paul460x249So, your turn, are you the daring brave type or the hide behind the cushions type? How about great femme fatale shows, can you recommend some for me now that I am done with these? PLEASE!

All my best, Susannah Scott

PS> My 2nd hot dragonshifter book comes out on 4-28. I will be gifting a copy of STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND to one lucky commenter on this post! You can add it to your Goodreads TBR stack already!



  1. I remember “La Femme Nikita,” but not the others.

  2. I totally loved ‘Dark Angel’. I think it may have had 2, 3 seasons at most. I loved young and up coming Jessica Alba. The first season was the best!

  3. Susan P says:

    LOL this post is awesome. My hubby likes to point out duplicated action scenes too. I swear, just let me enjoy the show!! We both adored Dark Angel also, as Ann mentioned above. Jessica Alba was great in it. Plus Michael Weatherly as a young’un. 😉

  4. Josie Matthews says:

    First off….OMG —> Stop ‘Dragon’ My Heart Around??? I LOVE it!!
    Okay…back to our regularly scheduled program…Never saw any of these little diddies but I definitely will check them out! I too love a stong woman(cause Im a complete self-concious wuss!)…and they don’t ALWAYS have to be strong! I’m not a sadist for God’s sake! It’s even more wonderful when they are down…like waaaaay down, and that wonderful somethin’-somethin’ happens….they raise their sad/defeated gaze…and that amazing inner spark ignights, (you know the one….the estrogen filled ‘I may look pretty but when you mess with what I love, consider your favorite body parts a thing of the past’ spark)…Then she proceeds to eloquently kick some ever-lovin’ ass against all odds. Ahhhhhh….my fav…..
    Good Femme Fatale shows? I just caught one real interesting one…Killer Women on cable…a female Texas Ranger in a predominantly male world doing her awesome thing. She’s tough, yet vulnerable, hard…yet soft. She’s pretty cool and surprisingly real.
    Im also totally girl-crushing on Logertha on the History Channel Vikings…she is amazing. She just (spoiler alert) stabbed her physically abusive asshole hubby in he eye with a butter knife when he tried to strip her in front of the whole clan. This is after she packed up and left the first hubby (without even telling him) the morning after he introduced her to his newest baby-momma and pleasantly suggested they should all just live as one big happy family……uhhhhh…yeah right. She is aaaammmaaaaazing…..Cant wait to see how her character grows…I wanna be her when I grow up! Go Loggy!!! (Misty loves her too!!!!)
    Great post Susannah!!!

    • Oh, Gods, yes, how could have I forgotten Logertha?!? Yes, I’m crushing on her pretty hard too! I hope Ragnar woos her all over again…and she drags his heart through the mud a little before she *maybe* takes him back to her bed. LOL

    • You know, we tried the 1st season, not so much. So glad to hear the 2nd is better. Will give it a try, xo to you fellow chick-a! S

  5. Ooo, fun post! I absolutely LOVE Liz Keen as an FBI Profiler on NBC’s The Blacklist. Great, great show, though I think it’s probably more meaningful if you’ve watched from the beginning so you can get all the nuances of the interactions between the characters, particularly between Liz and Red.

    Another awesome show with a great female lead who kicks ass is Castle. The repartee and chemistry between Detective Kate Beckett and famous mystery writer Richard Castle is FAB!

    I can’t believe I’ve never watched an episode of LFN, but now I want to! Is it on Netflix? 🙂

    • LOVE Liz and Red — you are right she is a femme. I don’t tend to think of her that way. it really pissed me off when her loser hub knocked her out. A**hole. He’s gonna get his! Love Castle too, great rec! xo ,S

      • Josie Matthews says:

        Red is my fav…Liz sometimes gets a little whiney…’job? or hubby? job? or hubby?’ Tom REEEEALLLY ticks me off … as teacher-Tom he’s a huge wuss…cant stand him…Im hoping he might redeem himself as a useful bad guy!!!

  6. Great post, Susannah! I admit that most of these are new to me, but I do love a kick ass heroine 🙂 I haven’t followed the tv side yet (thank goodness for PVRs!) but I read the first book in the Bitten series and the show looks awesome 🙂

    Congrats on your next release, Susannah! In the middle of Luck of the Dragon right now and loving it!

    • Oh so glad you are enjoying LotD, thank you for telling me ! the next story out is Tee and Leo, my Street team got early copies and they are loving it! Tee is Native American, my pub team is really having a hard time getting a model for the cover, so right now it has none. Hugs to you, fellow chick, xo S

  7. OMG, love Femm Fatales! But I can not believe ALIAS with Jennifer Gardner isn’t at the top of everyone’s list! I was devastated when Jen decided to do movies. Noooo! Plus Bradley Cooper visited my living room every Sunday, how could you not love that? Please Jen come back to us as a kick-ass Femm Fatale!
    I watched the first episode of Vikings and was turned off, there was no chemistry between the characters, they were just animals. I was so disappointed. When the second season started, I gave it another try. OMG the writing is so much better. You can actually love the characters and Rollo (Clive Standen) who is absolutely gorgeous, has finally seen the light! (Please stay a good guy Rollo) Lagertha kicks ass and I love to watch her battle. She took on three large men last week, she lost badly, but she made sure they went away feeling the pain.
    I’m not a Femm Fatale, but I’ll be in the fight all the way baby. 😉 There actually is inexplicable weird bonding after winning a brawl, unfortunately cops can’t raise their weapons in a victorious cheer, fist bump, chest bump or even smile. Kinda takes away from the moment.

    Don’t ever doubt your estrogen, Susannah. It always kicks in when you really need it. 🙂

  8. Great post! I have to admit out of those mentioned, I’ve only seen The Blacklist. Hopefully some of these shows are on Netflix and I’ll get my femme fatale on. Congrats on the upcoming release!

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