It’s the Great G-Spot Charlie Brown!

How can I top Josie’s blog, Yes, Virginia…You can touch yourself ?

I can’t. Yet, I am tasked with following that great piece of work. *sigh*

So if I can’t beat ‘er, I’m going to join her.  (Get your mind out of the gutter folks)

Because I’m about to put it where it belongs…in the bedroom. Or the kitchen, or shower, or maybe even in the middle of a country road. I’m talking about helping your man locate that “G-spot” with his tool, not his hand. Josie told you how to find it, now let’s talk about the best position that lets him grind it.

It may take some research on your part, but studying for this test, is the best cramming session you’ll ever have.

Let’s start with his attributes. Every male physique has its own unique special quality. Whether it be his size, girth, curve, stamina, or all of the above.  His hammer is his best tool, provided you show him how to do the job right. So don’t leave the positioning up to him. Be part of the generation who won’t settle for faking it—we’re into taking charge and making it.

The missionary position:

Young Couple



Some say it’s romantic, up close, personal. Others say it’s boring. If you’re tired of it, than you need to change it up.



To do that, you’ve received you’re first assignment: exam your man’s tool—not just with your eyes  but your hands, your lips, your tongue. Make the task enjoyable for both of you. Think about which way he curves and twitches in comparison to your own body.

Sensual woman in lingerie looking into panties of Caucasian manTry it with him on his knees, lifting and grabbing your ass as you stare into each other’s eyes … or watch the action below.

Young and beautiful couple isolated on white


This will give you both an incredible view.  You can always use a pillow under your hips to help. I personally like to watch his chest, abs and biceps flex, along with surrendering control.

If this still doesn’t stroke your inner core, raise your feet to his shoulders while he stands off the side of the bed.



Change your location: to the desk, or the hood of his car.

 Emotional sexy scene -  passionate embraces of a couple on the t   On The Car

Use your imagination and study the effects.  Face each other and position your legs whatever way works best for you.

Young Black Couple Man And Woman In Love

Seriously this is a lab experiment, no books are necessary, unless you’re getting your mind fired up with a great scene (like Josie’s — *fan myself*) or you’ve picked up a copy of the Kama Sutra as a study guide.

Yet even with all this studying, sometimes you just get a B+. So let’s get on top and make that grade an A.

Take him on the bed… or on a chair

Image of pretty curly woman seduces her lover      Intimate Lovers Embrace

Stand him against the wall and lean back … farther …

Erotic Couple Embracing, naked except for panties, womans leg ob

If you’re still struggling to achieve that A+, switch it up completely and have him get behind your studies.

Young couple in erotic pose

It can be done lying on the bed, the floor, a bean bag chair—you name it.

Bend over the kitchen counter and wiggle your ass, then tell him to pick up your ankles and enter you from behind. What may drive you both wild at this point, is for you to twerk, and twerk it good.

Don’t forget to really get into the moment. If your mind is somewhere else, other than the fantasy you’re creating with your partner, it may not happen at all.  So if it takes dinner and wine, do it. If it requires a little kink—add it.


There are so many more positions to try, I could go on for days, but that’s for you to start working on. Sex between consenting adults should be a beautiful thing filled with love and passion. You should be free to experiment, because half the fun, is trial and error.

Couple Relaxing In Bed Wearing PajamasRemember, women have two ways of having an orgasm, so never leave yourself teetering at the edge of ecstasy. (I may have to use that for a title) Take charge and go for it. If he finishes before you, then finish yourself off, or let him do it for you. You never know, watching you fly, may get him ready for round two. Either way, he’ll feel better when you both achieve your goal.

I am inclined to add the disclaimer that sex in public is illegal and there are cameras EVERYWHERE. So if you engage, be prepared for the consequences. *grins*

Have you read the Kama Sutra? Have you shared it with your partner? Would you give it as a wedding gift to a friend? We’d love to hear your opinion about helping him grind you’re GREAT G-spot.



  1. Well My goodness… Productivity just flew out the window. All I can think about is what kind of protocols and set up are needed for my next experiment. 😉 Thanks Kym! No really…. Thanks!

  2. What a way to start the day! Love the post, Kym! Sexy, funny, and absolutely entertaining! And I love love love the idea of giving the Kama Sutra as a wedding gift! Such a fun idea for the gifter, as well as for the giftee. Because friends don’t let friends have bad sex. It’s a rule, y’all. 😉

    Btw, I’m totally singing the Salt-n-Pepa song “Push It” right now, except I’m using the words “Twerk it…and twerk it good!” Thanks for that! LOL

    • LOL, friends don’t let friends have bad sex–love it! I have never given the Kama Sutra as a wedding gift, but I think it’s ten times better than a toaster! Would love to see it on a bridal registry 🙂 Would you dare give it to a relative on your in-laws side? Or your niece who’s dad is a preacher? I wonder how much drama that would cause?
      Ican see you, sitting at your desk with ear buds on and plotting out your next scene to Salt-n-Pepa, whatta man, whatta man–mmm whatta might good man!

  3. Whew *fans self* Hot stuff, Kym! Loved the post 🙂 So informative, and…creative 😉

    And love the Kama Sutra idea! You can also purchase a deck of Kama Sutra cards, which *ahem*, are more handy 😉

  4. Jerrie Alexander says:

    Kym, you acquitted yourself quite well. This was the perfect follow-up for last weeks post! I’m not sure ALL of the positions in the Kama Sutra can be done by normal people, but trying is great fun!

  5. Kym, great post! Like everyone else I love the idea of giving a copy of the Kama Sutra as a gift. I’m think wedding shower gift. Having been married a long time, I totally agree you have to expand your horizons when it comes to sex. Experiment. Mix it up. And definitely find that G-spot.

    • You’re right Renee, the wedding shower is probably a more appropriate venue for the Kama Sutra, and then all of the women would be taking a peek and wanting their own copy;) If it’s a couples shower, than who know what games you could play? Wedding showers might get fun 🙂

  6. ajnuest says:

    Love this post, Kym! Nothing wrong with keeping it fresh with a little bedside reading! LOL I have never seen the Kama Sutra, but a manufacturer using the same name does have a line of other useful products… Okay, was that TMI? LOL

    • LOL, are you kidding TMI? Everything that makes a relationship better should be out there for everyone to see…Or order in this case 😉 Thanks AJ!

    • Never too much info, AJ. The Karma Sutra line of products are great. Try the chocolate body powder. Yummy! It would be another fun wedding shower gift.

  7. Okay, I’ve been saving this post aaaaall day as a reward for working hard, and it was totally worth it! Let me just say…Yay, Kama sutra!! But you know what’s the icing on the cake? The Liberator – check it out on Amazon, it totally helps you hit all those yummy angles. Of course, good old fashioned pillows work great too. Love the idea of the Kama Sutra as a shower gift, and LOVE the post, Kym! Plus the pictures are super sexy! xoxo

  8. I was in my early 40’s–recently divorced–when I first heard of the Kama Sutra and was in Barnes and Noble checking it out. Before I knew it, 3 guys were standing around and behind me, reading over my shoulder. We started talking about various positions, flipping from page to page. Next thing I knew we were in the Starbucks sitting at a table, drinking a double mocha anything and researching the hell outta that book, talking, asking questions. It was a cool way for 4 lonely people to spend an innocent evening. Great post, hon. You brought back a cool memory.

    • Really? How awesome is that! I love that the Kama Sutra started an open conversation with total strangers in a non-creepy way 😉 That experience needs to be in a book, Vonnie Davis!

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