An Unscientific Procrastination Test

I just filed my income taxes yesterday. Yes, I’m one of those filers that waits until the eleventh hour. Though this year I had an excuse. Really! I spent the first week of April sick as a dog with the flu from hell. But if I’m being honest, I’ll admit it wouldn’t have made a difference even if I hadn’t been sick. I’m a hopeless procrastinator. It’s my modus operandi. It’s me. *Stands up and announces it to the other patrons at Starbucks.* There, I’ve said it. Admitted it to strangers no less.irs clock

The dictionary defines a procrastinator as one who puts off till another day or time, defers; delays.

Before completing my taxes yesterday, I contemplated reading a book, watching Mad Men, and filing an extension. It doesn’t make sense, especially since I’m getting a refund. So why did I put it off? Is it the rush I get for squeaking in just before the clock strikes midnight? Perhaps. Maybe it’s a defective genapril-15e. A self-taught trait. They’ve actually done tests to determine the cause of procrastination. I won’t read them. I really don’t want to delve too deep into my psyche.

So are you a procrastinator like me? Here are 9 statements that will help you determine if you are the dreaded P word. Give yourself one point for every statement that reflects you. If you score over 50% there is a good probability you are a procrastinator. And if you decide not to take the test today and put if off until tomorrow, score yourself a perfect 9 and seek help.

1.) You make your New Year’s resolution in June.
2.) You always file your taxes on April 15.
3.) You orgasm a half hour after your partner.
4.) You arrive at surprise parties after the guest of honor.
5.) You finally decided on the perfect birth control after your third child was born.
6.) In college you finished your term papers a half hour before class, sometimes in class.
7.) You get a sense of euphoria when you race against the clock.
8.) You always bring your car for inspection on the last day of the month even though you know the lines will be a bitch.
9.) You always go Christmas shopping on Dec. 24 even though you swear each year you’ll never do it again.

So how did you do? Are you a procrastinator like me or are you like my husband who breaks out in hives if things are left waiting to the last minute? Can you think of any other circumstances that would label you a procrastinator? And if you’re wondering when I completed this post, I’ll have to plead the fifth.





  1. I’m not a perfect procrastinator, but I’ve raised one–my son drives me crazy with his last minute gotta-have, gotta-do way of life. I guess it might be partially my fault, I take on too many projects at once and have my hand in all of them at the same time so what may look like procrastination to another, is juggling too much shit at once 😉

    • Ugh! My son is the same way. And though it drives me up a wall that he is that way, I still can’t change my own behavior. Genetics? It’s a possibility. Too bad he didn’t get his father’s “I got to do it right now” mentality.

  2. Great post, Renee! I definitely fall into the other end of the spectrum, as just reading your quiz gave me anxiety. LOL I have to have things done early–not “on time” but EARLY (can you say, control freak?)–and seriously contemplate divorce anytime my husband makes me late. LOL

    Sorry to hear you were so sick. Hope you feel better *hugs* 🙂

  3. When I met my hubby, he was baffled by my behavior and I was baffled by his need to complete everything right away. Now I’m envious. Sorry my test gave you anxiety! Ha! Guess when we finally get around to a road trip, you’ll abandon me at the airport because my lax attitude is slowing us down. LOL.

    • *guilty* LOL I tend to be um, competitive? when it comes to leaving an airport… Hubby and I even used to make bets on whose luggage would come out first. LOL

      But yeah, we can definitely catch up when I return to the airport after our road trip and you’re still there… 😉

  4. Well, I am not a procrastinator according to this test, but I am in certain areas!!! However, I used to do taxes for a living and I refuse to be like so many of my clients and leave it until last minute!!! Not because of anything other than I used to have to BMA to get last minute ones out and they stressed me to the max. Me+stress=Ugly!!!

    • Hi Tessy, thanks for stopping by. I used to do income tax returns as well. Though when dealing with other peoples returns, I was pretty good. Mine was still the last one I filed. One year I’ll shock myself and do it the first week of April. Baby steps.

  5. Hi Renee Anne,
    I am not a true procrastinator, but I find myself paralyzed at times by perfectionism which makes me put off tasks I’m not sure I can perform with a high degree of success. Suffice it to say trial and error is not my strong suit. One of my dear friends (you know who you are, KBR) is trying her best to break me of this trait, but it’s deeply ingrained in me. Oddly enough, I’m also a planner, but all the planning falls to the wayside when this perfectionism strikes. But I’m taking deep breaths and moving past it. As you said above, baby steps 🙂

    • Tara, thanks for stopping by. Hmmm, you sound a bit like my husband. He always expects things to turn out perfect. It’s a lot of pressure to put on oneself. I’m glad KBR is helping you with this. And being perfect is really an impossibility. Take a bow over everything you’ve accomplished lately, it’s quite impressive!

  6. I was a procrastinator, but I married someone like your hubby, Renee. An English teacher with a “do it now” attitude AND a to-do checklist. After 47 years of living with this man and listening to him grouse about always waiting for me to do something I should have done long ago, I’ve learned to just do the things he’s expecting me to do fairly quickly , and Then do the things I want to do. That way I look like I’m not procrastinating to him. And I can go off in peace procrastinating about things he doesn’t even know about.

    • Hi Averil,
      It sounds like your husband has been more successful with you than mine. But the true procrastinator is hard to rewire. And on a side note, wow on the 47 years! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Emily Allen says:

    I procrastinator once in a while. If it’s something that’s important to me, I get it done right away, but if not I have to do a ‘To Do List’ 😉

  8. Oh Renne Ann, I hit one of the 9 questions on the list! I hate getting behind but seem to function better under the gun…makes me the perfect example of a messed up Gemini!

    • Hi Jerrie, Hmmm, you’ve got me wondering which one you hit on. Yes, I do think some of us feed on working under pressure. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. This post made me L.O.L!!!! Too funny, Renee! I’m a procrastinator on some things, especially when there are so many fun things to do and get in the middle of on Facebook. 🙂 Other things, I just want to get done immediately. I’m a list-maker, and sometimes I put little stuff on the list just so I can cross it off. A lot of times, I’ll *make* myself do things on the list before I can do something else more fun. Aren’t we all wired so differently? Fabulous post!

    • Misty, Love the idea of having to complete something on a list before doing something else that’s more exciting. I’ll definitely have to try that. Are you proud of me? I wrote my first post on Facebook today. Mind you it was only one sentence, but it’s a start. Talk about procrastination. Ugh!

  10. You should meet my sister…you both could be the same person. Thanks for the post.

  11. I’m not a procrastinator, but I married one. My husband and I are late for everything. I’m the type of person who plans extra time in my schedule to make sure I’m not late. If there is a project that needs to get done, I have it completed three weeks before it’s due. I wish I could say I’ve worn off on my husband, but I haven’t. It drives me crazy!

    • You and my hubby could share stories and commiserate. I’d love to have projects done three weeks ahead, but usually it’s more like three weeks late.Thanks for stopping by!

  12. UmHm. I like to think of it as “prioritizing.” So as you can imagine, I read those nodding 🙂
    Fun post. Tweeted

  13. I scored a 6 on the quiz and would’ve scored a 7 if you’d included “You wait until day 30 of the 30-day grace period after your license expires to renew it.” I’m a procrastinator, I’m raising two procrastinators much to my irritation–how’s that for hypocrisy? And I married a procrastinator…although I think I was seriously hoodwinked and bamboozled with that because he should’ve told me! Isn’t that something you admit? I mean, it’s right up there with “I hide bodies in my basement” and “I smack my food when I eat”. Just things you should know before you say, I do. Every time I’m rushing to meet a deadline or rushing from the house to get to church on time (hit ‘n miss, hit ‘n miss), I tell myself I’m going to do better. But I guess I’ve put that off too… 😀

    • Naima, Love the idea of a warning label. Total disclosure. Too funny. I dated my hubby for over three years so he knew he was getting a procrastinator. Thanks for joining in on the conversation!

  14. When I first started reading this post, I immediately pegged myself as a non-procrastinator. (Don’t even get me started about the WWF smack down I almost gave my accountant last year for filing our EXTENSION at the eleventh hour. I had my coat on and my purse on my shoulder, keys in hand to drive to Kid #1’s band concert, and she had me on the phone/computer filing our taxes. I almost had an aneurysm and I’m not even joking.) However, I must admit I do love to race against the clock…as long as it’s my race and my clock. LOL And I procrastinate terribly on vacuuming. I could usually stuff a B-I-G pillow with the dust bunnies by the time I work up the energy to do that chore. But really, does housework count here? Tell me it doesn’t count. Pretty please?

    • No, we absolutely cannot count housework. My dust bunnies look like they are on steroids by the time I wrestle them. Lets not even talk about cleaning the bathroom. Yikes! Definitely something I put off doing.

  15. Hilarious!!! I’m pleading the fifth on my score, but suffice it to say…I’m guilty!! Loved the post!

  16. Ah, Renee! Your list made me chuckle! Funny stuff!

    I am normally a punctual, not-put-it-off-til-later kind of gal. But as I get older (and busier), I’m finding myself procrastinating on most things. But now that I’ve pointed it out to myself, I’m going to have to try harder not to procrastinate. I’ll add that to my New Year’s Resolutions in June. 😉

  17. I let the accountant prepare our taxes. The forms are way too complicated anymore for me to do.
    I go in cycles where I get ahead and then wait until the last minute. I’d rather be ahead but a looming deadline makes for greater creativity. Go figure.

    • Goodness, I don’t know what I’d do without Turbo tax. Probably file an extension. Glad you find creativity when under pressure. I don’t think you’re alone. Thanks for stopping by!

  18. I’m not a procrastinator….I like to do things when I want to do them. If I don’t want to do the laundry for the week because I’m doing things I want to do. I haven’t put off doing the laundry, I’ve made a choice and the laundry lost….poor smelly things. I’ve noticed this trait in my son. Going to the gym? He’s never late. Taking out the trash? “I’ll do it then.” I don’t like to be told what to do and when…I chose…and my choices don’t always give with everyone else’s. And guess what? It sucks to be them. LOL Great post!

  19. Hi V, I’m all for putting off doing the laundry. And I definitely would rather call it a conscious decision than procrastination. It sounds so much better. I like the way you think. Thanks for joining in on the conversation.

  20. Josie Matthews says:

    Im with V on this…Im a slave to my emotions…If the mood strikes me? Ill get it done. If not, it may NEVER get done. Im also a commitment-phobe. Emotion driven as well. I never force an action. I wait till the idea/mood/motivation strikes then Im all over it. HEy! Maybe this is why its taken me 5 years to write a book?

  21. Josie, Yep, I understand that as well. Sometimes I tackle projects and when they are nearly complete I lose interest and move on to something else. Now go finish writing that book!

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