Pucker Up! It’s a Chick Swagger Kissing Booth–Movie Style

In honor of the approaching summer and festival season, I thought it appropriate to host our very own Chick Swagger Kissing Booth—Movie Style.Kissing Booth

Because everyone knows (or at least, everyone who’s watched Pretty Woman) that the most intimate physical gesture we can share with another human being is…the kiss.

So pop some popcorn (or get those quarters handy) and you know, pucker up! 😉

Why is the kiss such a big deal? From the anthropological perspective, a kiss doesn’t serve any reproductive purpose, yet here you are, exposing your, ah, throat in a close encounter with another creature who just might slash it open.

Yep, it takes trust to kiss. And if our lips are locked, our physical boundaries are gone. There’s nothing to hide behind, which makes us both vulnerable, and open–to one of the greatest connections we can have with another human being. So, what is the key to a great kiss? Well, what better way to study the art of the kiss than by reviewing some of the best ones?

From Movies. Oh yeah. Movie buff here! And sorry Renee, but I’m taking over your list-lovin’ today, with Chick Swagger’s Top Ten Best Movie Kisses. And yes, I stole a couple from your post: Ten Movies to Get You in the Mood 🙂

Now, the Chicks got into quite a “heated” discussion when I asked them to pick their favorites, and so–in no particular order–here they are:

    1. The Rain Kiss: The Notebook Listen up, gentlemen. You may not be the best kisser in the world, but if you kiss your woman in the rain, who the hell cares? Hands down, this is the most romantic setting for a kiss. And hey, if you’re a bit of a wet/sloppy kisser, she won’t even notice 😉


    1. The Yearning Kiss: First Knight Nothing better than two people who love each other desperately but can’t be together–yet can’t fight it, either.


  1. The Declaration Kiss: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Fickle me, I’ve changed my mind. Nothing gets better than your man rescuing you, and afterward, declaring he’d die for you! *swoons*Robin Hood




    1. The Chasing-after-her Kiss: Silver Linings Playbook The make-up kiss has got to be one of the most emotionally-charged. Which makes it so much fun 🙂


  1. The First Love/Young Love Kiss: Dirty Dancing A favorite of the Chicks! As Alison said so expertly, “He had her practically undressed before he ever kissed her.”dirtydancing


  1. The Upside Down Kiss: Spider-Man (2002) Not only is this lip-locking in a memorable position, but the whole sexy “secret identity” seals the deal (or kiss). Plus, it’s in the rain!Spider-Man




    1. The Shut-her-up Kiss: Ten Things I Hate About You Pay attention guys. Here’s proof this method works!


  1. The Sensual Kiss: Top Gun The music, the white billowing curtains, and it’s shot mostly in shadow.TopGun So romantic!




  1. The Swoon-worthy Kiss: Ghost This one is so iconic, it needs no explanation!Ghost




10. The Should We/Shouldn’t We Kiss: The Ugly Truth Hint: You *definitely* should! And plus, it’s Gerard Butler, over whom more than a few of the Chicks got into a fight!

Which of the above kisses would you pucker up for? What are some of your other favorite kissing scenes? What makes a great kiss?



  1. The swoon worthy ‘GHOST’ scene is my favorite movie kiss.
    But at home ~
    I could have my hair in a ponytail, wearing jeans and an old T-shirt, pulling weeds, fixing the porch railing, or working on the car. Basically looking my worst. My husband will move in for the most passionate kisses ever. I love that man!!!

  2. Great post! I’m a fan of the kiss in The Notebook! Yummy. It’s one of those I-can’t-get-enough-of-you kisses that turns heated fast, and if I remember right, clothes start flying as they are discarded as they make their way to the bedroom. Very hot scene.

  3. I always found the Spiderman upside kiss so strange! Everything’s in the wrong place and well, I couldn’t find it romantic. I’m probably too analytical. 🙂

  4. Dirty Dancing kiss all the way! The sexual buildup was to die for! Nowadays it’s hard to find a kissing scene where the couple don’t throw themselves into it and go at it like crazy. I enjoy the more sensual, romantic kisses. Maybe I’m just a little old-fashioned… (Ha! Did I really just say that? LOL)

  5. You know I am picking The Ugly Truth. Any of his kisses make my favorites list. His almost not touching kiss in Dear Frankie still melts my heart. Fun post!

  6. I’m with Jerrie! Gerard is so freakin’ hot…I am TOTALLY watching that movie!! Great post, Heather…I really connected with it when you said, “it takes trust to kiss. And if our lips are locked, our physical boundaries are gone.”

    Soooo true and so wonderful! 🙂

  7. I love the kiss at the end of North and South (Richard Armitage)!

  8. ajnuest says:

    Rachael! Great, great post, lady! I love that one at the end between Gerard and Katherine in The Ugly Truth. It’s that tension right up to and the split second before which I always LOVE about a kiss. The anticipation. Makes me cray-cray. Whoot!

  9. Great list! Thanks for the post!!

  10. Awesome post with a great list. I tend to remember real kisses over movie ones. Probably because my mind is thinking “storyline” instead of getting into the movie…but Cal can make me forget the writing for a bit. Or for a few hours.

  11. Josie Matthews says:

    Im so late to the kissing party! But better late than never. Gosh…how can a girl pick just one! And it certainly doesnt hurt that all these leading men are real lookers….such a chore to write this post, Im sure Rach. I did really like the FIrst Knight scene. It was so heart wrenching…and that kiss was wonderful…Gere is so classicallyhandsome… Great post!

    • Thanks Josie! And yes, the research was so exhausting 😉 I debated about using the other “kissing” scene in First Knight, where he kisses her hand. *swoons* It is such a good movie! 🙂

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