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You are amazing, D. Lana allowed Theron to be captured and restrained Jakarro from intervening and revealing them, judging that Shan could gain more information in captivity and wouldn't betray their secrets - she herself had previously probed his mind with the Force to no effect. Unfortunately, her investigations turned up short.

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On Theron Shan's suggestion, the Commander recruited Kaliyo Djannis , an experienced anarchist known as "Firebrand", who survived on Zakuul for two years. Rest of the companions do not have images yet feel free to contribute in the comment section below if you have images!! Beniko accepted the offer to become his advisor despite not being impressed with Arkous, her initial impression of him being that of a vain and pompous statesman. Lana allowed Theron to be captured and restrained Jakarro from intervening and revealing them, judging that Shan could gain more information in captivity and wouldn't betray their secrets - she herself had previously probed his mind with the Force to no effect. In the aftermath of the battle, Darth Marr appointed Beniko as the new head of the reformed Sith Intelligence and she said goodbyes to Theron Shan, Jakarro, and her ally before departing the jungle moon alongside Marr. Note: The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity. Lana and Theron then argued on how best to proceed, with Theron wanting to take Master Surro back to Tython for healing, while Lana insisted that the Jedi should be experimented upon to try and find a way to stop Vitiate's mind control. Leaving the turbolift, the two were held at blaster point by a trio of Imperial troops sent by Lorman to stop them, but Lana and Theron easily took care of them before answering the call from a holotransmitter on one of the troopers.

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Jun 16,  · “A highly talented field medic, Elara Dorne was born Imperial and served in the Empire’s military for two years before defecting to the chickswagger.coms: 4. “With her serene and considerate manner, Lana Beniko might be mistaken for a Jedi. However, she is a Sith Lord of great wisdom and strength who has impressed many of her peers with her keen insights into the nature of the Force. With the Revanite plot thwarted, Darth Marr recognized Lana’s talents and appointed her head of Sith Intelligence. Jul 26,  · The Massively article talks about Lana Beniko being available as a companion in the upcoming expansion, or maybe it just hinted at it. If she is going to be a companion, probably her looks have been redesigned or aged a little, and a really cool CM Customization would be one which returned her to looking like she did in the Prelude/Shadow of Revan days as far as face and hair.

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She was promoted to Minister of Sith Intelligence after the Revanite crisis ended, and deployed troops to Ziost after the former Sith Emperor Vitiate took control of the Imperial forces on the ground. She was later involved in fighting the Eternal Empire across the galaxy as their fleet tore the Empire and Republic to shreds, and later worked with the Outlander to stop them. She attempted to end the fighting against the Republic to keep in accordance with the treaty, but was refused by an Imperial commander. She responded by attacking him and cutting off his hand.

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