The BANNED Edition–or, In Defense of the “Ideal Man”

Hello Chick-as! Like how I did that, updating the ole Spanish version with some fresh ChickSwagger? I’m new here, so I’m still working on my ‘tude. The gals have promised me lessons, so I’ll  be saucy, swingy, and swaggerific in no time. I’m rolling out my files of BANNED Facebook promotional pictures today for your viewing pleasure. [Note: I have a viewing FB […]

The Media Thinks You’re Fat, Ugly And Stupid.

  Stunningly beautiful, perfectly fit.  That’s not what most people look like where I come from. I was thirteen years old when I had the pleasure of being notified in a public locker room by a few ‘girlfriends’ that I was the proud owner of cucumber boobs. Yup…cucumber boobs, lucky me.   Now, I’m thinkin’, this wasn’t […]