Whatchu Doin’? Deep Thoughts. Or Not.

Hola Cyber Amigas! One super cool fellow blogger, Sabrina Garie (hey, girlfriend, HAAAAY!) has given us the Reader Appreciation Award, which is another one of those friendly cyber accolades that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. The best part of this one? It’s totally easy. All we’re supposed to do is tell y’all what […]

Let’s Celebrate and Spill Our Guts. TMI?

Hi Chicks! This is gonna be a two-way spill our guts session, so only proceed if you’ve got enough swagger to carry it off!! Still here then? Hell yes, we knew you had it in ya!

Blog on Fire Award

Holy cow! Sabrina Garie gave Chick Swagger the Blog on Fire Award, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Sabrina faithfully participated in The A to Z April Blog Challenge with a focus on kickass sci-fi and fantasy babes. She was brilliant. Her posts are intelligent, fun and conversational, and we love her motto: Life’s a Journey, […]