Different Strokes for Different Folks

Hey, everyone! Since this is my very first swaggerly post, I thought I’d share something fun with you: my undying love for sex-say cowboys!  Yep, that’s right.  I have a penchant for a man in a low-slung pair of tight Wranglers, scarred boots, and if he tips his Stetson and calls me “ma’am” or “darlin’,” then holy hell, get […]

Dickswagger Loves da Snarkies by Mark Henry

First off……..no, your eyes did not deceive you. Read that headline again: Dickswagger!!! I. Am. DYING, people, to bring you today’s guest. We have a GUY for the first time ever. Yay!! He’s Mark Henry, an Entangled Publishing brother, and we quite love his snarky, fuck-off-bitches-I-loves-you ways. He recently released a new paranormal romance “for […]

Blurred Lines! Motherhood, Publishing & Ben Wa Balls. It works. Mostly.

If you’re able to follow this post today, you deserve a freaking medal because—OMG—I am so wired right now. The backspace button is ready to blow up because my thoughts are waaaaay faster than my bumbling fingers, but Imma try to slap this shit storm in my brain into some kind of comprehensible post. No […]

Unplug, Reconnect & Save Your Gray Matter. Here’s How.

I was going to title this “The Consequences of Prefrontal Cortex Exhaustion and the Decline of Interpersonal Relationships,” but I figured that was a tad too brainy. Plus, all the PhD types it might bring out of the woodwork would probably expire with horror to encounter a website like ours. (Or maybe not? How cool […]

My Dirty Little Spam Folder

One woman’s take on the sometimes-entertaining emails that fill her spam folder.  The other day I opened up my spam folder to make sure no important emails were hijacked, and lo and behold, I found myself laughing at some of the subject lines.

Here I am–Your Token Wrinkle by Vonnie Davis

Hi my lovelies, I’m excited about being a part of this fabulous, edgy blog. I’ll be bringing a different perspective to things, an older perspective. Yes, I am the token wrinkle, the bearer of cottage cheese thighs, and the “why-the-hell-not?” lady.

Updo for your naughty bits…

…An episode of Really-Weird-Things-I-Learned-This-Week. Yes, your eyes do not deceive. That is indeed a pubic wig, a merkin, and that tiny black device at the top is a flashlight. Well, why not? If you’re spending money on a new wig, you might as well make sure it’s multipurpose! 

Things That Take Me To My Happy Place

List-maniacs rejoice! Today, I’m going to do a little something different and go ultra girly-girl with one of those OMG-you-gotta-try-THIS posts because that’s totally fun to do! (You know, unless you hate that sort of thing. In that case, keep reading anyway because it might give you fodder for sarcasm.) No wait. Did I just […]

OMG WTF – Decoding 21st Century Communications

Twitter? Check. Texting? Well, duh. Facebook? Oh, yeah. Tumblr? Meh. Triberr? GRRR… Good Lord, I’m trying to stay current, not only to enjoy myself, but also because I’m concerned if I don’t stay on top of all these new social communications, I’ll get so far behind that I won’t be able to catch up. But […]

A Hetero Girl’s Nightmare…Kinda

I’m gonna take some flak for this post because, frankly, it’s a sexist perspective. I know that. I’m all for you trying to change my mind. Well, here goes… A couple of weeks ago, my husband had innocently scrawled “soap bars” on my grocery list, so I headed to Walmart thinking I’d have a thirty […]