Why I Can’t Have My Cake Batter Ice Cream Or Eat It Too

Hey Chicks and Roosters! How’s everyone’s summer been going? Not as hot as the books on your bedside tables, I hope! 😉 Today, we have a special treat for you, a Chick Crasher! Please welcome my friend, the lovely and talented, and soon-to-be new momma, S. L. Saboviec. Her debut release, GUARDING ANGEL, is an […]

Look and Feel Your Best! A Practical Chick’s Lifestyle Tips

Happy 2014 to all our Swagger Homies! I’m usually like ‘screw New Year’s resolutions’ because it seems like such a gimmick. I mean, I get why people think it’s a good time to make a lifestyle change – the calendar flips, out with old, in with the new, yada, yada…but think about what most people […]

Five Steps to Indulgence

Psst. Okay, so before you read any further, pinky swear to me you won’t tell Misty. Yeah, you remember that post (here) she did on not out-exercising a bad diet. Well, I’m here to offer my perspective. *wink*

Dammit! (You Can’t Out-Exercise A Bad Diet)

Oh, MAN! Chicks…as you might have guessed from the ominous title of this post, we have Drill Sargeant Jodi on our backs, ah… in our face, um…with us again today! And this time I feel like she snuck into my head and pulled out my Big. Fat. Secret. …Hi, my name is Misty, and I […]

10 Exercise Delusions…Um, I Mean Myths

Swagger Chicks, today we have our resident Drill Sergeant motivator on tap to smash our self-deception set us on the straight and narrow. I mean, how can we possibly actualize our fitness goals – whatever they may be – if we’re not bitch-slapped into believing aware of the truth? I’ll admit, I was surprised by a few of these entrenched […]

Hotdogs and Nuggets and Fries…Oh My!

So… A month ago, my doctor put me on a diet.  Of all the freakin’ nerve!  So what if my cholesterol went up 100 points in one year!  I eat…’healthy,’ I excercise…WTF! So… I went on a God-damned diet. A low carb, low cholesterol, 1100 calorie-a-day meal-replacement DIE…t. UGHH!  But I was determined to commit and […]