The Chicks Have News!

newlettercatHave you missed us?

We’ve missed you!

But never fear…the chicks are doing what they do best….WRITING! And by writing I mean we are super busy right now creating awesome stories for your reading pleasure!

And how, pray tell, do we find out about these awesome stories and their releases?” you ask?

>>>> By subscribing to our new MONTHLY NEWSLETTER! <<<<
Yay, yay, yay!!! (Just Click Here!)

newsletterpeeBy becoming a regular subscriber, you’ll find out news about our upcoming book releases, our shenanigans, AND be entered to win awesome giveaways like FREE books, swag gifts, and gift cards with every issue!  How awesome is that?  (*Josie throwing jazz kicks and twerking*)

…okay…twerking’s out… lost myself for a minute.

To kick off the party, we’re giving away EIGHT $10 Amazon Gift Cards, two sets of jewelry, and an eBundle of books from the Chicks! That’s 11 chances to win.

Click here to be entered into our first giveaway!


We’ll still be around posting sassy things and hosting swaggerly guests, but our primary focus will be on our stories. So if you want to be among the first to know when our sexy, new stories hit the shelves, we’d love to have you sign up for our Chick Swagger Newsletter today!



  1. Josie Matthews, you didn’t tell me you were filming! 😀 LOL I love that video, I wish I could dance with such inhibition! See you on our News letter!

  2. I am on the newsletter list!

  3. Emily Allen says:

    Loved the video 🙂 Just signed up for the Newsletter. 🙂

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