Going Deep with your Spouse

Happy Spring, Chicks and Roosters! If you haven’t noticed, in the last few months we’ve added a lot of new faces around here. I’m so thrilled to officially welcome: Susannah Scott, Jodi Linton, Alison Bliss, Kym Roberts, Naima Simone, Jerrie Alexander, and AJ Nuest! All are sassy, awesome women, not to mention fabulous writers, so […]

Don’t Rollerskate In A Herd Of Buffalo…Or Men

Yeah…that’s right.  It just wouldn’t make any sense!  It’d be like stuffing a round pizza into a square box, creating ‘cursive’ writing, pressing harder on the remote keys when the batteries are dead, or inventing that stupid ‘POKE’ option on FaceBook… Some shit in this world just doesn’t make sense!