Misty Dietz loves her man, her kids, kayaking, and Dean Winchester (oh yeah, Supernatural fans unite!). She writes paranormal, suspense, and contemporary romance, but she reads anything she can get her hands on, usually with her fur baby on her lap.

She spends her days writing sexy, adrenaline-fueled stories, enjoying family and friends, and praying her children don’t come home with math homework. 🙂

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Bumping into the Devil was something bartender/law student Jessie Blaze never expected. And go figure…he’s wickedly charming. Jessie just wants to finish school and take care of grandma and grandpa. But sexy night club owner Nate Temple tempts her with his heated touch, unholy proposal, and racy alliances—screwing everything up.

Nate Temple isn’t actually the Devil, but a supernatural demon hunter tasked with guarding humanity and a holy relic as punishment for being a first class bastard while human. When Lucifer’s son, Asmodeus, arrives from Hell to steal the relic, Nate faces the greatest challenge of his Guardianship…especially when the Demon Prince realizes just how much Jessie means to Nate.

Jessie can’t resist Nate’s dark secrets, wild spirit, and outrageous confidence in her. So when her man is threatened and called to save the world, there’s only one thing a modern woman can do…Dance with the Devil.



Acerbic exorcist Katherine Evangelista keeps her tongue razor sharp and her elegant night club the nerve center of her demon hunting activities. Her business runs on logic and her relationships on sarcasm because experience has taught her emotions are dangerous. Even if she hasn’t been happy, she’s been in control…until her ex and a daughter of Lucifer show up and make her life Hell.

Swashbuckling Ari Grimmson is an ancient Viking warrior with a big laugh, a big ego, and an even bigger plan. He’s returned after a three-year absence to vanquish the Demon Princess and win back Kat’s prickly heart. But his plan falls apart when Kat begins to empathize with Leviathan, the perplexingly philosophical Demon Princess, who claims she’s nothing like her notoriously evil father…a declaration Kat relates to on a deeply personal level.

As Leviathan’s demon horde begins to surge through the island and Katherine’s health begins to fail, she doesn’t know whom to trust. The man who knows her best, but broke her heart…or the Demon Princess who promises to heal her suffering once and for all. If Kat chooses wrong, it’s more than her own fate that hangs in the balance…she could leave an unholy legacy for the entire human race.




Ruthless warrior Alexios of Sparta straddles two clashing cultures. As the bastard son of a slave woman and one of Sparta’s kings, his status as heir to the throne inflames not only the aristocracy, but also weaves distrust among the slave class who raised him.

Only Sophia understands his isolation.

The clumsy, crusading princess embodies everything Spartans despise. Softness in a culture that idolizes strength. Passion where there should be self-control. And an unquenchable hunger for equality in a society built on the back of slaves.

He should criticize Sophia like all the others. Mock her when she champions the weakest among them. Turn a cold shoulder when dangerous forces conspire against her.

By the gods, he has his own bloody agenda, and it doesn’t include a silly girl with stars in her eyes…

Yet when she implores his aid to remap Sparta’s legacy, he must choose between avenging a terrible wrong, or risk everything for the woman whose redeeming love might just be mightier than his sword.



A rebel CEO in blue jeans, Zack Goldman must draw on the survival skills he honed as an abandoned youth to prove he is no serial killer. Trouble is, as a fugitive from the law, he needs the help of a sexy, reluctant psychic to get the target off his back.

Guilt-ridden and alone, boutique owner Sloane Swift has terrifying visions that can exonerate an innocent man. But exposing her extrasensory abilities would mean revealing dangerous secrets of her own.

Yeah. Not. Gonna. Happen.

When a killer locks in on Sloane, Zack will stop at nothing to earn her trust and keep her safe. But with danger in hot pursuit and their attraction ready to combust, they’ll either lose their hearts–or their lives–pursuing justice.

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Flirting with Fire 278 All work and no play has left hunky firefighter Cole Castillo’s poetic soul floundering. Contrary to his meddling sister’s fairy-tale wishes, romance is the last thing he deserves, and a week-long getaway at a luxurious mountain resort won’t atone for the grievous mistake that haunts him. So he’s ready to bail…until he finds a sexy little number jumping on the bed in his assigned suite.

Free-spirited school teacher Ivy Bradford has issues–parent issues, phobia issues, work issues–but one look at her sexy, tormented roommate, and those problems fade to black. To get him to stay for the week, Ivy poses a bet that Cole can’t resist. But bratwurst eating and beer drinking aren’t the only things that will challenge the delicate bond they forge during the week.

When obligations from Cole’s past come a’knocking, will their steamy connection withstand the heat or go up in flames?

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Tango & Lace_1600x2400

World renowned geoarcheologist Jackson Whiteside has come home to Colorado to care for his grandmother and teach at CSU…not to rekindle the passionate, but doomed love affair with gramma’s high-spirited neighbor whose memory has haunted him half-way across the globe. But the moment he sees his feisty, melodramatic ex, his cortisol levels spike. And he damn well knows he’s about to unearth more layers of their relationship…whether his neurotransmitters like it or not.

If there’s one thing dancer and dispatch operator Mya Castillo can do well, it’s Tango. But dancing with her feet is one thing…dancing with her heart is another. Especially when she has no choice but to accept her ex— the world’s most unintentionally sexy professor—as her stand-in partner for the biggest performance of her life.

Jack’s two-year scientific immersion has kept a tight lid on his right-brained proclivities, but his irritatingly illogical gut is telling him the attack on Mya’s dance partner jeopardizes more than just her dance studio. It bodes evil toward the woman he still loves beyond reason, so this is one dance he won’t sit out.

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