It’s Okay to be Odd by Vonnie Davis

I’m coming at you with a serious topic today, chickas: Depression. If you’ve never had it, please read on. If you have, well, please read on. Depression afflicts both sexes. Women, being the smarter creatures in the emotional department, know the value of sharing feelings. Men don’t talk about theirs. Heck, some rarely talk about […]

I’m in Paris and I’m Naked–by Vonnie Davis

Before you reach for the Clorox bottle to rinse that obscene visual from your eyes, let me explain. I meant to pack a scarf, really, I did. After all, Parisian women wear them often and with such flair, and I wanted to blend in—another oddity, I know. But swagger being swagger, I gave the thought […]

The Eye Patch for your Va-Ja-Jay by Vonnie Davis

Chickas, I’m continuing on with Avery Flynn’s most excellent topic of underwear. Lingerie. Or in this instance, the space age eye patch for your va-ja-jay.


Really!? Who was it? A man, of course. I mean, no woman in her right mind would agree to this. So, who was the person who started this cluster fuck? And what has my baggie bloomers in a twist this time? It’s the latest male jargon I’m hearing too much of lately. And God help […]

Life is short. Live your bliss.

I turn 65 next month and I’m not so sure how I feel about that. On one hand, with two cancer scares behind me, I’m thrilled to be able to celebrate the milestone. On the other hand, damn, how’d I get to be 65? Wasn’t it just last year I had my first crush on […]