Noble Pass Affaire series


A monthly blind date contest at a swank Colorado resort.
What could go wrong?

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Flirting with Fire 278Flirting with Fire by Misty Dietz 

All work and no play has left hunky firefighter Cole Castillo’s poetic soul floundering. Contrary to his meddling sister’s fairy-tale wishes, romance is the last thing he deserves, and a week-long getaway at a luxurious mountain resort won’t atone for the grievous mistake that haunts him. So he’s ready to bail…until he finds a sexy little number jumping on the bed in his assigned suite.

Free-spirited school teacher Ivy Bradford has issues – parent issues, phobia issues, work issues – but one look at her sexy, tormented roommate, and those problems fade to black. To get him to stay for the week, Ivy poses a bet that Cole can’t resist. But bratwurst eating and beer drinking aren’t the only things that will challenge the delicate bond they forge during the week.

When obligations from Cole’s past come a-knocking, will their steamy connection withstand the heat or go up in flames?

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Flirting with Disaster 278Flirting with Disaster by Josie Matthews 

Brilliant, steadfast and virtuous. With allegiant attributes as these, thirty-eight year old Dr. Jude Duffy was officially a golden retriever, a civil war general or a nun.

She’d prefer the golden retriever. A dog’s impeccable sense of smell would’ve sniffed out the betrayal of her ex-fiance` before it had ruined her career in science. But ruined no more. Jude Duffy is ready for a magical change in her life. She doesn’t need a man to achieve her desires. She only needs his sperm. And as a scientist, she is no stranger to research.

It’s not every day a guy is offered money for sex by a vivacious, red-headed virgin.  But today must be bad-boy Beckette Slader’s lucky day. Regardless of her centerfold body, inquisitive mind, and smart mouth, Jude Duffy is hands-off material. She doesn’t know it, but he’d ruined her life once. There was no way in hell would he do it again. His demons were too big to share, his recovery too new. Tangling with Jude Duffy would be flirting with disaster.                

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Flirting with Sin by Naima SimoneFWS

Ari Sincero is running away.

Running from the grueling touring schedule, the recording label’s demands for more music, the constant pressure of being the lead singer of one of the world’s most famous rock band. Hell, he needs a vacation. Maybe then he can breathe, possibly write his first song in three years, and oh yes, drink himself into an oblivion so he can forget the guilt relentlessly dogging him.

The best laid plans…

Blackmailed by her evil twin into a vacation she doesn’t want, loan officer Neveah Morgan arrives at the hotel in Noble Pass, Colorado, questioning her career and horrible choices in men—and ends up playing roomie with a rock star. With his sexy tattoos, body that won’t quit and eyes full of secrets and pain, Ari practically flashes Caution: Danger Ahead. Falling into the bed of a rock star is crazy. Falling for him is even crazier. Especially when he’s in love with a ghost and intends to return to his world of rock ‘n roll and meaningless sex—a world she doesn’t fit in.

Maybe what happens in the mountains should stay in the mountains. Unless it means losing the love of a lifetime…

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Flirting with Fate 278Flirting with Fate by Jerrie Alexander

Elle Reagan isn’t about to stand by and let a con-artist get away with stealing her grandmother’s life savings. While the legal system moves at a snail’s pace, Elle promises to bring him to justice. She follows him to a ski resort in Colorado, where she hopes to get the evidence needed to put him away for good. But she didn’t count on her roommate being a distraction, because he wasn’t supposed to be her brother’s best friend.

Detective Logan Ford has denied his desire to take Elle into his arms since they were teenagers, but when his partner asks him to follow her to Castle Alainn to keep her out of trouble, Logan finds himself unable to refuse her. He agrees to help catch a thief instead of convincing her to pack her bags and go home. To make matters worse, he can’t seem to remember why he should keep his distance from the delectable, infuriating, independent Elle.

Elle and Logan surrender to their attraction, but as their passion ignites, her plot is discovered. A killer will do whatever it takes to silence her and destroy a love that was destined to last a lifetime.

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Flirting with the Devil 278Flirting with the Devil by Kym Roberts

Federal Prosecutor Samantha Bennett knows how to weed out the bad guys and put them in their place—behind bars and that’s exactly what she did to the mob boss of Vendetti la Cosa Nostra. But her dedication cost her what she values most, her marriage, because she didn’t see her husband’s betrayal coming—at all.

Wade Evans will do anything to get Sam back—and a plot that enlists the people she relies on the most is his best chance of winning her heart a second time. But suddenly Wade’s not sure he’s the right man for his soon to be ex-wife, because he wasn’t the one to save her from the violent mob hit. He failed and the man she trusts most, Ty Beckinsale, saved the day.

When Sam takes a vacation alone, both men arrive to keep her safe from a hitman determined to put her six feet under. And now Sam must decide if heaven on earth is possible, or if the devil who stole her heart will lead her straight to hell.

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