Heroes? Down and Dirty or with Class

Hello from the Lone Star state. I gotta first thank the ladies here at Chickswagger for taken this hen in as a member! I already feel right at home, so ‘scuse me while I kick off my shoes and get comfortable. And trust me when I say I’m ready to relax.

A book release is exciting, fun, hard work, and the most stressful thing this writer goes through. I’m thrilled that the Lost and Found, In. series has been well received. I write for my readers and them alone. Why? I’ll admit it…I wallow in praise. Let me open an email from a reader who’s read one of my books and loved it enough to email me and I glow like newlyweds after a round of hot sweaty sex!

Now don’t get me wrong. It won’t ever replace the orgasm, but it gets close. Seriously, a letter telling me the reader can’t wait for the next book is rewarding as hell. But for me, it adds a heavy dose of pressure. I would hate to disappoint or let one of my readers down.


But enough about that! How do you like your hero? Truth be told, I like them gritty with a dash of class. Lethal combo to me! The perfect example (my husband) is in the room, so I’ll whisper. In my bio, I call him my John Wayne. Sisters, believe me when I tell you, I’m not exaggerating one bit. He still opens my car door, walks on the outside when we’re on a sidewalk, and speaks very little. (Although, I did have a boss tell me that Jim and I had been married so long he’d probably forgotten how to talk) But don’t ask him a question if you don’t want the answer.

When I start a book, I have to know my hero. Right down to finding a picture of him. For No Chance in Hell, I had two men in mind and couldn’t decide. So I let my Facebook readers pick. They chose Karl Urban, and I think he’s the perfect Marcus Ricci.


I also like my hero to have a little class under that gruff exterior. Let me tell you why this Texan cheers for the Broncos.

Meet Payton Manning, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. His prowess on the football field is well known, but for me, the class he demonstrates when he’s not playing makes him a hero.

Last year, Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens dealt Manning and the Broncos a devastating loss. After the game, Manning went to the Ravens locker room. You see, Lewis was retiring and Manning wanted to say well done. But it was after Lewis had showered, changed into his suit, and finished with the press conference, that he learned Manning and his family were waiting for him.

Manning lost that game, but he stayed long after his teammates had left. Why? To shake Ray Lewis’s hand and wish him the best.  

I want my hero’s to have that kind of classy confidence. How about you? What qualities do you look for in your hero?





  1. Hi Jerrie,

    First off, welcome to the hen house. So pleased you’ve joined us. I love the story about Peyton Manning. I’m not a Broncos fan, but ever since he joined the team I’ve cheered them on because of him. He definitely has class. Also, I love a comeback story and after his surgery I was rooting for him. Can you tell I’m a football fan? As far as heroes go, I like them a bit rough around the edges. Men that wear jeans and work boots, but can wear an Armani suit just as well.

    And your cover is yummy!

  2. Renee! Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me to the hen house. This has been one of my favorite blogs for a long time, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

  3. YAY, Jerrie! I am so thrilled you’re now one of the Chicks! Congratulations on your new release!! I LOVE your heroes – very alpha and concerned for their women, yet with a softer side (they are often uncomfortable with – at least in the beginning) that falling in love brings out in them. << Did that sentence even make sense?! LOL

    I'm like you and Renee, my favorite hero is a blend of the two. I love that your man is so chivalrous!! I grew up watching my dad be that way with my mom, so when I started dating Mr. D, I thought he didn't care about me when he wouldn't open doors or drop me off at the door when it was windy or cold! Turns out, he just didn't see his dad doing that kind of thing for his mom, so he never learned it! So, I'm on a campaign to train my son. 🙂

    I do have to say, though, that my man is an intriguing and yummy blend of contradictions. I love watching him get all dirty hauling things around at the lake, taking 60 foot docks out by himself, fixing anything that's broken, chopping wood, etc…He's definitely my Grizzly Adams. But come Monday morning, he puts on a shirt and tie and goes to lead his company. And when he gets up before a crowd to speak with confidence, I just sit and smile.

    Great topic, Jerrie, looking forward to more!

  4. I also agree that the cover of No Chance in Hell is smoldering HOT! I can’t wait to read this book! Jerrie is an awesome writer who leaves her readers wanting more.

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      Hadley! Thank you for stopping by. And for the nice words. I’m really pumped that the Chicks asked me to join them. Come back often. There’s no telling what we’ll be talking about.

  5. Hey, Jerrie. Great post.Your FB release day party was something else! I’m still winded. LOL Love your books. You fit in with the chicks really well. Your own, John Wayne is a real sweetie! I go for a hero who is more of an intellectual. He outsmarts the bad buys. He can blow their heads off, but chooses not to. I’ll share this. 🙂

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      Hey, Marsha! Thank you for coming by and celebrating my debut. The Chicks are great fun…be sure and come back to see us.

  6. Whoo Hoo Jerrie! I loved this post and I loved your release party! What a great time! And that COVER!!!! Bow-chicka-wow-wow! Dang, girl, I can’t WAIT to read this one! As for my heroes, I’m a Balpha girl all the way. Give ’em to me like a toasted marshmallow (which is what I call my husband). A little rough, maybe even burnt and somewhat crispy on the outside, but inside they are nothing but sweet, sweet love. Fabulous post, chicka!

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      AJ, thank you!! Misty knows how to host a kick-ass party! Love the description! Sounds like the perfect hero!

  7. HI Jerrie! I’m so glad you’re here! What a great week it’s been for you! Loving your book!
    I love an alpha man through and through but I’m one of those women who stand back and hold the door open for others. Most men will walk on through and it doesn’t phase me. It’s the guys who insist I enter before them who make me smile, especially if he’s eighty plus and walking with a cane. You just gotta love that man.
    I have been a Payton Manning fan for years, because of his class–but I have to say it nearly broke my heart when he went to the Broncos. NOOOOOOO! Disliking the Broncos is so deeply ingrained in me, I think it runs through my blood. I am after all, a die-hard Chiefs fan. I will confess though, this is the first year I have ever supported the Broncos for anything. But once Payton walks out of Mile High, there will be No Chance in Hell I will support them again. (Love that title!)

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      Kym!! I hear you. It broke my heart and my allegiance when they let Manning go. I root for him not the team! I tried to be a Cowboys fan. Used to be! But when Jerry came to town, all my support rode off into the sunset!

      Long story short on the title. I had possible titles for the series on my whiteboard. One day when my family was here, my granddaughter picked up the marker and bam, she named this book.

  8. *Tosses chocolate confetti* Welcome, Jerrie! So excited to have you join the hen house! Judging by your YUMMY cover, you fit right in 😉

    I’m with Renee on heroes. There’s just something so sexy about a man who can step into, and take charge of, every situation 🙂

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      Rachael! Thank you for the warm welcome. Step into, and take charge of, every situation…that so well said!

  9. Welcome Jerrie!

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      Susannah! Thank you. I’m thrilled you ladies opened the door to the hen house and let me inside!

  10. That is one great lookin’ cover!

  11. naimasimone says:

    First, Karl Urban. Yuuuum!! Whether he has short dark hair or long, blond hair (LOTR! Sigh.), I love him! Awesome choice! And what a great example in Petyon Manning. I so agree with you. I love my heroes dark, rough, a little wild in and out of bed, but definitely classy with an inner core of honor. They make the absolute best heroes because they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty, but it’s that honor that keeps them on the side of right. And love for their heroine does, too. Can’t forget that! 🙂 Great post, Jerrie!

  12. Jerrie Alexander says:

    Thank you! I so agree about Karl Urban. He was wonderful as the bad guy in Riddick. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Welcome to Chickswagger, Jerrie! After reading your post, I can see that you’re fitting in just fine. 😉

    As for my choice of book hero, I have to go with the strong domineering type. In fact, the bigger the alpha-hole he is, the more entertained I am. But he does have to have a hidden redeeming quality underneath. Something soft that deflects all that testosterone. But that only applies to books I read. My real life hero is my husband and he is the kindest, sweetest person I’ve ever met. 🙂

    • Jerrie Alexander says:

      Thank you, Alison!! I appreciate the welcome I’ve received. You Chicks are awesome. My husband is the kindest guy around, give you the shirt off his back…as long as you don’t mess with his family. 🙂

  14. Josie Matthews says:

    I’m here!!! I’m here!!! Better late than never! Welcome Jerrie! So happy u are with us in the hen house! Can’t wait to read your book! I’m peeing my pants through Alison’s masterpiece as we speak and can’t wait to read a sampling of all our chicks works!
    Heroes… GOD, just when I think “oh,Yes! I want HIM!” I read a new book, with a new hero and I want him too!! Can’t I just have them all? (Heather and Alison, Hands off! I’m older so I get them all first!) but if I had to pick one type he would be smart, large and take charge….a man who would want to treat me like the princess I am and then would get pissed when I defied him so he would have to f$&@ some sense into me. Then he’d make me pancakes and attempt to paint my toenails. But he’d suck at the toenails cause he’s a mans man. but most of all I want my hero to have a real interest in who I am….nothing more attractive than mutual adoration and respect … And real powerful hips! ❤

    • Aww, thanks, Josie! I appreciate the compliment. And same here. I can’t wait to read more from all you ladies. I’m so proud to be part of such a talented group of writers. 🙂

  15. Jerrie Alexander says:

    OMG, Josie, you don’t want much!! You just described the perfect man. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to hanging out with you ladies.

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