My, That’s a Pretty Papaya in Your Pants

Okay everyone, it’s time to get down and REAL. A few posts ago, I may have *ahem* initiated a discussion about unrealistic expectations concerning a certain male organ we Chicks dubbed the “banana”. But now, ladies, it’s our turn. Yep, we’re talking papayas. No? Peaches? Advertisements

Look and Feel Your Best! A Practical Chick’s Lifestyle Tips

Happy 2014 to all our Swagger Homies! I’m usually like ‘screw New Year’s resolutions’ because it seems like such a gimmick. I mean, I get why people think it’s a good time to make a lifestyle change – the calendar flips, out with old, in with the new, yada, yada…but think about what most people […]

The Paradox and Beauty of a Woman

Hi Lovelies! Today’s post is a first around here… We’re entering the turgid waters known as a blogfest. Yep, we’re virgins! I hadn’t ever felt compelled to join one of these online orgies until I heard about writer/journalist August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman event. WTF are you talking about, Dietz?

Updo for your naughty bits…

…An episode of Really-Weird-Things-I-Learned-This-Week. Yes, your eyes do not deceive. That is indeed a pubic wig, a merkin, and that tiny black device at the top is a flashlight. Well, why not? If you’re spending money on a new wig, you might as well make sure it’s multipurpose! 

Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

List-maniacs rejoice! Today, I’m going to do a little something different and go ultra girly-girl with one of those OMG-you-gotta-try-THIS posts because that’s totally fun to do! (You know, unless you hate that sort of thing. In that case, keep reading anyway because it might give you fodder for sarcasm.) No wait. Did I just […]

Dude, Not For Me, But You Go Ahead

[Update: I removed several images I had originally posted with linkbacks to their original sites. Copyright is a touchy thing, so the post now only hyperlinks to the images. Sorry about that.] My New Year’s resolutions are usually resolutions not to make resolutions. I mean, come on, if I need to start over in the […]

Belly Up to the Bar with a Make-Up Artist

Happy Wednesday Chicks (and all you lurking Roosters – we know you’re out there & you’re always welcome to join the fun)! Today we are totally jacked to have a special guest who’s got plenty of swagger and mojo…and y’all, this girl REALLY knows her stuff when it comes to gettin’ dolled up. She pens a beauty […]

Mars vs. Venus On: Gettin’ Dolled Up, Y’all

I really struggled over the title of this post. First I wanted to call it: Why yes, I DO curl my hair to go to Home Depot, thank you very much. But crap, that was way too long. Then I thought, how about: You’re an idiot, go back to chivalry school. But then my readers […]

Prettying Your Petunia – Yes, that’s what I mean.

Fair warning in case you missed the innuendo: The following post is about girlie part landscaping and beautification. Mature content ahead. So if you are a prude have delicate sensibilities or are underage, I suggest you go away explore another blog. Just be sure to come back next week. Still here? Great!  If you’re still […]