Prettying Your Petunia – Yes, that’s what I mean.

Fair warning in case you missed the innuendo: The following post is about girlie part landscaping and beautification. Mature content ahead. So if you are a prude have delicate sensibilities or are underage, I suggest you go away explore another blog. Just be sure to come back next week. Still here? Great!  If you’re still […]

The Media Thinks You’re Fat, Ugly And Stupid.

  Stunningly beautiful, perfectly fit.  That’s not what most people look like where I come from. I was thirteen years old when I had the pleasure of being notified in a public locker room by a few ‘girlfriends’ that I was the proud owner of cucumber boobs. Yup…cucumber boobs, lucky me.   Now, I’m thinkin’, this wasn’t […]