Five Steps to Indulgence

Psst. Okay, so before you read any further, pinky swear to me you won’t tell Misty. Yeah, you remember that post (here) she did on not out-exercising a bad diet. Well, I’m here to offer my perspective. *wink* Advertisements

The Paradox and Beauty of a Woman

Hi Lovelies! Today’s post is a first around here… We’re entering the turgid waters known as a blogfest. Yep, we’re virgins! I hadn’t ever felt compelled to join one of these online orgies until I heard about writer/journalist August McLaughlin’s Beauty of a Woman event. WTF are you talking about, Dietz?

Here I am–Your Token Wrinkle by Vonnie Davis

Hi my lovelies, I’m excited about being a part of this fabulous, edgy blog. I’ll be bringing a different perspective to things, an older perspective. Yes, I am the token wrinkle, the bearer of cottage cheese thighs, and the “why-the-hell-not?” lady.

His and Hers: Erogenous Zones

Gearing down from the holiday season, I’m here to help wind you up for Valentine’s. We’re talking erogenous zones. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but NOT THOSE. Come on, try a little harder. While men may not admit it, they do like being touched elsewhere on their bodies. And ladies, we’ve never been known […]

Realistic Kink for the Girl Next Door. Part Trois. (Bonus Tip for Guys)

Hey Gang, The usual graphic warning applies here: mature content, no one under 18, NSFW, yada, yada… So, the holiday rush is over, the world hasn’t come to an end, and we’ve made our resolutions. (What? You haven’t either? Screw it then. We’re solid.) It’s time to do what we do best… Talk about sex.

What we can learn from geese…

Okay, y’all. I’ve already messed up the post sked, but that’s alright because I’m going to share something with you that has changed my entire life perspective.

Dammit! (You Can’t Out-Exercise A Bad Diet)

Oh, MAN! Chicks…as you might have guessed from the ominous title of this post, we have Drill Sargeant Jodi on our backs, ah… in our face, um…with us again today! And this time I feel like she snuck into my head and pulled out my Big. Fat. Secret. …Hi, my name is Misty, and I […]

Whatchu Doin’? Deep Thoughts. Or Not.

Hola Cyber Amigas! One super cool fellow blogger, Sabrina Garie (hey, girlfriend, HAAAAY!) has given us the Reader Appreciation Award, which is another one of those friendly cyber accolades that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. The best part of this one? It’s totally easy. All we’re supposed to do is tell y’all what […]

Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

List-maniacs rejoice! Today, I’m going to do a little something different and go ultra girly-girl with one of those OMG-you-gotta-try-THIS posts because that’s totally fun to do! (You know, unless you hate that sort of thing. In that case, keep reading anyway because it might give you fodder for sarcasm.) No wait. Did I just […]

It’s Time to Get Fit, Get Healthy & Get Real

Hey Swagger Girls, this post comes to you from Jodi, our fitness guru. Be sure to ask her any questions! She’d love to hear from you. —— “I need to get in shape.” “I want my old body back.” “I’m sick of being tired.” Sound familiar? We’ve all said those things at one point. So, why […]