“I Got The CALL” AKA The S&@!t hit the fan

Highway Signpost "Shitstorm"

When you’re a writer not-yet-published, it seems most of your time is spent learning about craft, how to pitch, how to query, who to query, how to deal with rejec—nope, that word needs a capital—Rejection. You may even learn about what to do when you get The Call. So you finally sold, but now what???

Updo for your naughty bits…


…An episode of Really-Weird-Things-I-Learned-This-Week. Yes, your eyes do not deceive. That is indeed a pubic wig, a merkin, and that tiny black device at the top is a flashlight. Well, why not? If you’re spending money on a new wig, you might as well make sure it’s multipurpose! 

What we can learn from geese…


Okay, y’all. I’ve already messed up the post sked, but that’s alright because I’m going to share something with you that has changed my entire life perspective.