Realistic Kink for the Girl Next Door. The Sequel.

Hey chickies! How did Part One go? Did you try any of the suggestions? I hope so. If not, it’s okay, it’s never too late to start embracing your sexy self. Well then, it’s time to lay aside your need for order because this week we’re getting a little messy and a lot wet! Advertisements

Realistic Kink for the Girl Next Door. Part 1

What we have here, chicklets, is more mature content…be forewarned. Or rather, foreplayed? Ha!

Mars vs. Venus On: Gettin’ Dolled Up, Y’all

I really struggled over the title of this post. First I wanted to call it: Why yes, I DO curl my hair to go to Home Depot, thank you very much. But crap, that was way too long. Then I thought, how about: You’re an idiot, go back to chivalry school. But then my readers […]

Hot-Wire Your Charisma, Baby

Think you got it? What’s that you say?  Maybe? Charisma. We might not be able to define it, but we certainly know it when we see someone walk into a room and attract every gaze. Someone who charms and influences nearly every person in her wake. Do you have to be stunning? A bubbly extrovert? Have […]

Prettying Your Petunia – Yes, that’s what I mean.

Fair warning in case you missed the innuendo: The following post is about girlie part landscaping and beautification. Mature content ahead. So if you are a prude have delicate sensibilities or are underage, I suggest you go away explore another blog. Just be sure to come back next week. Still here? Great!  If you’re still […]

The Media Thinks You’re Fat, Ugly And Stupid.

  Stunningly beautiful, perfectly fit.  That’s not what most people look like where I come from. I was thirteen years old when I had the pleasure of being notified in a public locker room by a few ‘girlfriends’ that I was the proud owner of cucumber boobs. Yup…cucumber boobs, lucky me.   Now, I’m thinkin’, this wasn’t […]