Dude. You Sure You Thought That Through?

amazing_tattoos_14Greetings from the newest member of all things Chick Swaggerish, and I can’t tell you what a complete delight it is for me to be here! Whoo Hoo! I was thrilled the day I was invited to be a part of this fabulous group, and that same excitement has continued as I’ve gotten to know the lovely hens in da house! Whoot! I am one lu-u-ucky chick!

My post today is about a topic near and dear to my heart…and possibly yours too depending on your “think” of ink. That’s right, I’m talking about tattoos. We all know them, some of us love them, and a few of us even sport them depending on our bravery level and threshold of pain.

They can signify a variety of things—some folks get tatted in memorandum, others to detail a specific rite of passage or religious belief, and still others for the sheer fun of decorating a part of their body. Tattoos run the gambit of causing hair-raising shivers, to holy hell sexy, to hilarious, to incredible works of art. I’ve heard of women getting their eyelids and lips tattooed in an attempt to look glamorous straight out of bed. Hell, I’ve even seen a few grimace-inducing, curl-my- toes tats. Nipples, penises, eyeballs, tongues—if you can get it in front of the artist and keep it from twitchin’, it seems they are happy to tat in that ink.Eye-Ball-Tattoo-1-640x330

As a card-toting member of the tattooed generation, I can honestly say they are one of my favorite things. Roses on shoulders and angels on torsos, barbed wire biceps and… Well, you get the picture.

amazing-tattoos-2But, here’s the thing. Despite how each of us may choose (or not choose) to embellish our bodies, there’s one thing above all we ain’t dodging. Age, my friends. Regardless if you are a tattoo or not to tattoo, time catches up with us all.

Believe it or not, even at the ripe old age of twenty-five, I took the age factor into consideration prior to getting my first tattoo. I gotta give props to the moms on that one. Even though her initial reaction to my foray into the seedy underbelly of tattoo parlors was horrified shock (she worried unnecessarily—the place resembled my gynecologist’s office) she gave me a good piece of advice. “Do yourself a favor and put it somewhere that won’t sag.” Check!

Let’s be real. Sure, I love me a smokin hot tower of tattooed angst. To me, there really isn’t anything much sexier than a ripped guy sporting some well-placed ink. But I also gotta ask. What’s that gonna look like in about forty years?

Is this guy…


Gonna end up lookin like this guy?

(I’m lovin those fuzzy shoulders. SEXY!)


What about these two?

Young tattoo

Are they destined for this?


Here’s a set of friends who look like they’re up to something freaky.

two tatted guys

Are they headin in this direction?

(By the way, this photo was called “Manly Tattoos for Men”)


While I love tattoos and think they are hotter than a jam-packed freeway on the Fourth of July, a small part of me also sorta sits back and drums her fingers when she is presented a body full of ink. Did that person really think that through? Did they consider gravity and all its pitfalls before stripping down and climbing into the chair? What is your take on age vs. tattoos?

P.S. If you’re interested in seeing more of this tattooed awesomeness, just click on the pictures to be taken directly to the source. 🙂



  1. naimasimone says:

    LOL!! Those pictures are hilarious, AJ!! And yeah, now I’m wondering what I’m going to look like in another twenty years. I have five–one I reeaaalllly want covered up–and they’re all in conspicuous places. But I have to admit, except for the aforementioned one, I love them. Even the first one that was done with a handmade tattoo gun when my cousin was first learning how to tattoo…I was one of his guinea pigs. Young, stupid, and completely oblivious to disease. What can I say? Hee-hee! For the most part, mine symbolize the things I love most–fantasy. A mermaid on a moon. A phoenix flying into a sun. So I don’t regret their beauty. Will they look as wonderful when my arms are flapping like tire swings? Umm…only time will tell… But I’ll let you know! LOL!! Love the post!! But then again, was there any doubt I would??” 🙂 So THRILLED to be a chick with you!!

    • ajnuest says:

      I have two Naima! One is safely on my ankle — which I *hope* never becomes a cankle — and the other no one ever sees but my husband. Not even me. LOL Dare I tell you it’s a Star Trek tattoo I got to commemorate Gene Roddenbury’s death? Yep. I’m one of THOSE. And I got the powder blue yeoman’s dress and matching tricorder hanging in my closet to prove it! Thank you for commenting!

      • LMAO, AJ! The things we learn about each other! I used to watch Star Trek with my mother back in high school all the time. Fun memories! 🙂

        • ajnuest says:

          And I’ve passed the gene onto my daughter, of all things. I thought for sure my son would be the Trekkie. Nope. Lily Belle is my fantasy/sci-fi geek. She’s decided her career is going to be in Anime. And holy crap, can that kid draw. 🙂

          • How cool is that? I love it when kids find a passion so young 🙂

            • ajnuest says:

              I should really post pictures somewhere. She comes home with a list almost every day of the students in her class asking her to draw something for them. She’s an amazing kid. x

  2. Welcome from another newbie to Chickswagger. I love hanging out with the hens. I totally agree with your mother. If it’s gonna sag, put that tattoo somewhere else. But a well placed tattoo can be sexy as hell.

    Fun post!!

    • ajnuest says:

      I couldn’t agree more about tattoos being SEXY, Jerrie! I sweat just thinkin of a well-placed tat! LOL I’m soooo happy to be a part of this group! I love all the hens at Chick Swagger! x

  3. Welcome AJ! So glad to have you join us in the Hen House. And what an entrance. LOL Great post! I never used to be one for tattoos, but I admit the paranormal genre swung my vote 🙂 I love a sexy tattoo on an immortal being. Yep, see what I did there? It’s never going to sag if you never age! LOL

  4. Great post

    • ajnuest says:

      Thank you so much, mybodymytime! It’s a pleasure to meet you here at Chick Swagger and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Welcome, AJ! I am excited that you joined us! You’re such a super-cool, fun chick and you belonged in the henhouse!

    As for the post…love it! It’s so true about the age thing. Young girl goes and gets a butterfly on her chest only for it to turn into a moth by the time she’s an old woman. Happens all the time.

    Btw, I do have a tattoo. It just happens to be on my husband’s back, though. Hey, it’s got MY name on it. Totally makes it mine. 😉

  6. Great post, AJ. I am inkless and want one so badly for my 66th birthday. When I mention it, Calvin looks at me as if I’m nuts, which is nothing new, but we don’t need to go there, do we? Now to my way of thinking, whatever was going to sag has already done did, ya know? So choosing a location ought to be easy. It’s the what that has me befuddled. Some flowers, a fairy, a pen on pape, the Eiffel towerr…what defines me now? See, that’s the thing? I mean a tat of a bowl of ice cream? I just can’t see it.

    • ajnuest says:

      Oh Vonnie, you absolutely MUST get one! You MUST! I agree, the timing is perfect! How about…ahem…a certain Scottish bear by the name of Creighton? THAT would be fantastic! Thank you so much for stopping by my post, Mama! x

    • Vonnie. My 68 year old mother just went for her 3rd one. Its a person parchuting…to celebrate her first jump last year in Cuba. Go for it Vonnie!

      • ajnuest says:

        Oh Charlotte, that’s FANTASTIC! Go Mom! Parachuting?!?! She is one brave lady! I need to party with her! LOL Thank you so much for stopping by and it’s great to meet you!! x

  7. Tattooed thirty years ago and it still looks the same. Well, maybe a little faded. My husband says I’d look naked without it. HAHAHA!

    • LOL, Sandra! Sounds like your hubs is used to seeing it! I know all about that. I hardly notice my husband’s three tattoos anymore. Then someone comments on them and I’m like, “Oh, yeah, he has those still.”

    • ajnuest says:

      I have one that’s totally faded, Sandra. I need to get it touched up. Does it seem strange to anyone else that I’m the only one in my family that has a tattoo? I mean, including the brother in laws and everything — on both sides — my husband’s and mine as well. Thanks for stopping by, hon! x

  8. Omg! Okay, I agree tattoos are HOT! But am I gonna sit down and let a person stick me with a needle…SHIT NO!!! When it comes to needles…I’ll just say we aren’t too friendly. Although, I’ll stare at a sexy bicep or muscled calf all day if the guy doesn’t notice me gawking.

    • LMAO – love your comment, Jodi!

    • ajnuest says:

      I think it’s an adrenaline thing, Jodi. And I also think that’s why they are so addictive. It’s like a rush once you’re done. Seems rare to see a person with only one tattoo. The entire experience is like riding a wild rollercoaster. I love mine, though. And wouldn’t hesitate to get another. 🙂

  9. Hi AJ, Welcome to the hen house! Great to have you with us. This was a fun post. I love the before and possible after pics. I have to admit when I see someone with tattoos covering nearly every visible part of his or her body, I immediately wonder what it will look like when gravity takes over or will they regret it later. Love that you have a Star Trek tat that only hubby can see.

    • ajnuest says:

      Hi Renee! *waves madly* I’m so happy to be a part of this awesome group! When I went to get that tattoo, I remember how the artist frowned and asked me why I wasn’t getting it on my chest…you know, like where the insignia is located on the shirt? I told him I planned on having kids one day and worried about what my boobs would look like afterward. He just laughed. LOL

  10. YAY AJ, so happy you’re here with us!!! Absolutely LOLed at this post! I’m one of the don’t-have-any-tats-but-would-like-to camp. I even went so far as to design one for myself. It had the Finnish word for integrity (eheys) in cursive with a pen finishing off the “s” and a sunflower twisting around the word. I would have put it on my lower back (the tramp stamp spot) because integrity means having a backbone. The pen would signify my dream of writing and the sunflower represented always turning your face to the sun (sunflowers turn throughout the day as the sun tracks across the sky) and staying positive.

    I had this whole, meaningful thing planned, and my husband begged me not to have it done because he didn’t want me to “mar the perfection of my body” —- cue the outrageous laughter!! I said what the hell do I do everyday when I put my make up on? He said, well, I love it when you take it off. Ha! He got points for saying it anyway. So…I’d still love to get the tattoo, but not as much as he doesn’t want me to get it. Ya know?

    And he said if I wanted to stretch my wings why don’t I jump out of an airplane? WTF? Did he take out an insurance policy on me or somethin’? LOL Just kidding, he’s an adventure-man. Me, I like my feet on the ground…

    So, I got my belly button pierced instead. Hehe. I LOVED it! Except my man is…grabby. And it kept getting in the way and he was afraid to hurt me, and well, we couldn’t have him not be grabby. So, after a few months, I took it out, and that was that.

    LOL – more than you ever wanted to know, but there it is. 😀

    • No such thing as overshare at Chickswaggger, if you ask me! I love it! Especially the part where you cued the outrageous laughter. Too funny, Misty!

    • ajnuest says:

      Misty, you are HILARIOUS! Yeah, my hubs is the grabby sort too. Especially while he’s sleeping. I’m not even kidding. If I roll over, he’s all hands. Aaaanyway, he’s not too crazy about me getting any more tats either. The first I had before we met. The second, I begged and he finally folded. LOL

      That’s too funny about the airplane. Hello! LOL Love ya, toots! x

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Hey Mist! How about getting that awesome design drawn in henna on your low back? It will fade away with time and you never know…hubby may just see and and love it! Then you can do it permanent!!

      • ajnuest says:

        Oh my gosh, that’s a fantastic idea, Josie. We all did henna tattoos a few summers ago and they were awesome. They lasted our entire trip but then faded by the time summer was over. So cool!

  11. I wanted a tattoo about 25 years ago when it wasn’t as (almost) acceptable on women as it is now, and I didn’t want to be an old lady with a tattoo. Thirteen years ago after battling breast cancer, I thought: damn! if I live to be an old lady I’ll be happy, who cares if I have a tattoo. So I got one for the cancer, then one at my 5-year free and another one at my 10-year free. I’m going back in the next month or so to get 4 separate cancer ribbons as a tribute to some of the battles my family has fought and often lost.
    My 16 year old daughter wants a couple too, but I’ve told her to hold off until she is 18. She’s been carrying the photos for a couple of years so I know she won’t regret it. One is for cancer after all, so kudos to her. Of course her dad (my ex) doesn’t want her to get them. Thinks they’re trampy. All the more reason I’m taking her to the tattoo parlor the day she turns 18. LOL

    • ajnuest says:

      Charlotte, I LOVE this comment! You GO girl! What an amazing story! And LOL at you taking your daughter once she turns 18. I’m quite positive I’ll be the one accompanying my son to the tattoo parlor once he comes of age. Not sure about the daughter yet but, if she wants one, I definitely coach her through it. Thank you so much for sharing!! x

    • Good for you, Charlotte!! And here’s a toast to your triumph of cancer! xoxo

    • Josie Matthews says:

      Charlotte…that’s great…take that girl and let her be who she is!!! And so excited for your win! I love that you are commemorating your health each anniversary!

  12. Josie Matthews says:

    AJ…Welcome!! (*throwing that glitter shit that Rachael likes so much…*) I love this topic. It’s near and dear to my heart! A few years ago when I went away to RWA in Orlanda, I came home to my hubby who missed me so much he got an armband with my initials in it tattooed on his bicep! It was so romantic. I also have 2 tatts…both recent additions and I’m 51!!! One is a tiny tramp stamp that I designed with my hubbies nickname in it and the other is this awesome fuzzed out dandelion between my shoulder blades with the little whispies floating away over my shoulder that then turn into tiny littly black birds. People only see the little birds if I wear certain necklines or when I work out the see the whole thing. I really love them both! I dont know what it is about tatts on women…a naughty little secret? a sign of independance or adventure that we dont often get to indulge in? Im not quite sure. Hopefully my ass and my back wont sag too much, and if they do…Im sure my hubby will love me anyway!
    So glad to have you!!!!

    • Hey, don’t knock the glitter, Matthews! 😉 LOVE this discussion so much! And I’m all for our men getting tats with our names on them, LOL Alison and Josie!

    • ajnuest says:

      I LOVE GLITTER! It’s a staple at our household! Josie, that is too frickin cute your hubs got a tattoo while you were gone! Awwww… How sweet is he?!?!?! I’m nearing that (ahem) age mark you mentioned and, yep, I’d get another tattoo without hesitation. Gosh, that dandelion has me thinking. It sounds fabulous! Thank you and all the Swagger Chicks for such a warm welcome!! x

  13. 14 years after getting my tattoo, I’m pregnant and 100% grateful to Young Samantha for getting a back tattoo. No sagging, although the ink isn’t as vibrant and crisp as it was back in the day. That’s skin type, though, I think.

    • ajnuest says:

      Hi S.L.! I hear ya, girl! I’ve been thankful at various times over the past twenty-five years young AJ went with a hip tattoo as well. Whew! Although…we’re NOT going to mention those stretch marks. LOL Thank you so much for stopping by!

  14. Welcome AJ! I love tattoos–but have none because I could never decide on where to put it and what design to go with for all the above reasons. 😉 But if you look at the bodies in your pics, would they really look better without the tats? At least the tats draw the eye away from the drooping.
    There is one thing I will point out–trying to find a bullet or stab wound on a completed tatted individual, takes a little bit longer especially if they have the tats of exposed tendon, muscle and bone. So there’s another thing to consider when choosing your tat.

    • ajnuest says:

      LOL! Yeah, Kym, you’ve got a really good point. That’s hilarious. And, you know, I gotta say you always bring such a cool perspective to these discussions. God, I NEVER thought of that, but yeah, I saw a ton of tattoos while doing my research that were muscles and tendons. Not to mention even blood and bones and all sorts of things. Holy cow, that’s gotta be a nightmare when trying to find the injury. Really solid advice, my friend. Even though I’m chuckling into my lemonade right now. LOL Love ya, hon! x

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