Kym Kensington 2016Kym’s love for action an adventure goes all the way back to her childhood when a special spy ring guided her and her young pack of sleuths to the henchmen hiding in their neighborhood.
Armed with a badge and the best equipment a few bucks could buy, she’s carried that code of honor through adulthood and learned some juicy tricks along the way. 😉
Although she retired her special shield that’s tattooed upon her heart, you might catch her wearing that ring when another secret mission calls her name!
Her humor is often raunchy, her jokes are often bad, but her hunger for a story keep the adventures coming fast. So Catch the Wave of passion, mystery and suspense—with some stupid author tricks along the way!

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 Dead Man's Carve Cover 800     DOA Cover newsletter 800    HBO NEW COVER EBOOK 2000    FWTD ecover

        Amazon                          Amazon                          Amazon                      Amazon

   Barnes & Noble               Barnes & Noble            Barnes & Noble        Barnes & Noble

        KOBO                                KOBO                         KOBO                          KOBO

                              RedLace_1600x2400 (1)     Fatal Fiction Cover

                                       Amazon                                Amazon

                                 Barnes & Noble                   Barnes & Noble

                                          Kobo                                     Kobo


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